The Bee and the Lamb

(Part 2)

by Takuan Seiyo (December 2011)

A societal prescription of living a saintly life in the Jesus mode welcomes the looting of everything the West has and is by the great masses of the Third World with two feet already in the door. It cannot fend off global jihad, North Korea or China. It skirts modern economic reality in which wealth is the reward of productive competition, and capital has no religion but flows to where the returns are highest. What Nixon and other sincere Christians prescribe is self-liquidation with a beatific smile.

The United States and Great Britain are already partially evicted from their respective homes by self-inflicted alien hordes, and are now destitute and ill too. While the socialist paternity of this syndrome receives much coverage on the Right, the Christian maternity has been a matter of discreet silence.

Something happened to turn Christianity of all stripes into the equivalent of computer malware. You click on Transcendence, Marxism enters between the synapses. You click on Redemption, self-termination code seeps into the security holes of your Operating System. You click on Meaning of Life, you get infiltrated by putrid postcolonial masculinity-hating GLBT anti-White pop-up poop. You log on to Savior, you find Stuxnet.

Between Jhvh, Jesus, Janus and Jutta (4)

That there are major Roman elements in our culture anyone with one semester of law school, Romance languages, Civil Engineering or Government 101 will attest to readily. The Roman ideals of virtue, manliness and patriarchal order sustained Western society until the mid-20th century.

As to the Greeks, the great German classical scholar Werner Jaeger called our civilization Hellenocentric. The Greek form of ennobling, acculturative education, paideia, was once the forming template for a ruling elite as recently as Victorian England and pre-1930s proto-WASP America. Paideia is now a quaint word and forgotten concept, which is why we no longer have a Praetorian Guard. We are ruled by moronic clowns or clever pillagers, and know no better.

The curriculum, still mandatory in Orthodox Judaism, encompasses 613 Torah commandments (mitzvot) from Jhvh, seven more added by later rabbis, positive and negative injunctions, attenuating and nullifying circumstances, precedents of rabbinical jurisprudence and opinion, plus endless canonical arguments interpreting all those in dozens of volumes. What it does not do is teach valor, appreciation of beauty, and nobility of character. It also does not anymore, except on the esoteric margins like the Kabbalah, carry a direct experience of the transcendent God.

Alas, all mainstream Christianity is hitched to the same wagon. Volumes could be written about this, but we can adduce here just a few examples:

But things are not so simple. As comforting as such magic serums may seem, life in pre-Christian Europe was short, brutal and dehumanizing in the extreme, even in the evolved Greek and Roman cultures.

The classical scholar Sara Ruden has delved into original Greek and Latin texts to describe in her Paul Among the People the 1st century world to which Paul brought his message of divine love and moral restraints. Slaves were considered on a par with dogs. Slave boys served for anal sex in a widespread and explicitly sadistic practice with dehumanizing intent. Babies were a disposable commodity, often killed by exposure. Commoners and slaves were subject to barbaric punishments, crucifixion by no means the cruelest one.

The Mystical Nativity, Sandro Boticelli, 1501

Polytheistic, nature-based folklore builds up social capital and connectedness to the land, and through it to Reality. Love of the land harks back to the creed of sacred oaks, divine waterfalls and power rocks. Reality is encoded in myths, proverbs, folk tales and old aphorisms. Both are crucial antidotes against utopian stupidity in the manner of Western secular Body Snatchers or self-erasure through Christian Holy Lamb world repair.

glorify the day,

Highest has done!


magnificent choirs,


Bach signed all his scores SDG, for Soli Deo Gloria, to show where all those notes were coming from and going to. But they came from his privileged genes too: 80 Bachs before and after J.S. have been musicians.

God abhors equality and does not grant equal opportunity or outcome, except to share in His grace. The multitudes of Christian and Jewish repairers of His works ought to remember that. Humility and gratitude are in order, not the catastrophic arrogance of reengineering man and society.


(3) The costs were analyzed among others here, with a $2.5 trillion net deficit projected in retirement costs alone.

(4) Jhvh is the unpronounceable Hebrew name of the Biblical God. Jutta is the name of the queen goddess of birds in Estonian mythology.

(9) Where polytheistic traces are weaker, as they are in the Anglosphere, the Greek and Roman heritage is of double importance, for it brings with it the yang elements needed to balance the yin of Judeo-Christianity.


Takuan Seiyo was born behind the Iron Curtain to two survivors of the Holocausts, only one of whom and which was Jewish. He emigrated to the U.S. in the mid-60s, got four university degrees while living hand to mouth, and made his career in the electronic MSM. In 2005, after many years of witnessing the staggered collapse of his beloved California, he left to live in the Far East. Returning to the U.S. frequently in search of a new place to call home, in 2006 Mr. Seiyo started writing after a long wait in a snaking TSA security check line, behind Tom Wolfe.

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