Authorities Keep Seven Aussie-Passport-Holding Muslims Inside Australia Rather Than Letting Them Leave (And After That, Preventing Their Return)

As reported just today by the (Sydney) Telegraph and by the ABC.

First, the Telegraph version, from Simon Benson, which refers only to the first batch of five; two others were stopped later on.

“Islamic State: Gang of Five Would-Be Terrorists Stopped at Sydney Airport.

Why stopped?  I would rather see them leaving in a cloud of dust, so long as they weren’t permitted to return, ever.  And so long as the Yazidi and Assyrian Christian fighting groups that have formed were getting arms and training in order to prepare a suitable, er, reception once our wannabe jihadis get to Syria or Iraq. – CM

‘The largest single group of suspected jihadists attempting to leave the country bound for Syria and Iraq, have been intercepted at Sydney Airport.

‘A senior intelligence source has confirmed that five young Sydney men (sic: “five young Sydney-resident Muslim men” – CM) had triggered an alert at Sydney Airport last week, as they all tried to leave the country together, bound for the Middle East.

‘It is believed that they were “red-flagged” at the immigration checkpoint, with the new counter-terrorism units called in to intercept them before boarding an initial flight to Malaysia.

‘It is understood all were carrying large amounts of cash. It is also understood other materials were discovered.

‘They were then prevented from flying.  At least some of the men were known to government authorities.

Hmm.  And are their usual mosques known? And if their mosques are known, why are their mosques – those mosques that they and/ or their families are known to be regularly attending, and for that matter, any mosque at all that they are known to have attended – not being surprise-raided and searched from attic to basement, right now? With the imam or sheikh or any other prominent personage hauled in for very, very thorough and lengthy questioning? – CM

‘The group, who when stopped on August 12 were believed to be trying to reach either Iraq or Syria, with the suspicion that they intended to join terrorist groups.

‘It was also confirmed that two of the five men attempted to leave again the next day, but were again intercepted.

‘All had their passports immediately suspended under new laws passed by the Abbott government allowing the Attorney-General’s Department and ASIO to recommend immediate suspension of passports.

So now, instead of waging jihad in Iraq and Syria they will do it here? – CM

‘The five are now under investigation by federal agencies.

And are their mosques being investigated? I certainly hope so. – CM

‘The interception has alarmed authorities, who said, [that] despite repeated warnings, young radicalised men (that is: ‘young Muslims piously heeding the summons to wage Jihad’ – CM) are still attempting to join the Islamic State terrorist army in the Middle East.

That is, they are rushing off to join the nascent Caliphate. – CM

‘The intelligence source said that four of the men, all aged in their 20s, had each been carrying $9900 in cash – just under the threshold that requires currency to be declared.  The fifth was carrying $12,000.

“They triggered an alert when they tried to leave”, the source said. “Then the CT guys (counter-terrorism unit) were called in to look at them and they were offloaded.  It’s certainly one of the larger, if not the largest group trying to get over there.”

Funny how there seems to be so very, very many young Muslims, from Muslim colonies all over the infidel world, who all seem to be getting the same idea in their heads – to rush off and wage jihad in the service of Islamic State. – CM

‘The Daily Telegraph has also learned that the number of Australian (i.e.”formerly Australia-resident” – CM) jihadists believed to have been killed in the Middle East has risen to 39.

That makes 39 dangerous Mohammedan mobsters who used to be here in Australia, an Enemy Within, but now…are not.   Excellent.  Now, why couldn’t we have just let this latest lot choof off to Syria or Iraq as well, and let them, with any luck, meet a similar sticky end?  (But just in case they didn’t, to be on the safe side, cancel their passports and either annul their citizenship or declare them Exiled?). – CM

‘Yesterday the defence force confirmed that an Australian Hornet bomber had killed a senior Islamic State commander during an air strike in July, killing 15 fighters as well as the commander.

“This leader controlled (IS) operations in an area of Western Iraq,” Chief of Joint Operations David Johnston said.

“The removal, and it was a successful removal, of this individual has caused significant disruption and degradation to (IS) offensive operations.”

To do them credit, the Daily Telegraph permitted Comments.  There weren’t many, but they were brief and to the point.  All were agreed that the sensible thing to do is to let these jihadis go…and then slam and lock the gate behind them so they can never get back in.  One commenter, “Nasrani” (possibly a Copt or Assyrian Christian emigre?) remarked briefly, “I think it’s better to let them go as long as it is a one-way ticket only. We don’t need them here!”  While “Mrs” observed, “Let them go and prevent them from returning, they will try some sort of terrorist stunt here next”.  And “Daniel” asked the million-dollar question – “So do these guys get locked up or just have their passports taken and told to go home?”

And so to the ABC, with a report from Eliza Borrello, Susan McDonald, and James Glenday.

‘Islamic State: Seven More Australians Stopped From Joining Middle East Terrorist Groups: Abbott”

‘Seven young Australians (sic: “seven Aussie-passport-holding Muslims” – CM) have been stopped on their way to join terrorists in the Middle East, Prime Minister Tony Abbott says.

‘The Government is giving few details, but the ABC understands five people (that is “five Muslims” – CM) were stopped in a single incident last week, and a further two at a separate time.

“We have stopped at the airport seven young Australians who were planning to travel to the Middle East, it seems, to join terrorist groups over there”, Mr Abbott said.

‘Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed an incident at Sydney International Airport on August 12, which is believed to be when five Australians (sic: “five Aussie-passport-holding Muslims” – CM) were stopped.

“That follows a number of people who have been off-loaded by the counter-terrorism unit officers, in particular in Sydney and Melbourne, over a period of time”, Mr Dutton said.

I just wish that “off-loaded” meant “permitted to leave to join the Caliphate, with passport and Australian citizenship duly cancelled upon their departure, so as to prevent them from ever being able to return”. – CM

“Obviously, particularly where investigations are ongoing, we are not going to provide a running commentary in relation to that.”

‘The Prime Minister and immigration minister refused to give any more details, despite further information appearing in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper today about one incident.

‘Mr Abbott has praised the work of counter-terrorism units at airports….

‘But he added that the case underlined why the Government was determined to fight the Islamic State terrorist group.

Unfortunately, Mr Abbott, Islamic State is just one of the many, many, many jihad outfits that crystallise naturally out of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob. At some point, Mr Abbott, you need to recognise that at bottom it is the Ummah as a whole that is waging war, by one means or another, depending on circumstances, upon every non-Islamic society everywhere; and that therefore the Ummah colony, the so-called “Muslim community”, right here in Australia, constitutes a dangerous fifth column that should not be permitted to expand and indeed should be discouraged from remaining.  – CM

“This indicates the continuing allure of this death cult”, Mr Abbott said.

Mr Abbott, it isn’t just “Islamic State” that is a death cult.  Islamic State is ..Islamic. Truly, madly, deeply Islamic.  it is drawing so many young Muslims, because it is fully in accord with the faith within which they have been reared; and it draws the converts, because they are eager to be as Muslim as possible.  And if Islamic State is a death cult – as they are – and is also recognisable as being Islamic to its bootstraps, then it follows that Islam itself is a death cult.  Which becomes moderately obvious once one starts looking critically at the core texts and at the conduct of Muslims – in obedience to those texts, and in continuity with the example and teachings of Mohammed, his words and deeds – waging jihad throughout history.  – CM

“It shows the importance of the most vigorous action, at home and abroad, to disrupt, to degrade, to destroy this menace to the freedom and security of the world.”….

Dear Prime Minister: I suggest we begin by allowing people such as this lot to leave, and then at once taking the appropriate steps to prevent them from ever returning.  Let them go, let them all go; don’t let them back in.  And the next step would be to investigate any and all mosques with which they and their families have been associated, here in Australia; and if any evidence of dodgy activity is discovered, shut them down.  And the next, and let it be soon, is to put a complete stop to all further importation of Muslims into Australia. – CM


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