President Donald Trump’s Accomplishments

by Armando Simón (February 2021)


Progrom (Skizze), Strempel Horst, 1946


Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People. There is nothing the political establishment will not do, and no lie they will not tell, to hold on to their prestige and power at your expense. The Washington establishment, and the financial and media corporations that fund it, exists for only one reason: to protect and enrich itself. —Donald Trump


Leaving aside leftists who loath Donald Trump on ideological grounds, starting in 2016, a number of Republicans were intensely turned off by Trump’s prominent character flaws—even though they themselves had been advocating the same policies that he advocated and he eventually implemented—to the point that not only did they became his enemies, either overtly or covertly, but openly aided the enemies of the Republican Party, and of the nation, even to the point that they looked the other way to the massive, blatant voter fraud that took place in November, just as long as the hated man went away. To these individuals that I met over the years, I urged them not to make the error of mistaking the messenger with the message, but, unfortunately, their antipathy was too intense and had become deeply ingrained. [1][2]

        20/20 vision is considered to be perfect vision, but for some people in the year 2020, their view of the President remained myopic.

        President Trump accomplished a number of remarkable achievements in the time that he was in office. His achievements are all the more remarkable for having been fought against, tooth and nail, overtly and covertly, by a cabal of Deep State bureaucrats, the media hivemind, the Republican Establishment RINOS, the Democrats, and members of Wall Street, all of them deeply contemptuous of ordinary Americans. News of these achievements were either suppressed by the media hivemind, or were minimized and ridiculed, since the propaganda peddlers were obsessed with an all-consuming hatred of the man, surpassing that felt towards Richard Nixon, so you probably may not even aware of them. They constantly declared that Trump was the worst president in history, without actually saying exactly why.

        When Andrew Jackson became president, the Eastern elites were horrified that such a barbarian had been elected president. They were further horrified when his uncouth supporters swarmed into the White House for the celebration, breaking windows and furniture in the process. History tends to repeat itself. When Trump ran for office and ultimately became president the current elites were likewise horrified that this vulgar outsider with his plebian followers had become prominent

        Nonetheless, here, then, are some of his accomplishments (each highly significant), in no specific order (and keep in mind that these are not all):

        Lowered taxes for everyone.

        Hundreds of ridiculous, crippling, regulations were jettisoned.

        Muslims’ terrorism gone. Remember the constant terrorist attacks by Muslims, the ones that killed or injured hundreds of people in Orlando, Boston, New York and elsewhere? Of course you don’t. Gone. They have practically disappeared after an aggressive anti-terrorism approach instead of just trying to convince the jihadists that “Islam is a religion of peace.” And remember when barring admission to anyone from Muslim terrorist countries was denounced as—what else?—racism by leftists who hate their country and want to see it destroyed? Liberals even predicted that Trump’s stand against Muslim immigration would result in an increase attacks and hostility because the Muslims would get upset, that it was better to grovel and apologize to them. The exact opposite happened. And jihadists, given the opportunity to control this country, would engage in the genocide of Jews and gays, as they have often openly declared.

        No additional endless wars. Remember when Democrats (Bill Clinton, LBJ) and Republicans (the Bushes, John McCain, Max Boot), got us into wars, regardless of their citizens’ wishes? No more new tar babies under Trump. For the first time in fifty years there were no new wars. Which upset the military-industrial complex. And to point out the obvious: those persons who constantly urge the US to go to war, always stay at home in a nice, safe, warm bed. Does Max Boot, for example, even know where a bullet comes out of a gun? And if you had any doubts how thoroughly brainwashed are some students then consider the fact that many students considered the  biggest threat to world peace to be not Vladimir Putin of Russia, nor Kim Jong-un of North Korea, nor Xi Jinping of China nor Ali Khamenei of Iran, but . . . Donald Trump.

        Destroyed Isis. R.I.P. And remember when the Obama administration sent half a billion dollars to fight Isis, or Syria’s ruler, or al-Qaida, or somebody, anybody, and had no idea where the money disappeared to? Or who was fighting who? Or who the aid was supposed to go to? And nobody was ever held responsible for this particular fiasco?

        Cured a moribund economy. For years, both Republicans and Democrats worked to cripple the American economy. They had us convinced to become fatalistic about America’s decline and told us to cheerfully accept it—that America would go from a manufacturing economy to a service economy. Obama ridiculed Trump, saying that to cure the economy a magic wand would be needed.

        Yet, because of Trump, businesses came back from overseas. Lowest unemployment in over half a century for Hispanics, blacks, Asians, whites. In February 2020, the US unemployment rate hit a 50-year low of 3.5%. Lowest number of people on food stamps and unemployment. Wages went up. Bonuses were given. New house sales up. Stock market reached the stratosphere. GDP hit 4.1%. And since people now had money in their pocket, they went on vacation. The United States was the first country in history to increase its GDP by one trillion dollars.

        And this took only one year to achieve! Whereas the Democrat and Republican establishment had told us it just wasn’t going to happen. American prosperity was over, they said. They lied to us.

        And remember when Paul Krugman from The New York Pravda, who is constantly fomenting hatred, said that the economy would collapse the moment Trump became president? You can still read his daily venomous writings in most newspapers.

        Meanwhile, Pelosi, among others, minimized the growth of the economy. Some even had the nerve to try to credit Obama with the overheated economy.

        The economy was doing so good that liberals were praying that a recession would come along by the time of the 2020 election. When the virus hit, Democrats crippled their state economies through lockdowns and, predictably, blamed Trump for the chaos.

        NAFTA was renegotiated. “For decades politicians have talked about fixing broken trade deals only to do absolutely nothing about them,” President Trump said. “My Administration is the first to actually keep our promise and deliver.” He did.

        Scrapped the TPP. The Democrat/Republican cabal wanted to enact the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and “free trade,” which would have resulted in finally turning the USA into a Third World country. Though support was declining for TPP, Trump stopped this dead cold.

        Trump attacked Mauritania’s slavery. Something that leftists don’t want mention is the fact that slavery still exists. In Africa. Especially in Muslim countries. But they are outraged about slavery in this country two centuries ago. To them, that’s what’s important. And we must all obsess about it 24/7.

        NATO pays up. NATO is an anachronism, built to deter Soviet aggression. The Soviet Union no longer exists. Regardless, NATO’s members policy was to defend Europe . . . down to the last American. Trump forced NATO members (“our good allies” according to the media hivemind) to pay up money owed for their own protection. He made NATO countries pay for their self-defense.

        Peace with Russia. Remember when, during the election, Hillary declared that she would shoot down any Russian planes that interfered with her plans in Syria? WW III! Trump realized that Russia does not pose a direct threat to America. And yes, Putin is a thug; Trump knows that. But there is no point in escalating tensions.

        Aid to Ukraine. He sent arms to Ukraine to help them defend against Russian aggression instead of just blankets (yet, liberals nonetheless insisted for years that he was Putin’s puppet).

        Peace with North Korea. Remember when we were about to have a shooting war, with nuclear missiles, with NK? Trump defused the situation and de-escalated tensions with that country, to the point of meeting with the dictator. Even so, he walked away when presented with NK’s absurd demands.

        Jerusalem. He moved the embassy to Jerusalem, after decades of request by Israel. The irony here is that many American Jews who are leftists obsessively hate Trump and repeatedly call him a Hitler and an anti-Semite. Yet, in the 1990s he publicly criticized private clubs in Palm Beach for not admitting Jews. He opened Mar-a-Lago with the stated purpose of bringing a club into the community that was open to Jews and other minorities. His daughter married a Jew and converted, and his son-in-law is a trusted (though questionable) adviser. Are those the actions of an anti-Semite?

        Oil independence. For the first time in over 75 years, America stopped being so dependent on foreign oil.

        Top oil producer. The USA is now the world’s top oil producer, even surpassing Saudi Arabia. Trump haters proclaimed that Obama should get the credit (seriously, they do).

        Deep State. As with fake news, he brought public attention to the fact that, within the government bureaucracy, bureaucrats engage in acts destructive to the country, and even engage in illegal activity. One bureaucrat even lied to the president saying that troops had been withdrawn from the Middle East, whereas in reality they had not. Unfortunately, the uncovering of these arrogant bureaucrats did not go far enough.

        Fraudulent elections. As with the Deep State and fake news, he spotlighted the fact of fraudulent elections, something that Democrats have engaged in for decades but was considered to be in bad taste to acknowledge, much less spotlight national attention on it (all historians, for example, agree that the Democrats won the 1960 presidential election through sheer voter fraud in Texas and Illinois). As for the 2020 presidential election, one black individual nailed it when he said, “You gonna tell me that a senile, white racist won more votes than Barak Obama? Especially black votes?”

        Fake news. Like the boy who cried out that the emperor wore no clothes, Trump pointed out, and has repeatedly pointed out, that the media hivemind engages in fake news, i.e., in propaganda. In lies. We all knew it. But the politicians were frightened to state the obvious. If it was possible to send leftist propaganda peddlers further into a frenzy, this was it. American “journalists” have killed journalism as a respectable profession in this countrythey are truly the enemy of the peopleexcept for the obsessed hate addicts who need a daily dose of antiTrump hatred.

        Unlike politicians, he was not terrified of the media hivemind and repeatedly called out the lies of the main stream media, to such a degree that the average person knows that they routinely lie to us. He coined the words “fake media” which is now in common usage.

        Sometimes the propaganda peddlers are way beyond absurd, yet don’t realize how insanely ridiculous they sound. One CNN reporter had a fit because Trump had two scoops of ice cream instead of one. Trump was just recently nominated, twice, for the Nobel Peace Prize, so a journalist in The Atlantic wrote that the Nobel Peace Prize should, therefore, be canceled. This is similar to a demand by another journalist at the Washington Post, who said that since Walter Reed Hospital treated Trump for covid, the hospital should be defunded by Congress. When Trump cancelled the annual White House Christmas Party for the press that constantly demonizes him, it was seen by some as proof that he is on the road to a dictatorship. And he didn’t meet with the media-created brat Greta at the UN. These examples are the tip of the iceberg.

        “Fake news” has been a rallying cry to those who object to the falsification of news and of news suppression.

        When journalists cease to report facts (i.e., news), suppress and distort facts, target one political group while sanitizing and glorifying another political group, and insist that we must all obey, we must all conform, we must all think with one mind and speak with one voice (theirs), and glorify themselves, then they have ceased to be journalists and have become peddlers of propaganda and, as such, have indeed become the enemy of the people.

        Protecting gays. Aside from restricting immigration from Muslim countries, since polls have consistently shown that Muslims want all gays to be exterminated, Trump tried to get other countries to minimize persecution of gays. For those gays who are obsessed with hating Trump, they saw that move as being . . . you guessed it . . . racist. You read that right.

        Appointed gays. He promised to appoint gays in his administration and began doing so.

        UAE. Arranged for United Arab Emirates and Israel to establish diplomatic relations.

        Morocco. Arranged for Morocco and Israel to establish diplomatic relations. Morocco gave its highest honor to President Trump a few days before he left office. The media hivemind did not report it.

        Bahrain. Arranged for Bahrain and Israel to establish diplomatic relations.

        Sudan. Arranged for Sudan and Israel to establish diplomatic relations.

        Overseas American captives released. From Egypt to China to Venezuela and other authoritarian regimes, Americans were brought home through the efforts of Donald J. Trump.

        Remains of KIA Americans returned. He brought back the remains of dead Americans from North Korea.

        Tariffs. He used tariffs to benefit Americans, even though the leftists and libertarians assured us it would bring about the Apocalypse. Hitherto, America had practiced “free trade” while the rest of the world imposed tariffs on American goods. Whereas before Trump, both Republicans and Democrats would shaft the American people (farmers, workers, etc.), just to make foreigners “like us” (actually they just laughed at us), Trump’s motto has always been America First. The hivemind media and some politicians automatically opposed it, claiming that tariffs would destroy the economy. It didn’t and Trump got the trading concessions that he wanted—which favored Americans.

        The undeniable fact of the matter is that America does not really need the rest of the world, but the world needs America, on so many levels. America can easily do without kiwis, tempe and mimes.

        Bureaucrats. He cut the number of government bureaucrats. However, in fairness, it was a drop in the bucket.

        Special Olympics. Due to the budget cuts, the Special Olympics was about to be defunded when Trump stepped in and stopped it. The media hivemind sneered that Trump saved it from Trump.

        Music. He signed into law the Music Modernization Act which closed loopholes. Now music streaming services would pay royalties to the artists. Some musicians voiced their gratitude by calling him a . . . what else? . . . a racist.

        Worked for Free. Trump promised that if elected President, he would not accept the salary. He did not. In fact, he lost money by not attending to his business affairs. Nonetheless, psychotic leftists claim that he has gotten rich from his presidency. How? They do not say.

        Saving the Terminally Ill. Trump abolished the bureaucratic roadblocks for terminally ill patients to voluntarily try out new medications that are going through the FDA pipeline. The American Cancer Society opposed it because  . . . Trump.

        Pakistan. He refused to send Pakistan security assistance in the millions due to the Pakistanis embracing terrorists. Past administrations sent them millions just so that the elite in that country would pretend to like them.

        Supreme Court. He continued to support Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in spite of a massive, concerted, hysterical character assassination by journalists, Democrats and rabid feminists.

        Made in America. He signed an executive order that any items used by the federal government be made from at least 75% items made in America, rather than 50%, thereby benefitting American workers and companies.

        Harvey. He donated one million of his own money to relief of Hurricane Harvey.

        Harvey 2. Remember when the media hivemind ridiculed Trump and called him callous and insensitive because of Hurricane Harvey and his comment that there was a lot of incompetence in Puerto Rico regarding relief? Well . . . it turned out that he was right. The media hivemind did not report that. And, of course, he was accused of racism for pointing out the corruption.

        Transparency in government. He signed the OPEN Government Data Act which increased the transparency of government work. To this point, he stated that, unlike career politicians, he doesn’t do cover-ups.

        National parks. Liberals would have you think that they hold the monopoly to the environment, even though Theodore Roosevelt was a Republican. At any rate, Trump was in favor of the pending Great American Outdoors Act.

        Obamacare. The odious compulsory aspect of Obamacare is over.

        Iran deal nixed. Only someone like Kerry could have engineered the Iran deal. Unfortunately, the money is gone, but the rest was negated.

        Title IX changed. Title IX in schools was ended so that a person who was wrongfully accused could now confront the accuser, have representation, and look at the evidence against him. Previously, it was just enough to be a man to be considered guilty in universities. Previously, any female could accuse a male of sexual misconduct and the male could not defend himself.  

        Huawei. It became obvious that the CCP was using Huawei for extensive espionage and intellectual property theft. Trump not only banned it from the USA, but also convinced other countries not to allow its establishment in their own countries.

        First Step Act. This reduced the prison sentences for thousands of inmates who had long prison sentences. This particularly helped black Americans to rebuild their lives. Meanwhile, leftists kept saying “Trump is racist.”

        Illegal immigrants. These are people whose first act in coming to America is breaking the laws. Many of them go on to commit further crimes. Yes, this is a country of immigrants—for those who enter the country legally. Illegal border crossings have gone down by 70% to a 45-year low. This, in turn, led to higher wages for Americans. Support of Trump by Hispanic Americans increased.

        China. He countered China’s intellectual theft attempts, as well as acknowledged that the CCP is a threat.

        Mexico paid debt. Arranged it so that Mexico paid the shortfall in its annual contribution of water from border-area rivers by giving the U.S. Mexico’s rights to water held in border dams that normally supply cities and towns downstream.

        Operation Warp Speed. Arranged so that a vaccine for the Wuhan virus would be created in a matter of months, instead of years. Nonetheless, leftists blamed Trump for the virus killing people—even though they never said exactly what else could have been done. Many of his critics said the vaccine would not be ready by now, and some of them were “experts.” What is surprising is that Obama was not credited with the covid vaccine.

        Tenacity. Unlike other politicians whose knees instantly buckle when criticized and immediately become willing to jettison their principles, Trump was a streetfighter. He did not give in. Not one inch. Not for what was important. This was infuriating to those who hated him and to those who were used to spineless and unprincipled Republican politicians, but for others he was a breath of fresh air, truly inspirational, a man who if he went down, he went down fighting.

        Religious freedom. Trump supported religious freedom. The Christian religion has been under unrelenting attack from leftists for decades, in many ways and on many fronts by many truly evil people.

        VA. Medical treatment for veterans improved tremendously. Just as important, by passing the VA Accountability Act, incompetent, apathetic and/or unethical workers were fired.

        Coal. He put the coal miners of West Virginia back to work by allowing coal to be mined again and shipped, much to the horror of environmentalists, even though that type of coal has less sulphur and even though Asian countries use coal, regardless of American environmentalists. Unfortunately, demand for coal dropped in the third year of his administration.

        Black colleges. Colleges that are predominantly black in staff and students were struggling financially. They are now on a secure footing, thanks to President Trump. Meanwhile, leftists kept saying “Trump is racist.”

        Financial help for diabetics. Trump ordered community health centers to give discounts to low-income patients for purchasing insulin and epinephrine in an effort to make high drug costs more affordable (Biden has already canceled that order).


        If you have not heard of the accomplishments above, certainly not at length—and they are not all of his accomplishments—then ask yourself why not. His achievements have been recognized overseas, out of reach of the American media hivemind. Here’s an assessment by an Italian journalist: “A historian of the future, provided that history is not a matter monopolized by progressives, will have to recognize that Donald J. Trump’s was one of the most successful administrations in recent U.S. history and certainly the best of the first twenty years of the 21st century.”

        There is one other major accomplishment that needs to be emphasized: he survived coup attempts. Constant coup attempts to negate the 2016 election failed. These coup attempts included: (1) trying to convince the 2016 electors not to vote for him (ironically many of the defectors were from the Hillary camp) (2) labeling him insane and having him removed through the 25th Amendment (labeling political opponents insane is typical of leftists) (3) the laughable—and expensive—Russian collusion hoax concocted by the Democrats and the Deep State, whereby Trump was supposed to be working for Russia for 150 rubles a month, that some of them still swear by (4) impeachment for the most ridiculous of reasons—making a phone call.

        Some Democrats have openly stated that they want to scrap the Constitution and free speech, and they systematically engage in voter fraud, so nullifying the 2020 presidential election through fraud should have come as no surprise. In the end, it took a massive, well-coordinated voter fraud to remove him from office. It worked.

        These, then, are some of the reasons why his supporters have been so fiercely loyal to Trump. Compare him to the usual politician who smiles a lot, says bland things in public, promises to work for you, then defecates on you.

        His departure will be welcomed to the obsessed haters, but not to others.


        A postscript: Pharaoh Ikhnaton (also spelled Akhenaten) instituted a revolution in ancient Egypt. He switched from polytheism to monotheism and, in doing so, he dealt a severe blow to the thoroughly corrupt priesthood. He ruled approximately a dozen years with Nefertiti as his coruler. As a result, it was also a prosperous time for Egypt. Of the many reforms and changes that he made, he was depicted realistically in carvings. Something else that was unprecedented is that the surviving carvings show him and Nefertiti in affectionate poses, holding hands and sometimes with children.

        When he died, Tutankhamen became pharaoh. He favored polytheism and reinstated the old priesthood. The priests went to work on Ikhnaton, desecrating his tomb, erasing all traces of his existence, and rewriting dynastic history to show that he, and his reforms, never existed. All of his reforms were rolled back. They were so grateful to Tutankhamen that, for the first time ever, they did not plunder his tomb when the new pharaoh died, which is why today we can see his treasures (actually, his tomb showed evidence of having been opened and resealed; apparently, one of the priests was just too greedy and went back to plunder; presumably he was caught and executed). Will Trump’s achievements suffer the same fate by the corrupt politicians? Almost certainly. In fact, it has already begun. He is to become an unperson. The leftists have so decreed and are relentlessly going about it, and not just him, but everyone even remotely connected to him.


[1] This is not the first time in history that deeply intense personality antagonisms have resulted in opposition to policies which the opponents themselves were enthusiastic for. In the 1810s, North America was a wilderness, with isolated communities, and communication and travel difficult and lengthy. The Erie Canal was proposed to mitigate this and bring prosperity, and the idea gained wild support. The main advocate was Governor De Witt Clinton who was overbearing, sarcastic, tactless and arrogant. Martin van Buren—and others—opposed the building of the canal solely because it was Clinton’s pet project and they thoroughly loathed the man. It was ultimately built.

To a lesser degree, though relevant, was the conflict between Henry Cabot Lodge and Woodrow Wilson.

[2] The number of people in history with serious character flaws who have achieved great things in every field are legion: Gandhi, MLK, Wagner, Mozart, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ayn Rand, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Socrates, Grant, Kierkegaard, Koestler, van Gogh, Maupassant, Graham Greene, Poe, Fitzgerald, McArthur, Brahms, Patton, etc., (oddly enough, not so much with scientists, or women)

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Armando Simón is a trilingual native of Cuba, a retired college professor with degrees in history and psychology, and author of many books (for now obtainable at Amazon and Barnes & Noble).

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