Australia: Poll Shows 49 Percent of Aussies Want To End Muslim Immigration; Islamophiles Have Conniptions

The people who did the poll were so nonplussed by what they discovered that they ran it a second time because they thought they must have done something wrong; but when they ran it the second time they got exactly the same results.  It seems that despite the neverending and indeed ever-accelerating Islamopuffery that has been and is being poured out by so many of our secular and even our religious leaders, a significant number of Aussies prefer to believe their lyin’ eyes and ears, and are making up their own minds about Islam and the Ummah, or Allah Gang, the Mohammedan Mob.

Our Islamophile ABC is, predictably, horrified.  Here is “Shalailah Medhora” reporting for TripleJ, the ABC’s outlet aimed at the younger set. 

“Half of Australian Wants Muslim Ban”.

“Look around your classroom, or workplace.

‘Chances are that half of the people there support a blanket ban on Muslim migration to Australia.  You might even be one of them.

Yes. I am.  Because I’m sick and tired of playing the deadly game of “Muslim roulette” that has claimed so many, many Infidel lives, world-wide, already, from the 1990s onward. – CM

‘New polling out today [21 September] found that 49 percent of people support a ban on Muslims coming to Australia, compared to 40 percent who oppose a ban.  (The remaining 11 percent weren’t sure either way).

That 11 percent is where the Resistance to Islamisation msut focus its efforts. And it is also where, of course, those emitting the relentless blast of Islamopuffery will now also be seeking to disinform and confuse.  – CM

Young people aged 18-24 were the most likely to oppose a ban on Muslim immigration.

They are the ones who have been propagandised most completely by the Muslims and Islamophiles who have infiltrated academia, media and the arts, since the 1970s. They are also the ones with the smallest amount of “lived experience”; the ones least likely to have spent any time reading the Islamic texts, or reading old books, or watching really old movies, where a non-sanitised assessment of Islam is more likely to be found. – CM

‘Fifty-eight percent of young people opposed a ban, compared with 28 percent who supported it.  

Hm. That means that 14 percent were undecided.  The resistance had better figure out, fast, how to reach that 14 percent.  And the 28 percent who oppose Muslim immigration is significant, because it means that on nearly a third of our young Aussies the very obvious campaign to make Islam ‘cool’ and hip and fashionable and to make criticism or rejection of Islam the cardinal sin, has … failed to stick. – CM

‘Respondents of the 1000 person survey, undertaken by polling company Essential, were most concerned about Muslims not integrating to the Australian way of life, or failing to share Australian values.  Just over one in four who support a ban were also worried about terrorism.

That is very interesting.  It shows that many of those who are wary of Islam are awake-up to the “stealth” or “civilisational jihad”, to “sharia creep”, to what the French call “entrisme”.  They know that everything we are, everything we love, is at stake. – CM

‘Things get even more interesting when you look at how the people who support a ban vote.

‘Coalition voters – that is, people who identify themselves as voters of the Liberal or National parties – are most likely to support a ban on Muslim migration.  But 40 percent of Labor votes, and 34 percent of Green voters, also support a ban.

Yay for good old Aussie rock-bottom commonsense.   Perhaps some Greens and Labors have become aware of Islamic misogyny and homophobia, and don’t like it… – CM

‘The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has long argued that Australia’s diversity is one of the country’s biggest strengths.

These days, it seems, you are not ‘diverse’ unless and until you have a large and aggressive colony of Mohammedans ensconced in your midst.  No matter how many people of different ethnicities and languages you have, no matter whether you already have Christians of every stripe, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, atheists, agnostics, wiccans, animists, Confucians, Taoists, you are still not “diverse”, you don’t have ‘real’ ‘diversity’ until and unless you have lots and lots of Muslims and more coming in every day…?? – CM

‘Earlier this week, he told a United Nations Summit on immigration that “diversity is an investment against marginalisation and extremism”.

Really?  Jihad is not ’caused’ by anything kuffars do or do not do to Muslims. The casus belli is that we are Infidels. That’s all it takes, Mr Turnbull. And if we let Muslims inside our gates, some of them will set to work to kill us, to terrorise us, to try to force us to Submit. – CM

“It helps our community unite, rather than be divided”.

Read surah 48.29 of the Quran, PM Turnbull.  Ask yourself how we kuffar can possibly ‘unite’ with a ‘community’, the Ummah, the Empire of Islam, that believes itself to be entitled to lay down the (sharia) law to everyone else on earth, and that divides the whole world into two halves – into the dar al Islam, or region of Submission, where Muslims dominate, and into the dar al Harb, or Region of War, which is where we non-Muslims are, and which must be warred against, one way or another, by Muslims, until it ceases to exist, and all the world is Dar al Islam and kuffar are near-slave dhimmis, or converted to Islam, or…dead.  Ask yourself how we can ‘unite’ with people whose cult teaches them that we are “the worst of beasts”, that inculcates a virulent antisemitism, that regards Christians (because of their adoration of Christ) as committing ‘shirk’, a crime more heinous than murder, and that teaches its adherents never to befriend or ally with non-Muslims, except feigningly and temporarily, under certain circumstances, and only for Muslim advantage. – CM

‘Peter Lewis from Essential Poll said the results were surprising.

‘I was worried it was what we call a ‘rogue poll’.  So we repeated and got the exact same result.’

‘The poll results come shortly after One Nation leader, Pauline Hanson, called for a ban on Muslims entering Australia during her first speech to Parliament.

“We are in danger of being swamped by Muslims, who bear a culture and ideology that is incompatible with our own”.

The ‘swamped’ bit is pretty clear, in light of recent events in Germany; there is a threat, because there are not a few nicely-dhimmified Useful Idiots in our own country who would cheerfully open the floodgates, if they got the chance.  The statement about the incompatible (indeed, aggressive and hostile) culture and ideology is also true, in spades.  Many people far better educated than Ms Hanson would say exactly the same. – CM

‘Pauline Hanson – who first entered politics in 1996, raising concerns about Asia [non-Islamic – CM] migration – is joined in the Senate by three other One Nation senators.

Gotta love the Aussie voter, flying a ‘trial balloon’ and sending a bit of a message to the major parties that there is an urgent issue that they are not adequately addressing. – CM

‘Nationally, One Nation received about 4 percent of the vote in the recent federal election.  In Queensland, where the One Nation vote was the highest, 9 percent of voters backed Senator Hanson and her party.

‘Shadow multicultural minister Tony Burke told Hack he’s not convinced that the poll is an accurate reflection of modern Australia.

‘I have some reservations about the numbers collected in this poll. There was a slightly larger poll conducted a few months earlier – the federal election.”

“There was not a big vote for One Nation.  Ninety-five percent of Australians saw them on the ballot paper and voted for someone else.  In fact, they got fewer votes than they received in 2001, when zero One Nation senators were elected,” he said.

“The politics of division has always been around (yep, mate: in the case of Islam, it’s been around for 1400 years and counting – Dar al Islam vs Dar al Harb, and you ought to look up the significance of “al wala wa al bara”, too – CM), but it never ends up prevailing.”

‘What does a ban actually achieve?’

Ever heard the proverb, “When in hole, stop digging?”  Or “a stitch in time saves nine”? Or that there is such a thing as nipping something in the bud? – CM

“Hass Dellal, the head of the Australian Multicultural Foundation, told Hack that Senator Hanson’s speech was heavy on rhetoric, but did not offer any solution to voters’ genuinely held concerns.

Really? Not letting in any more Muslims, and preventing any more madrasas and Muslim military-command-and-control centres, aka ‘mosques’, sounds like a pretty good plan, to me. – CM

“If there are fears, we need to address them”, he said.  “What does a ban actually achieve?”

Lots. It prevents the Ummah from increasing in numbers quite so fast, and therefore limits its actual and perceived power. – CM

‘Hass points out that one-third of Muslims were born in Australia.  They make up just a fraction of the population – about 2 percent.

They were a much, much smaller percentage, around 20 years ago.  There are now suburbs where they dominate, both in numbers and in political clout; suburbs from which they have quite deliberately, by varous means, including threats of violence and actual violence, driven out the non-Muslim inhabitants.  Paul Sheehan in an article written in 2006 described that process, as it was reported to him, by people who had directly experienced it.  And with Muslims “only” at two percent, they are causing a whole hell of a lot of trouble; witness the necessity of creating the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad, and the sheer amount of time and money that is already being spent on trying to keep tabs on all those Muslims who might be about to Go Jihad. – CM

Diversity is here to stay”.

Translation: “Islamisation Must Not Be Stopped”. – CM

“We as a nation have a great record and a great history of managing diversity”, Hass said.

Until we greatly increased the number and percentage of Muslims. – CM

“Stop Cuddling up to Hanson”

‘Nick McKim, the Greens spokesperson on immigration, said the Coalition and Labor should stop “cuddling up” to Senator Hanson.

‘They refuse to call her out and call her words out for what they are, which is racist”.

Really?  Was Somali ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali a racist when she told assorted western governments that they should not permit Muslims to set up ‘faith-based’ schools, centred on Islam, for children of Muslim families, and that if they did, they would come to regret it (which they have)? – CM

“The Australian character is one of welcoming visitors and strangers to our shores, and I have no doubt that is how the majority of Australians feel”, Senator McKim said.

Senator McKim needs to read ex-Muslim Sam Solomon’s book “Al Hijra” and think again.  The people of Yathrib, now Medina, welcomed Mohammed and his ‘persecuted’ band of Companions, back in the day; and as a result, many of them wound up dead. – CM

‘The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils said Senator Hanson’s first speech to Parliament was “ill-informed, hurtful and divisive”.

How Muslims always do go on and on about things being hurtful and divisive; whilst heir own lot, the world over, historically and right now, exhibit a gleeful cruelty whenever they have sufficient power to do as they please to non-Muslim persons. – CM

‘But spokesperson Kesyar Trad offered to counter any misinformation about his religion in person.

‘Misinformation’.  The actual contents of the Islamic trilogy, along with Islamic history (if read in non-whitewashed sources) are so damning that no amount of flowery nothings, denials, accusations, sophistries and other nonsense-and-lies spun by the likes of a disgraceful individual such as Keysar Trad can erase them from the mind of any sensible non-Muslim person. – CM

“I stretch my hand with love and goodwill, offering to spend as much time as necessary with Ms Hanson to answer her questions about Islam”, he said.

To tell her soothing lies about Islam, you mean, Mr Trad.  And as for stretching out a hand; Ms Hanson would be well advised not to take it, and, indeed, to refuse your invitation. Because a British MP named Stephen Timms once took the hand of a sweetly-smiling Muslimah… and as he did so, with her other hand, still smiling, she brought out a knife from her bag and shoved it into his stomach. – CM

‘The Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, said demonising Islam could help fuel extremism.

Nonsense, Mr Shorten. You believe that, for example, a publicly-stated factual description of Islam – such as Churchill gave, back in the day, when he called it “the religion of blood and war” – is the cause of Jihad??  What if, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali once did on Dutch TV, I were to call Mohammed a ‘pervert’ because of his having marital relations with little nine-year-old Aisha? Is that ‘demonising Islam’?  Should I refrain from speaking publicly about Mohammed’s approval of the the murder of apostates, and of ‘blasphemers’ such as Asma bint Marwan, because if I do, it will… get me or other people killed by… Muslim assassins enforcing the sharia ban on the criticism of Islam? – – CM

“We would be playing into the hands of the crazies, of the fundamentalists, of those who hate the Australian way of life, by somehow saying that that religion – Islam – is incompatible with Western liberal democracy”, he said.

But it is.  Any belief system that includes Death for Apostasy – and very frequently applies and has applied this rule, in modern times – is incompatible with Western liberal democracy. Any belief system that authorises the murder of cartoonists for drawing pictures ot the founder, is incompatible with western liberal democracy.  Islam suppresses freedom of speech.  Are you cool with that, Mr Shorten?  Do you think Theo Van Gogh should not have made the movei ‘Submission’ with Ayaan Hirsi Ali? do you think Ms Ali should not have written her books.. or apostasised from Islam?   Do you think the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists deserved to be killed, because they made the mohammedans upset? –  CM

‘There are millions of Muslims right across the world who live in western societies, who contribute to our quality and standard of living (who by their presence, their numbers, and the disruptive activities engaged in by far too many from amongst their number, are causing an unprecedented and vastly expensive homeland-security headache to our law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and have made life for everyone else much more dangerous, expensive and unpleasant than it would have been, if they or their forebears had never been allowed inside the gates in the first place – CM) and you give in to the crazies, the fundamentalists, if all you do is accept their arguments and repeat them ourselves.”

Mr Shorten: read Conor Cruise O’Brien, “The Lesson of Algeria: Islam is Indivisible”.  There is not some sort of not-really-Islamic outer fringe of ‘crazies’ and then a ‘real Islam’ that is okay. There is just Islam, and it is deadly. – CM

‘There has been a surge in popularity of far-right (sic – Islamosceptical and patriotic – CM) politicians around the world.  From Brexit – where Britons voted to leave the European Union – to Donald Trump’s call to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of the United States (wait a minute; why does this sentence not mention his much more centrally important and relevant call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration – CM), politicians have been capitalising on voters’ fears of immigrants.

Not of immigrants in general, but of Muslim immigrants.  That’s what the poll was about. And not all fear arises from ignorance or unreason. Some fears are rational, based on knowledge, on the recognition and comprehension of a real threat.  Fear of Islam is rational and fact-based. – CM

‘Because Muslims come from all different nationalities and walks of life, the argument against them has become a cultural one.

It is a cultural one. It is about ideas. – CM

‘Aurelien Mondon from the University of Bath told Hack, this week: 

“Instead of talking about racism and race, they talk about culture.

Because it is about culture, you twit.  We’re not objecting to Christians from Syria, we’re objecting to Muslims from Syria. Would a Muslim girl from Syria have ever in a million years stepped up to become a Wine Queen in Germany? But a Christian girl from Syria has done just that. – CM

“They say, “we’re not racist, we’re saying cultures are so important that they should be protected, and they’re so great we should keep them apart”.  It’s the same process of exclusion, but it’s not race, it’s cultural”, Aurelien said.

Well, what do you think would have happened to European Enlightenment culture, if the Muslims had won at Vienna in 1683, mate?  Would Sir Isaac Newton or Johann Sebastian Bach even have been born, let alone done what they did?  Mr Aurelien, I really don’t like FGM, polygyny, wife-beating, child and/ or forced ‘marriage, slavery, death for apostasy, and death for ‘blasphemy’… all of which are and have been integral parts of Islam.  Does that make me a racist, in your eyes?

The reliably Islamophile “Sydney Morning Herald” is, of course, also shocked and disgusted that so many Aussies have the inexplicable temerity to not want more, and more, and more Muslims in Australia.  Here’s the SMH report, from Mark Kenny and Michael Koziol.

“Half of All Australians Want to Ban Muslim Immigration: Poll”.

“US President Barack Obama has hit back strongly at rising anti-immigration sentiment across America, Europe and Australia, as a new poll found that half of all Australians want to ban Muslim immigration.

It is not, for the most part, anti-immigration sentiment; it is, as in Australia, a growing awareness that Muslim immigrants, or rather, colonists, or invaders, are not, generally speaking a good thing, for countries into which they insert themselves; a growing uneasy awareness that the importation of large and inassimilable Muslim colonies has made life for non-Muslims (whether indigenous or immigrant) in the host societies – right across Europe, and also the USA, Canada, and Australia – much more expensive, unpleasant, and increasingly physically dangerous.   – CM

‘Declaring rich countries must do more not less, and that refugees are victims rather than causes of violence (really? but in Australia a particularly ghastly murder was perpetrated by a “Rohingya” Muslim “refugee”, upon a fellow “Rohingya” Muslim; is the murderer not the cause of the violence he committed?  Has Obama forgotten those attacks in Germany that were carried out by Muslim persons who claimed to be ‘refugees’?  has he forgotten the Somali Muslim – who would have gained entry to Denmark by claiming to be a ‘refugee’- who attempted, with an axe, to murder Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard for having committed the heinous crime of drawing the ‘Mohammed-turban-bomb’ cartoon?  Has he forgotten the Brothers Tsarnaev, and the lives they took, and the many lives that they ruined, with their pressure-cooker bomb at the Boston Marathon?  The Tsarnaevs claimed to be “refugees”, and were believed, and taken in, by America; and then they attempted to mass-murder American Infidels… – CM), Mr Obama said that governments proposing to build walls and close doors inevitably imprisoned their own citizens, while ensuring they would be harshly judged by history.

So, by analogy, our houses should not have walls, or doors, or security bars and screens, or locks.  Gardens and farms should not have fences.   Question: would Mr Obama like to lead by example? Dismiss his security staff, take all the locks off the White House, and remove the perimeter fence?  And let it be known that he is going to have “open house”; if you want to walk in, use the bathroom and laundry, and take whatever you want out of the fridge, you can do it. – CM

“This crisis is a test of our common humanity – whether we give in to suspicion and fear and build walls, or whether we see ourselves in another”, he said.

Seeing “ourselves” in “another” is precisely what Islam teaches Muslims not to do, if that “other” is not a Muslim. – CM

‘It came as an Essential Research poll released on Wednesday found that 49 percent of Australians support a ban on Muslim immigration, including 60 percent of Coalition voters (the aspect of Australian politics that is somewhat similar to the Tories in Britain or the Republicans in the USA – CM), 40 percent of Labor voters, and 34 percent of Greens voters (Labor and the Greens are the Aussie equivalent, very broadly speaking, of “Labor” in the UK and the Democrat constituency in the US – CM).

An observation: these results should be a great encouragement to the resistance within Australia as it continues to attempt to inform, and to spread the alarm amongst the great Infidel public.  Although in places such as social media one encounters many persons on the ‘Green’ and “Labor’ camp who are zealous Defenders of Islam, it appears that there is nevertheless within that same camp a significant minority who have not abandoned their commonsense nor lost their instinct of self-preservation.  This is an encouragement to persevere, and not to assume, before one begins, that a person affiliated with, say, Labor or the Greens, is ipso facto unpersuadable.  Because one in three Greens and four out of ten Laborites are, in fact, already having misgivings about Muslims and Islam. – CM

The most common reasons for wanting a ban were fears about terrorism, and a belief that Muslim migrants do not integrate into society nor share Australian values.

The fears are fact-based, and justifiable. The “belief” is true, not false; it is itself a recognition of facts. – CM

‘The poll was first conducted in early August, and then repeated to ensure it was not a rogue.

“It’s too big a number to say that it’s an unrepresentative rump that should be shunned from polite society. (Soif you fear being murdered by allahu-akbaring jihadis, if you have read up on the core teachings of Islam and on the ways in which sharia wreaks and has wreaked havoc on countless human lives down through the centuries and today, and dare to suggest that Muslims should not be allowed into the country, you should be “shunned”???  Does this person even realize how totally he has internalised an equivalent of the Islamic blasphemy law? – CM) Essential pollster Peter Lewis told Fairfax Media.

‘In a strident call for more decisive action to help the world’s 65 million asylum seekers and internally displaced persons (it would be interesting to know how many of those 65 million are Muslims; if Muslims form the majority, then why should non-Muslim countries be forced to take them all in? – CM), the US President used his opening address to an invitation-only summit on refugees in New York to pour scorn on the moral abandon (sic – CM) propelling right-wing (sic – CM) populists such as US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, former UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage, and others in Europe, and Australian senator Pauline Hanson.

“It is a test of our international system, where all nations ought to share in our collective responsibilities, because the vast majority of refugees are hosted by just 10 countries, who are bearing a very heavy burden – among them Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, Ethiopia.  Countries that often have fewer resources than many of those who are doing little or nothing”, he said.

Dear President Obama: the total population of Australia is 24 million.  We obviously cannot take in all 65 million third-world “refugees” and displaced people, most of whom are Muslims, fleeing the chaos and misery and poverty that Islam produces… but bringing it with them, to reproduce it, sooner or later, wherever they go.  I would rather that Australia took in every last one of the threatened-with-genocide Christians, and Yazidis, of Iraq and Syria, than that we took in even one more Muslim, whether immigrant or “refugee”, from anywhere.  Neither should any one of the small and historically non-Islamic countries of Europe be forced to take in Muslims, who are not only culturally-incompatible but aggressive and resentful, and infinitely disruptive.  As for the others that you mention? – Ethiopia should not be required to receive or host Muslim “refugees”, and would be best served by being assisted to turf them out – into irretrievably Islamically-blighted Somalia and North Sudan – and then assisted to keep them out.  The Maronite Christians of Lebanon would be best served by receiving assistance and encouragement to throw out all the Muslims – Shiite and Sunni – into Iraq, whilst receiving assistance to resettle Syrian and Iraqi Christians.  As for Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan … the Camp of the Free owes them absolutely nothing, and not one Muslim from Iran, Turkey or Pakistan, nor from any other part of the dar al Islam, should be admitted into any part of what Muslims call the dar al Harb, the Region of War.  End of story.  As for the idea that “rich countries” should “do more”.. indeed they should.  Time to demand that the rich Muslims take care of the poor Muslims.  There are more than enough petrodollars in the Gulf and elsewhere to ensure a lifelong supply of food, clothing and other necessaries for every Muslim ‘refugee’ in the world.  Why should Infidels be forced to foot the bill?   – CM

‘The Essential poll, with a typical sample size of more than 1000, came a week after Senator Hanson’s incendiary (sic – CM) first speech in the Senate, in whcih she proposed that Australia halt Muslim immigration and stop building mosques and Islamic schools.

There is nothing “incendiary” about any one of those three proposals. Any person who has read ex-Muslim Patrick Sookhdeo’s “Islam in Britain” and “Faith, Power and Territory”, or ex-Muslim Sam Solomon’s “Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”, and “The Mosque Exposed”, will have independently reached the conclusion that stopping Muslim immigration and stopping the proliferation of mosques and madrasas, are steps that will have to be taken, if the camp of the Free wishes to survive at all.  Furthermore, it was another ex-Muslim, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who many years ago – nearly ten years ago, or more – told the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, the USA and Australia, that they should not permit Muslim ‘faith’ schools; that these schools were not the same kind of thing as schools run by Jews, or Catholics, or Anglicans, or Lutherans; that they were dangerous, and that countries which permitted them to be built would come to regret it.  Ms Hanson’s proposal re Islamic schools is no different from the advice given by Ms Ali. – CM

‘The poll found a high level of support for the One Nation firebrand (sic: why not just write “the outspoken One Nation senator”? terms like “firebrand” are meant to skew our perception and our attitudes – CM), with two-thirds of voters agreeing she talks about issues other politicians are afraid of tackling, and 48 percent endorsing a national debate about Muslim immigration.

‘Mr Lewis said that the results showed mainstream political parties needed to re-engage with “outsider politics” as disenfranchised voters flocked to the fringes.

49 percent of the total vote is not “the fringes”.  What happens if there are another couple of mass murder attacks such as Nice, or the Bataclan, or Orlando, in Europe, or the UK, or Canada, or the USA, or even.. Australia, and you re-do the poll, and discover that the percentage of Coalition voters who don’t want any more Ummah has gone from 60 to 70 percent, and the percentages of Labor and Green voters who have decided that Islam is dangerous, and Australia would be better off without it, have moved from 40 percent to 60 percent and from 34 percent to 52 percent?  It could happen.  And if it does, then the politicians will have to face the fact that a very large number of all kinds of voters don’t. want. any. more. Islam. –    CM

“If you look at the movements in the States, in Britain, the economic disenfranchisement drives a set of conversation about culture and difference, that manifest at the moment in these sorts of positions.”

Really? Are infidel Aussies, Yanks, Brits, Europeans only worried about Islam, and Muslims, because they’re having trouble finding a job or paying off the mortgage?  Seriously??  Mate, as the jihad attacks, small and large-scale, pile up, all over the world, and the death and injury toll keeps mounting, and the denials that it all has anything at all to do with Islam grow more and more farcical, people are getting more and more worried about being stabbed from behind in a shopping centre, or in a park, or in a backpackers’ hostel, by an allahu-akbaring Mohammedan, or run over in the street by a car or truck driven by an allahu-akbaring Mohammedan, or shot dead in a bar or a nightclub or at a Christmas party or at a rock concert, by an allahu-akbaring mohammedan or mohammedans, or blown up on a bus or a train or a plane or in the street (Boston marathon, anyone?) by allahu-akbaring mohammedans.  That’s the long and the short of it. We’re coming to see the obvious – got Muslims? Got Jihad.  And more and more of us are therefore deciding that we’d prefer not to increase the number of Muslims in our midst, so as to reduce the number of persons likely to murderously, or mass-murderously, Go Jihad. – CM

‘If the poll is an accurate reflection of Australian voters, it highlights a significant hardening in anti-Muslim sentiment.

It seems that the Sydney Morning Herald wants us to think that fearing Muslms, or distrusting Muslims, or not liking Muslims, is simply beyond the pale: unthinkable, unforgivable. – CM

A Ray Morgan poll conducted in October last year found broad support for Muslim immigration, with 28 percent of respondents declaring themselves opposed.

Hmm. And since October 2015 we have had the attack on the Bataclan in November 2015, the attack on the Brussels airport in March 2016, and the spectacularly mass-murderous attacks in Orlando, Florida (June


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