Thrill by Mouth




Tim Atkin in the Observer:


wine for gay men:


Gewürztraminer, for example, is as gay as a daisy.


tells us to get with the programme:

Sea kale is the new asparagus
Brussels tops are the new greens (it’s a Europe thing)
Parsley is the new basil
Haut Savoie is the new Serrano (which was of course, the old Parma)
Tatsoi is the new Mizuna (which is still the new rocket)
Breadsticks are the new baguettes
Papardelle is the new ravioli
Agen (oil) is the new olive (oil)
Mousse is the new ice cream
Pears are the new apples
Juice is the new wine
Tequilas are the new single malts
Potatoes are the new tomatoes
Gravy is the new jus
John Dory is the new sea bass
Fish is the new meat
Meat is the new bread
Bread is the new cheese
Cheese is the new chicken
Chicken is the new fish

this exchange here. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.


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