David P. Gontar



(August 2021)

Damon and Pithias: Shakespeare’s First Play

(July 2021)

The Wizard of Uz: Job’s Theology

(December 2020)

Untitled & The Lady Comes

(November 2020)

Shakespeare Contra Erasmus: A Reply to Catherine Nicholson

(September 2017)

Poetical Women in Shakespeare: A Response to Alison Findlay

(July 2017)

The Hispid Hare and the Polar Bear

(November 2016)

What Lies Ahead?

(November 2016)

King Leer

(October 2016)

Caesarean Roundel

(October 2016)

A Stroll in the Park with Martha Nussbaum

(September 2016)

Alice’s Adventures in Authorship Land

(October 2016)

The Calico Cat

(August 2016)

The Construction of Chastity in Shakespeare’s Pericles, Prince of Tyre

(September 2016)

Shakespeare’s Enduring Conservatism

(August 2016)

The Dare

(July 2016)

Shakespeare’s House of Cards: An Anniversary Celebration

(July 2016)

The Shakespearean Moment

(May 2016)

Shakespeare Undoes Chivalry

(April 2016)

“Stand Up for Bastards”: Natural Issue in the 1571 Act of Parliament, 13 Eliz., c. 1

(March 2016)

The Merchant of Scarsdale

(January 2016)

“Let’s [NOT] Kill All the Lawyers”

(January 2016)

Shakespeare’s Alleged Drug Use

(December 2015)

Dancing with Minguito

(October 2015)

Chapman, Our Chapman!

(September 2015)

The Looking Ground

(August 2015)

The Voyage

(May 2015)

I Am Trudy Besser

(April 2015)

Remembering Falstaff

(March 2015)

The First Orthodontist of Secunderabad

(February 2015)

Where Will You Go?

(February 2015)

The Finger of LazerUs

(January 2015)

The Heart’s Abundance: Seduction and Bad Faith in The Reign of King Edward III

(December 2014)

Don’t Kiss the Messenger: Wooing by Proxy in Shakespeare

(November 2014)

Shakespeare’s Double Play

(October 2014)

A Raid on the Articulate: G. Wilson Knight and the Battle of Elsinore

(September 2014)

Malvolio’s Defense

(September 2014)

Shakespeare Versus Montaigne

(August 2014)

Yorick’s Ghost

(July 2014)

Much Is False In "All Is True"

(June 2014)

1769-2016 and All That Jazz

(April 2014)

Unreading Lear

(May 2014)

Painting the Green World Red: The Brothel in Shakespeare’s Plays

(October 2013)

On the Frontiers of Psychiatry: Ophelia and the Jailer’s Daughter

(November 2013)

Royal Envy

(January 2014)

Shakespeare’s Sweet Poison

(February 2014)

"Dost Know This Water-fly?" – Effeminacy in Shakespeare

(March 2014)

Shakespeare’s Compassion

(September 2013)

“Shylock Wrote Shakespeare”

(April 2014)

Shakespeare in Black and White

(June 2013)


(May 2013)

Tragedy and Comedy in Timon of Athens

(April 2013)

A Parable of Pigs

(March 2013)

The Synod of the Gods

(February 2013)

Selected Aphorisms

(January 2013)

An Islamic Reading of King Henry IV

(September 2012)

The Measure of All Things

(August 2012)

Hamlet Made Simple

(September 2012)

False Radicals

(July 2012)

The Quality of Portia

(June 2012)

Speeches of Love in Shakespeare

(May 2012)

A Possible Elizabethan Model for the Droeshout Portrait

(April 2012)

Wanton Modesty: Lucrece and Elizabeth

(April 2012)

Woodstock and the Invention of the Human

(March 2012)

Indices of Divinity in Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well

(February 2012)

Unreading Julius Caesar

(January 2012)

Shakespeare’s Snobs

(December 2011)

Crown of Horns: Male Self-Betrayal in Shakespeare

(November 2011)

This Thing of Darkness

(October 2011)

Extra Pointz

(September 2011)

Is Juliet Tragic?

(August 2011)

Let Us Not To The Understanding of Sonnet 116 Admit Impediments

(July 2011)

An Unquiet House: Deferral of Discord in Shakespeare’s Comedies

(June 2011)

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