The Attack Within by Elwyn Jones – the parallels with Hitler and Islam, and 1939 and 2012

by Esmerelda Weatherwax (March 2012)

He sees many similarities with Nazism and Islam. With the benefit of 65 years of Islamic expansion since the end of World War II the modern reader may see even more.

What was very interesting was that before he wrote of Germany, Hitler and the Nazis he spent some time discussing Mussolini and his relationship with the Muslims of the lands round the Mediterranean, and their relationship with the Jews of those lands.

Similar activity, it was stated, took place in Syria.

Does that not sound very familiar, and some 10 years before the foundation of the State of Israel?

Mein Kampf remains popular in Egypt and Turkey to this day.

The Modern Technique of Aggression he details the 1939 Code for Germans Abroad.

The New Statesman and Nation reported on April 2nd 1938 about the senior Jewish employee of an English firm who resigned through loyalty to his colleagues when his employer was threatened by the German manufacturer for which they acted as agents. (pg. 138)

That reminds me of the increasing presence of the hijab, the niqab and the burka on British streets, worn by aggressive young women whose mothers and grandmothers considered themselves perfectly modest under a gauzy scarf.

In Chapter VIII, Inside Germany he examines the Nazi relationship with the Christian Church. He is quite blunt at P167

He quotes Alfred Rosenburg, responsible for Political education in Germany speaking at a rally in Nuremberg in 1938.

We are often told that we are living in a 1938/9 era of appeasement to Islam which is failing, just as the appeasement of Hitler failed, it being an unwise method of dealing with bullies on any level. It was interesting to read someone writing about the failure of appeasement but with no knowledge, other than intelligent assessment, of what was to come.

Elwyn Jones ended the book on a positive note. He felt that if Hitler was challenged with a real show of strength he would capitulate and Germany could be given terms. Nazism which thrives in poverty and hunger could be defeated by an active programme of social reform. Democracy itself must be transformed and revitalised. The negativity under Mr Chamberlain lowers morale and the old men in power resent any responsibility given to men under the age of 40. (Elwyn Jones was about 30 when he wrote this!)

We all know what happened in September 1939. Elwyn Jones served in the Army Legal Services Division. He was a junior counsel at the Nuremberg trials. After the war he became a Labour MP for several constituencies in East London, in between elections he prosecuted the Moors murderers. Under a Labour government he was appointed Lord Chancellor (at that time Head of the Judiciary and with responsibility for the administration of the courts) from 1974 to 1979. He died in 1989.

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