by Ares Demertzis (Nov. 2006)


The young man held the ladder precisely as she had instructed, watching as the girl climbed up the tree, rung by rung, her torso disappearing into the abundant foliage. 


“Hold that ladder tight, y´hear?  Watch out sos I don´ fall!” she called down to him.


He stared awkwardly from below until she stopped, almost at the last rung of the ladder, her legs invitingly parted, her ankles pressed tight against the side railings for balance.  His gaze was fixed under her skirt, on the two oval cheeks of her buttocks, and the tousled hair pushing out from the crease in her groin to run a short distance down the length of either thigh.  She always did this to him, showing herself off unashamedly, all the while pretending to be unaware of what she was doing.


“One day that boy gonna push his hard stick in ya!” her father would admonish sternly.


Her older sister, Lil, would add: “Boys take jus´so much teasin´ ´fore they gits ornery.”


“I know what I’m doin´.”


He continued to watch as she came back down the ladder.  Now standing under the tree with a full basket, her lips parted into a seductive smile, she tempted him with an apple from her harvest.





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