Australia: Bob Katter, MP, Proposes Ban on Muslim Immigration from Mid-East, North Africa

As reported by the Australian; this in the wake of a very messy murder of a Eurasian British backpacker, by an Allahu-akbaring French-passport-holding ethnically Arab Muslim, in a country town in Australia.

‘Bob Katter: Ban Muslim Middle East, North Africa Immigration’.

‘Independent MP Bob Katter, the grandson of a Lebanese migrant (that is, of a Lebanese Christian who came to Australia in the late 19th or very early 20th century, during the period when what is now Lebanon was ruled by the Ottoman Turkish Muslims – CM), has urged the Coalition government to impose a ban on Muslim immigration from the Middle East and North Africa.

Yes! Yes! Yes! An excellent idea.  I am glad that this enfant terrible of the Queensland – and Aussie – political scene has brought it right out into the open, and I will be communicating with him forthwith to tell him so; my only complaint is that he has not made it sweeping enough.  I don’t want any Muslims, from anywhere, let into Australia; the Malaysian and Indonesian and Afghan and Turkish Muslims and the much-ballyhooed “Rohingya” from Burma (those poor, poor ‘Rohingya’ on whom so many Useful Idiots are so much more inclined to lavish their sympathy than on, for example, the Copts or the desperately-imperilled Assyrian Christians or a myriad other non-Muslim victims of Muslim mistreatment), are just as potentially dangerous as any others. – CM

‘The North Queensland MP last night said the “time has come” to block migrants from the volatile region, saying Australia should follow the “extremist” migration policy of Saudi Arabia.

Mr Katter said Middle Eastern (that is, Muslim – CM) migrants’ reliance on welfare benefits would drive Australia “bankrupt” while increasing the threat of terrorist attacks.

Both true.  And the expense of trying to keep on top of the ever-multiplying number of jihad plots and plotters and potential plotters is both astronomical and ever-increasing. – CM

The time has come now to stop people from those countries coming to Australia.

Yes. Yes. Yes!! – CM

“And if that is an extremist position, is it an extremist position for Saudi Arabia and Dubai; they won’t let any of these people in”, Mr Katter told Sky News last night.

‘Mr Katter said the policy would not extend to persecuted Jews, Sikhs and Christians and should not affect Islamic populations outside the Middle East, such as Indonesia, he said.

I am fine with letting in the persecuted non-Muslims; their emigre communities already present here, and groups such as Barnabas Fund, are well equipped to help with the identification of candidates for reception into Australia, and with their processing and background checking, in order to make sure that they are indeed members of these persecuted and vulnerable minority groups, rather than Muslims pretending to be what they ain’t.   However… Mr Katter will be hearing from me, on the subject of that very foolish ‘exemption’ for Muslims from outside ‘the Middle East and North Africa”.  He will be encouraged to read the report entitled “Easy Meat”, to discover what ruin Muslims from Pakistan have wreaked in the UK; he will be reminded that the Muslim man who attempted to set off a car bomb in Times Square on May Day, some years ago, was a Muslim from Pakistan; he will be reminded that those who carried out the mass-murderous bombing in Bali in 2002, and the many, many men of the Lashkar Jihad who murdered, raped and drove into exile thousands upon thousands of Moluccan Christians in the 1990s, were Indonesian Muslims.  And that the Muslim who murdered a woman only a few days ago, was in possession of a French passport.   The ban on Muslim immigration requires to be total, or it will not be worth spit.  – CM

“There comes a point where I’m worried about Australians, not worried about people over there”, Mr Katter said.

‘Mr Katter’s grandfather, Carl Robert Katter, was born in Lebanon’s Kadisha Valley, and migrated to Queensland early last century (that is, in the early 20th century – CM).  He came from a Maronite Catholic family.

One wonders what stories his grandfather might have had to tell – passed on within the family – about life in Lebanon – as a Christian, under Ottoman Turkish Muslim domination – in the late 19th and early 20th century.   I  – CM

‘Mr Katter entered federal parliament as a Nationals MP in 1993, having previously served as a minister in Queensland’s Bjelke-Petersen government.  He defected to the crossbench in 2001.

‘His eponymous Katter’s Australian Party holds two seats in the hung parliament of Queensland, both of which are situated within his vast federal electorate of Kennedy.

‘Malcolm Turnbull [our current PM – CM] last month dismissed calls to impose a theological (sic – CM) test on immigration to Australia.

“Australia has a non-discriminatory immigration program and a non-discriminatory humanitarian program and has done for many, many years and that is not going to change”, he said.

Turnbull is a fool.  To let in Muslims en masse is to endanger everyone else inside the gates who is not a Muslim, and to incur a vast expense in homeland security and law enforcement that would otherwise not be incurred.  Those non-Muslims of various sorts who, persecuted mercilessly by Muslims in Muslim lands, flee to Australia, hoping for peace and safety, are not best pleased to discover mobs of murderous, glowering Muslims proliferating here, whining and threatening and taking over suburb after suburb and building mosque after mosque after mosque, and engaging in all varieties of criminal activity, and every now and again sending young men and women off to join Islamic State, or hatching plots to murder Infidel Aussies, right here on Aussie soil. Got Muslims? – got Jihad. That is the long and the short of it, and Mr Malcolm Turnbull, PM, needs to be told a few home truths. Starting iwth the unpleasant reality that a Chinese-Australian police accountant called Curtis Cheng would still be alive if Muslims had not been allowed into Australia; and that a beautiful young Eurasian British girl called Mia Ayliffe-Chung would also still be alive, if an ethnically Arab Muslim with a French passport had never been let into this country on a temporary working visa. 

I would encourage any Australians reading here, or who have already heard this story in other forums, at this time, to strike while the iron is hot.  You must write to Mr Katter, MP, and express support for a ban on Muslim immigration (whether general or ‘humanitarian’), whilst demanding that it cover Muslims from everywhere, not just those from ‘the middle east and North Africa’ (and give your reasons).  Express support for humanitarian visas for non-Muslims fleeing from Muslim aggression and oppression (you may like to mention Barnabas Fund’s “Operation Safe Havens” and commend it to his attention).  And write, also, to Mr Malcolm Turnbull, PM, and put a flea in his ear. You may like to point out that every humanitarian place solicitously offered to a Muslim – Muslims who have  many, many avowedly and ferociously Islamic countries to choose from – is a place denied to people, such as the Assyrian Christians of Iraq and Syria, who have nowhere to go, no country of their own, who are indigenous peoples facing complete extinction in their own homelands… because of Islam, Islam, Islam.  State that in the present situation the insistence on non-discrimination between Muslims and non-Muslims in our immigration and humanitarian intake is as if, in 1915, one had insisted that for every Armenian Christian received into the country one must also take in a Turkish Muslim (or two, or three), or as if, in 1936 or 1937, one had insisted that if a Jew from Germany is to be admitted, a card-carrying Nazi party member must also be granted a visa.

I will add that the Australian permitted Comments upon this particular article, and there were a great many, most of them heartily in agreement with the idea of a ban on Muslims, and most of those in favour of extending the ban to cover Muslims of any sort, from anywhere, rather than merely excluding those from ‘the middle east and north africa’.  – CM



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