Asia Bibi out of prison

It is in all the newspapers that thankfully Asia Bibi is out of prison in Multan where she has been held for eight years. 

The British Pakistani Christian Association release says 

Asia Bibi has been set free from her long-term home under captivity at Multan Jail and we confirmed this with media after news from her family. BPCA will not be confrming any more details to media groups until given the express permission of the family.

Wilson Chowdhry has spoke with the family of Asia Bibi, at 6am UK time on 8th November and they expressed that is of the utmost importance that there be no further speculation on her whereabouts reported by either concerned groups or international media. Asia Bibi, hare family and guardians all still face a real and present danger of being killed.

There are reports that she is being flown to the Netherlands; other reports say this information is wrong. 

I’m going to stick with the advice of the BPCA and not speculate. The safetly of Mrs Bibi and her family is so precious and the danger posed by the violent Islamics in Pakistan is such that I will wait for news from the BPCA once they are safely wherever they are intended to be. 

Meanwhile I give thanks that she is out of the prison and no longer under the death penalty.