The Family Cloth

by G. Murphy Donovan (April 2014)

ve expectations. Indeed, excuse making is a cultural staple nowadays. Call it social iatrogenesis.


generational ambition. With enough “safety net,” independence or employment might be superfluous. Poverty, a condition that used to provide the energy of ambition, might now be the mother of all excuses.


kicked to the curb.

bottom of the achievement barrel; the products of public schools are consistent with that standard. “Dropout” might be an enlightened choice in a system with inedible lunch and no entrance or exit standards – for faculty or student. 


Race is the best excuse for simple minds. The black/white reduction is a refuge for masochists and self-hate. Skin color is not binary. Indeed, the biological skin-tone spectrum ranges from brown to pink.

dependency is generational bondage; indeed, another plantation.

social currency. The dark side of the skin spectrum also regards chumps as they do tattoos, just another indelible lifestyle.

The victim trope is reinforced by Media pandering. Commentators, like Chris Mathews, and networks like NBC, regularly dismiss criticism of any incompetent minority politician as racism. Indeed, patronization is now an acceptable form of bigotry.


Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The recently revised DSM suggests that half of all Americans will be victim of some diagnosable mental disorder in a lifetime. Note such maladies are Internet User Disorder (IUD) and Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder (GPPD). Yes, that first acronym is IUD! Presumably, GPPD is a case where a large penis is obstructed by some smaller unlubricated orifice.


Through such justifications Philip Seymour Hoffman will be celebrated in death and Woody Allen will continue to live large.

The Environment

family cloth” movement has arrived. A “reusable” cloth is now offered as a “green” alternative to toilet paper. Never mind that the wood pulp used to make azimuth wipes is a renewable resource. And how is disposable toilet paper any more objectionable in toilets than disposable diapers and sanitary napkins are in public fountains?


makers and pie eaters.

rent seeking, socialism, or communism.

Excuse makers claim that the rich exploit the poor, when in fact that ship sailed 60 years ago. Pie eaters are, or will be, a majority in most democracies. And social democrats vote themselves more pie every year. Thus we see the entrepreneurial class shrinking and the dependent class exploding. If such absurd political/fiscal paradigms are allowed to reach their inevitable arithmetic climax, wealth creation, baked goods included, become so much pie in the sky.

Global Excuses

The New Counterculture

The arguments of the modern Left and academia are also burdened by anti-Judaism. Where other excuses fail, Jews often become all-purpose scapegoats.



G. Murphy Donovan writes about the politics of national security.


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