Australian Suburbia: Muslim Immigrant Man Attempts To Kill Muslim Immigrant Woman With Machete

Among earnest Islamophiles and dhimmis-in-training, in Australia, there has been of late a tendency to claim that Domestic Violence – of which there have been a spate of nasty cases – is what we should all be worrying about, instead of “Terrorism” (that is, the Global Jihad).

What all of these Defenders of Islam carefully ignore is that Islam, with its Quranic command (surah 4.34) to beat wives whom the husband merely fears might rebel, and whose adherents account for something like 90 percent of “honor” murders worldwide, is a belief system very strongly correlated with high levels of family violence.  None of them, I am sure, has dared to watch Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s “Submission”, or to read her book “The Caged Virgin”, or Rosemary Sookhdeo’s “Secrets Behind the Burka”, or Wafa Sultan’s book, “A God Who Hates”, in which Ms Sultan – now an atheist, formerly a Sunni Muslim from Syria – declares flatly, “Allah hates women”. 

And they also ignore the fact that a significant percentage of recent murders of and attacks upon women in Australia involve Muslim men and Muslim women.

Here, for example, is one of those cases.  It will be represented simply as ‘gender violence’, but it is not; the Muslim male involved is operating within an ideological and social framework entirely different from that which surrounds a non-Muslim perpetrator.  A framework within which violent punishment and even killing of a deemed-uppity female is normal and normative. 

I will begin with the first report, from Leonie Mellor, for the ABC, which identified the victim as “Somali” (and, therefore, most likely, Muslim, but did not identify the attacker).  The ferocity and brazenness of the assault – it took place at about 8 in the morning, in broad daylight, as people were about to begin their daily commute – places it in a league of its own.

‘Machete Attack: Woman In Hospital After Alleged Domestic Dispute at Wacol, West of Brisbane”.

‘Residents who witnessed an alleged machete attack on the streets of Wacol, west of Brisbane, have described the moment neighbours came to a woman’s defence armed with brooms and wheelie-bins.

(“Wheelie bins”, I should explain for our non-Aussie readership, are large heavy-duty-plastic bins into which domestic waste are placed for collection; they have wheels so they can be easily moved from the home-owner’s front yard, out to the kerb-side for emptying.  They are large and fairly sturdy. – CM)

‘Police were called to Monterey Street in Wacol just before 8.00 am , with reports a man had rammed a woman’s car.

“The man was then believed to have chased the woman on foot, armed with a machete.

‘Police said the woman received non-life-threatening injuries to her head and neck during the incident.

She is extremely lucky.  Lucky, also, that the attack seems to have taken place in the presence of a number of non-Muslim neighbours who were prepared to take her side and go to the rescue; I am not so sure that she would have been helped, had the bystanders all been Muslims.  – CM

‘She is being treated in Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital.

‘The man, a 51 year old from Acacia Ridge, has since been charged with one count each of attempted murder, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, going armed so as to cause fear, and common assault.

‘He is due ot appear in  Richlands Magistrates Court tomorrow.

‘Family members of the woman at the centre of the attack told the ABC that she and her three children moved to Australia as refugees five years ago, from Somalia.

‘They said the woman met her alleged attacker after she arrived in Australia, and they had recently broken up.

Hmm. It appears that this Somali – and therefore most likely Muslim – woman was being punished for exercising the freedoms available to a woman in Australia, freedom to form a relationship but also to up and leave a dead-end relationship. – CM

‘A neighbour, known as Jennifer, said she heard the screams first.

‘A non-stop, loud scream, like, blood-curdling screams”, she said.  “He had the machete in his right arm. It was just going down, down, down, down, down. 

“And the woman, he was cutting the woman, and she was curled up on the ground, trying to protect herself.  But it didn’t help. It was just cutting her.  He was cutting her.

“She wasn’t even screaming for help. It was just screams, sheer terror. I’m sure she thought she was going to die.

“Another neighbour, Russell, said he was woken by car tyres screeching.  He saw his father rushing to help the woman.

Yes, we are in the lands of the Infidels, where an armed man who murderously attacks a woman in the street may find that other men will step in on behalf of the woman. – CM

“I got out of bed, quickly rushed back to have a look, and my dad’s running down the street with a wheelie bin, attacking some dude because he’s attacking his wife with a machete”, he said.

St George to the rescue, charging into battle armed with a wheelie bin. – CM

“And then they were backwards and forwards across the street.  I seen him [the alleged offender] hit her in the shoulder and she fell flat onto the road there and then I seen him come up and hit her in the side with it. In the ribs there, with it, until other people across the road come over…took her over there to comfort her.”

‘Russell said the whole episode was frightening. “He’s with a big machete, like that. Walking, chasing her, trying to swing it at her and everything”, he said.

‘Brian Farley’s wife was the woman who ran to the injured woman’s rescue, while other neighbours were trying to distract the man.

‘He said his wife was just leaving for work when he heard what sounded like a car accident. “I came rushing out, looked on the patio, noticed this man running around, chasing this lady with a machete with intent, it appeared to be”, he said. “Very nasty.  The lady came screaming up the road trying to get away still.  My wife ran out to the road to her and brought her back to safety.”

‘He said they brought the woman into their garage. “

‘He told his son that if the man came closer he was to shut the door.  His wife helped calm the injured woman. “She was hysterical.  [Could] barely walk. Shaking terribly. Bleeding, a lot”, he said.

“I was horrified for what was happening in our street.”

And now for the follow-up report.  Which revealed that the perp is yet another of the thousands and thousands of mohammeds who have entered the West, of late.

‘Alleged Machete Attacker Remanded in Custody Over Attempted Murder of Woman at Wacol in Brisbane’.

‘A man accused of slashing his former partner with a machete on a street in Wacol south of Brisbane, has been remanded in custody.

Mahumed Samow Ali appeared in Richlands Magistrates Court this morning, charged with the attempted murder of the woman yesterday morning.

‘Ali is also facing charges of common assault, going armed to cause fear, and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

‘Police said officers were called to Monterey Street just before 8.00 am, with reports a man had rammed a woman’s car and then chased the woman on foot, armed with a machete.

‘Ali made no application for bail, and was due to reappear in court in October.

‘Police said yesterday the woman received non-life-threatening injuries to her head and neck during the incident.

‘She is being treated in Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital.”

I would like to know whether this Mahumed Samow Ali has managed to acquire Australian citizenship, or not. If he has not, then once he is tried, convicted, and has served his sentence, he should be given the boot, back to his Muslim country of origin, most likely Somalia.  And even if he has gotten Australian citizenship, it’s about time laws were adjusted to make it possible to revoke citizenship from such as he.  He should never have been let into the country in the first place.  And the harsh truth is that his victim should never have been admitted, either; for she brings with her the same deadly mental baggage that he does.  One wonders whether there are daughters among her three children, and how old they are, and whether they have been subjected to FGM or not. – CM



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  1. Relating islam to domestic violence is absurd, its rather blaming the religon as an excuse, at the same time frame period of the incidant there was a lady got shot in McDonnell’s,and the other was the young lady who was attacked by her ex in horofining way they both dead

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