On Unbelief

by Justin Wong (November 2018)

Who We Are, Tom Ferguson





On Unbelief


When in the beginning God created,

And none were around to observe

Pureness of the world not ill-fated,

Glorying in light of the word,


The world was neither anomaly

Nor inexplicable, mysterious fact,

All matter designed with a purpose,

Carrying on its wondrous act.


Though many men were in doubt

Of wisdom from times long past,

They said all was in less than a pinprick,

That method sprung forth from a blast.


That desire’s all to be lived for,

Lust and the limits of flesh,

All world consumed in our four score,

Blackness eternal in death.


The beasts in the fields, our fathers,

Our spirit’s dragging down slow,

The angels we’ll never aspire to,

The God we’ll never know.


The world we’ll make in his absence,

I’ll pray you could not tell,

From the heaven that is o’er us,

That it’s soon struck down towards hell.






Justin Wong is originally from Wembley, though at the moment is based in the West Midlands. He has been passionate about the English language and Literature since a young age. Previously, he lived in China working as an English teacher. He is currently at work on a Novel.

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