by Dilip Mohapatra (October 2016)

Poised at the centre of singularity

at the doorway to the bottomless

black hole

it sees all the laws flying out of the window

and bridges the discontinuities

between dispersed dimensions.


It could be an apparition

floating like a  silky and translucent dream

or perhaps a doppelgänger or a dybbuk baying for blood

or could be a guardian angel

with her comforting and protective arms around you.


It makes you chase a frozen sun

that could have escaped

from a bleeding twilight under an woeful sky.

It mingles your feelings with the rich green foliage

and makes you listen to the sobs

 echoing on the crooks of the dead branches of

the denuded trees on the promenade.

It makes you kiss the void and follow the forgotten scars

and spiders the gossamer traps

to overpower you.

It consumes you

it absorbs you and gets dissolved in you at the same time.


It does not promise but possesses you.




Dilip Mohapatra (b.1950), a decorated Navy Veteran started writing poems since the seventies . His poems have appeared in many literary journals of repute worldwide. Some of his poems are included in the World Poetry Yearbook, 2013 and 2014 Editions. He has four poetry collections to his credit published by Authorspress India, and one non-fiction, a book of wisdom titled Points to Ponder. He holds two masters degrees, in Physics and in Management Studies. He lives with his wife in Pune. His website may be accessed at dilipmohapatra.com.


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