Eric Rozenman

Blog Posts

Israel Against Hezbollah: Now or Nuclear?

(July 2024)

Statistics, Lies and War Reporting

(June 2024)

Keffiyeh as Neo-Swastika Fashion Statement

(April 2024)

Gaza, Atlanta and Gen. William T. Sherman

(February 2024)

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Flunks His DEI Statement

(January 2024)

CAIR Unmasked and Journalistic Due Diligence

(December 2023)

Erase the Holocaust, Erase the Jews

(November 2023)

The ‘genocide,’ ‘colonialist’ and ‘racist’ lies

(November 2023)

The War on the Jews, and on Freedom, Resumes

(November 2023)

What’s the Matter With Latin America, and the Media?

(September 2023)

Team Biden Outmaneuvered by China?

(August 2023)

Assad Returns to the Arab League—U.S. Diplomacy Stumbles

(July 2023)

Misunderstanding Lady Liberty: Why We’re Free in America

(June 2023)

What Good Was John Kerry?

(February 2023)

‘Pro-Palestinian’ Means No Such Thing

(January 2023)

The public and private push to track online your every transaction

(January 2023)

Putin Needs a Send-Off Ramp

(October 2022)

Biological realities: Only nature and God ‘assigns’ an infant’s sex at birth

(October 2022)

Israel’s Italian Moment, in a World on Edge

(August 2022)

‘Ethnic Studies’ and Other Lies About Jews and America

(June 2022)

The Long, Disgusting History of the Al-Aqsa Libel

(May 2022)

Russia In Ukraine Undermines Israel Against Iran

(April 2022)

Biden’s Cuban Missile Crisis. But First, Super Bowl Halftime!

(February 2022)

The Year of Four Wars

(January 2022)

Hypocrisy – Climate Change, Black Lives and Indigenous Peoples

(November 2021)

‘Nations don’t let nations go out of existence,’ she said

(October 2021)

Indians are Forever, Guardians not So Much

(August 2021)

Fear of the ‘No Fear’ Rally

(July 2021)

‘All Wars Must End’—With Winners and Losers

(June 2021)

Joe from D.C.—You’re on Sports Talk

(March 2021)

Signs of the Changing Times

(December 2020)

Won’t Get Fooled Again—False Flags and Power Grabs

(November 2020)

“Racist!” Abusing a Word, Destroying a Concept

(August 2020)

Anti-racist slogans for your thoughts

(June 2020)

Putin’s Mythical Russia, Russia’s Real Putin

(June 2020)

Presidential Candidates and the Sacred Cow of ‘Occupation’

(August 2019)

The era of ‘never again’ is ending

(January 2019)

It’s a ‘toxic atmosphere’ for Jews and Israel

(December 2018)

Recognizing New Era of Anti-Zionist Anti-Semitism

(November 2018)

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