Rosie, Megyn, Carly and Hillary

by G. Murphy Donovan (September 2015)

“I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.” – Winston Churchill

Raging Rosie

Indeed, the next American presidential election may just be another skirmish in the gender wars. With any luck, 2016 might also prove to be a referendum on bimbo culture in America too.

The opening salvo was fired by Megyn Kelly at Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in early August. Kelly began the primary silly season with a rude charge that the leading male was a misogynist, followed by a litany of half-truths at best. Trump, flustered, tried to respond that his invective was directed at a specific woman, to Rosie O’Donnell, not all women. Ms. Kelly would have none of it. Criticism of any woman, especially a plus size, is apparently an attack on all women.

The longstanding feud between two shrill New Yorkers thus was lifted out of the Manhattan TV talk sewer and flung like a turd at the Republican gang of 16. Fox News would have us believe that Rosie O’Donnell’s trash talk is serious grist for a national political debate.

The tag team of raging Rosie and cheesecake Megyn thus obliterated the 2015 line between real news and trite invective with a single blow. Note that the FOX fusillade against Republicans proved to be a ratings windfall, indeed a benchmark, 50 million eyeballs. Alas, ratings and backlash are joined at the hip.

Speculation about Megyn Kelly’s motives in all of this is now a cottage industry.  

Front running for Hillary maybe? Bill’s wife will never admit to running on her genitals, that “first” woman thing. Nonetheless, with or without provocation, evidently Hillary’s sisters will run up the chauvinist pig flag as fast as FOX did the other night. Throwing brickbats is apparently a one-way street, or as one wag put it, a kind of tampon politics.

Megyn Kelly’s behavior during the first debate is probably designed to insulate Mrs. Clinton and put a shot across the boys club bow.

Or Kelly might just believe that Megyn should be the news. The six million dollar girl could have a terminal case of tumescent ego. This much is certain, becoming the news instead of reporting the news is hazardous duty. Just ask Mike Wallace, Dan Rather, or Brian Williams.

Solidarity with Rosie “O’Donuts” may not be the hill that any serious journalist should want to die on in any case. Nothing says vulgar, neurotic, self-promoting flake like O’Donnell.

FOX News Cheesecake at GQ

Kelly’s pretense that Rosie’s looks should be off limits for critics is a hoot. The President’s wife has been “fat shaming” obese black women for six years now. Indeed, FLOTUS has been called out by feminists for her fat bias. And it’s not like Michelle doesn’t have a little junk in her trunk too.  

FLOTUS and friend

Indeed, Ms. Kelly’s peroxide persona plays a prominent role in her star status at FOX too. What does a pin-up photo shoot in GQs Magazine say about Megyn’s feminist bona fides? How seriously are men or women to take a news reader in eight-inch hooker heels?

You are more likely to encounter misandry, not misogyny, on the daytime chat circuit. Indeed, the daylight airwaves and audience are dominated by shallow girls and girly men. Real men and women are usually busy at real jobs between nine and five.

Maybe somebody needs to explain the “New York way” to Megyn too. If a bully gives you a fat lip in Queens, you respond with a bloody nose. And if you behave like a “pig” in the Bronx, no one treats you like a lady. And if you are loud and rude in Manhattan, you might get a network chat show, but you are not a victim. There are enough real victims in NYC like the now iconic Kitty Genovese, without squandering compassion on misandrist misanthropes.

The audience for all TV is mostly female. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American women spend more time watching TV than they do caring for children, three hours a day versus two. Nielsen surveys also confirm the central role of women in content programming and conspicuous consumption. Women make 75% of the purchasing decisions in America.

The people who produce television believe that the folks who watch TV are stupid. They may be right. Indeed, the Simpsons and South Park are the new pre-school, digital babysitters.

The “wasteland” of Media banalities and mindless consumerism is, among other things, a girl’s world. Donald Trump doesn’t carry a $100,000 purse or wear a $145,000 blond wig/weave. Beyoncé takes a bimbo bow here.

As news divas like Megyn Kelly pursue the gossip gal metric, her network is entitled to spin an agenda, but even Roger Ailes is not entitled to ignore facts.

O’Donnell started the feud by using daytime cat shows to attack Trump as a poor husband, a moral reprobate, and ultimately a “snake oil” salesman. We shall ignore the irony of Rosie using ophidiophobia in any context, including metaphor. Nonetheless, Trump responded in kind with the rude candor that makes New York the Big Apple.  

Putting O’Donnell and Trump on the same moral scale is a little like comparing T-Ball tots to the NY Yankees.

Indeed, recall that Miss O’Donnell’s latest partner is suing Rosie as an unfit mother. Substance abuse is the charge. With a weed and wine diet, pot makes you want to eat like a “pig” and the vino allows you to forget how much. Then there are those innocents, adoptees or foster kids at risk. “Fat slob” or “loser” is not the way social services would categorize Rosie’s parenting. Trump’s riposte is the NY argot of brutal truth, Bronx style.

Reports from Miss O’Donnell’s colleagues, co-workers, and subordinates are probative too. By many accounts, Rosie is loud, angry, abusive, difficult, and mean spirited.

Gals like O’Donnell or Kelly tend to fuse a victim’s whine with feminist moral ambiguity. Rosie likes to call herself a “dyke,” as if sexual preference were both burden and achievement. O’Donnell’s trash talk is similar to that of ignorant punk poseurs (rappers mainly) who see women as “bitches” and refer to “brothers” as “niggaz.” When the insecure fringe insists on the rhetoric of self-hate as an identity, most adults want to shout STF up.

Respect is not an entitlement for women or any other demographic. Respect is earned. Respect is a function of restraint, achievement, maturity and sensible shoes.

The bottom line in all of this is evident. Trump is a better man and father than Miss O’Donnell is woman or mother. Trump is also a better business professional than Ms. Kelly is a professional journalist. Trump is also more candid than Carly Fiorina.

Alas, facts don’t matter in the bimbo soap opera that is contemporary American culture. Guys like Trump still get cast as the heavy.

Well it is that we should ponder why there has never been a Cleopatra, Catherine Di Medici, Maria Therese, Catherine the Great, Elizabeth I, or Margaret Thatcher equivalent in American history. Maybe it’s Donald Trump’s fault.

After having Hillary at Foggy Bottom and Samantha at the UN, women are still abducted, abused, bought, sold, traded, buggered, stoned, mutilated, and beheaded globally, especially by Obama/Clinton “partners” in Arab and Muslim theocracies. Political women in America have done little or nothing for their beleaguered sisters abroad except to posture and whine about human rights.

A woman on top in America, with few exceptions, has not improved sex, politics, or human rights.

Ironically, American ladies are majority voters and stockholders. The voices of real, adult, or serious American women, unfortunately, are often lost in the background noise of faux feminism, consumption, face lifts, and other juvenile distractions.

Megyn Kelly put herself on “unscheduled” vacation for the rest of August. When you can’t take the heat, you usually leave the kitchen.

Some Bottom Lines

Islamist 5th column. If Abedin’s associates were Russian, vice Arab and Muslim, she would be on a permanent FBI watch list.

Alas, the Left in America, with the decisive female vote, is poised to put the Clintons and the Wieners, and their husbands, back in the White House.

Withal, we should wish the best to all the principals in these giblet wars. To Megyn, who stands with Rosie, Carly Fiorina who says she “stands with Megyn,” we say step lively girls, you are now up to your knickers, again, in double think and twaddle. And to Donald and Carly we might also suggest that they save some birdshot for Hillary.

Tampon politics is a hoot, but the real threat is the cunning pastel pantsuit on our left, a wholesale bimbo conspiracy that could go retail at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2016.


GMD sometimes writes about the politics of national insecurity. He thanks Fergus Downie for the loan of the “tampon politics” metaphor, sure to become neologism of the quadrennial.


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