Two Poems

by Jeffrey Burghauser (February 2020)

Alpküche, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1918


Not That It Does Me Much Good


I have learnt that an apartment can’t

Quite be yours till filled with the décor

Of your problems. Later griefs would grant

Sequel principals. For instance, your

Workplace is a Where you cannot lay

Claim to till you’ve known the queasy grey

Of returning, having rushed away

For some family emergency.


Once, I boasted no idea (in love,

As the sun descended in its spite)

Whether I enjoyed a spasm of

Real bewilderment or of delight.


Well, the difference is clear to me.



Bay on the Coast of Fehmarn, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1913


The Seafarer


The sea is a quilt unfurled

Over Earth’s unsteady knee.

Every man is lent the world

(All the wiser men agree)

I’ve been lent it, though, in fact,

Quite begrudgingly.


Only sleep can integrate

An entire day’s fresh re-

Mórses into some self-hate

Till I undertake to cross

The uncivil, various,

Apprehensive sea.




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