War As A Win-Win Option

by Alexander Maistrovoy (July 2013)

Military adventure is often the best option for a despotic regime undergoing fiasco

he people crave destruction of Israel!” These were the slogans thousands of people came with to a massive demonstration in Al-Azhar Mosque – the spiritual bastion of “Muslim Brotherhood” in Egypt. However remarkable this event was, it was left unnoticed in the mass media. It was the first mass demonstration against Israel, organized by the “Muslim Brotherhood,” with Mohamed Morsi – the president of Egypt, as its representative.

Although the official reasons were the detention of Jerusalem Mufti in Israel and IDF airstrike in Syria, any other minor event could have been a valid motive.

M?rsi is begging for handouts from the USA to Russia, to Qatar to Germany, but none of these countries is capable of feeding 90 million hungry mouths. The IMF is ready to provide credit of 4.8 billion dollars, but with conditional austerity measures: increasing taxes and reducing subsidies on bread.

It can lead to mass protests and the Muslim Brotherhood is not suicidal.

Would all this trigger Israel into starting a war? Hardly. And this Israeli indecisiveness would mean an undeniable victory for Egypt, after which no one will dare to question the prestige of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In 1937, Germany was on the verge of economic bankruptcy, the Nazis were losing their popularity and Wehrmacht officers were anticipating the moment when they could overthrow the mad psychopath. They were waiting for the fortitude of the West, whereas the West hid behind the Maginot Line with its tail between its legs. After the occupation of the demilitarized zone of the River Rhine and of Czechoslovakia no one dared to question the strategic genius of the Fuhrer.

Alexander Maistrovoy is an Israeli journalist.


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