The First African-American President Isn’t

by Nidra Poller (August 2009)

Oprah-Obama: Tell it like it was

No politics as usual, no business as usual, no more of that nasty free competition by which Obama became a senator and Oprah a billionaire. We need change. We need a sugarplum world where everybody is a senator, a lawyer, a president, a billionaire.

Obama the African-American you love to love. Give rein to your pent up taste for blackness, ainit good. Atone for centuries of injustice. And heal the Muslim-Christian divide in the bargain.

Yasser Arafat came to Paris as an endearing hero, died in a French military hospital, got a certificate with an unknown cause of death and a falsified place of birth (Jerusalem), and left in a coffin of glory without stirring a whimper of criticism in French media and political circles.

We need some good old fashioned gospel truth.

Let my people go!


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