James Como


No Matter

(May 2024)

Bunny and the Boys: A Tale of Two Worlds

(February 2024)

Truly: A Story in Three Parts

(May 2023)

Truly: A Story in Three Parts

(April 2023)

Truly: A Story in Three Parts

(March 2023)

The Past Dies Only if You Kill It

(December 2022)

Loosening James’s Screws

(December 2022)

In Absentia: A Brief Note on The Poetry of the Sisters Brontë

(June 2022)

My Yellow Wall

(April 2022)


(February 2022)


(December 2021)

TV or Not TV

(October 2021)

Three Old Books to Read By

(August 2021)

An End to Counting

(May 2021)

Anatomizing our Schizophrenia

(March 2021)

Comes the Dawn

(February 2021)

Letter from My Neighborhood

(January 2021)

Medieval Matters

(December 2020)

Two Very Short Tales

(November 2020)

Books: What to Do?

(October 2020)

A Note on Shakespearean Figures

(September 2020)

Comparing Rhetorical Domains

(August 2020)

Mimi & Magda

(July 2020)

A Jeremiad

(June 2020)

Communion of Saints

(May 2020)

Faraway Places

(April 2020)

Tales of Rulx: The Salon

(March 2020)

Scarlett: A Fairy Tale

(February 2020)

Remembering Don Emilio

(January 2019)

Two Poems

(December 2019)

The Grandfather

(November 2019)

Letter from the Loire Valley

(October 2019)

Days and Work (Part Three)

(September 2019)

Branding: Fascists, ‘Folks,’ and Stalinoids

(August 2019)

Remembering Harry

(July 2019)

Days and Work (Part Two)

(June 2019)


(May 2019)

Letter from Berlin

(April 2019)

On the Eighth Day

(March 2019)

Days and Work (Part One)

(March 2019)

Goodbye World (A Lost Fragment)

(February 2019)

At Sea

(January 2019)

Be Very Afraid, or Not

(December 2018)

Reading and Reduction: Michael Ward’s Planet Narnia

(December 2018)

Puttin’ on the Ritz

(November 2018)

Letter from 50: A Memoir

(October 2018)

Woke Alright

(August 2018)

Tales of Rulx: Didn’t You Know You Would Haunt Men’s Dreams?

(August 2018)

Ritual, anti-Ritual

(July 2018)

Darkness, and Its Dreams

(June 2018)

Raging Bulls

(May 2018)

Letter from Madrid

(April 2018)

Spanish Siren

(March 2018)

Tales of Rulx: Liberty and Death

(February 2018)

Nine-Tenths A Loaf: A Review of Geoffrey Chaucer: a New Introduction

(January 2018)

Tales of Rulx: Enter Reynard

(December 2017)

Some of the People, All of the Time

(November 2017)

Chaucerian Figures: An Overview

(November 2017)

Valedictory: A Review of "Paris in the Present Tense"

(October 2017)

A Look at the Novels of Mark Helprin

(September 2017)

Playing Baseball

(August 2017)

Charlie Faust: Grace’s Version

(July 2017)

A Civil Action

(December 2016)

Sui Generis

(December 2016)

Received Rot

(November 2016)

Ratio non Grata

(October 2016)

Oh, Those Madcap Millennials!

(September 2016)


(August 2016)


(August 2016)


(July 2016)

A Note on Gossip

(June 2016)

Oh, Brother Mine

(May 2016)

An East Harlem Tale

(April 2016)

One Cheer for Ayn

(April 2016)

The Good Thief

(March 2016)

Thornton Wilder: Two Laments

(February 2016)

The Well at San Gimignano

(January 2016)

Pius XII and Received Wisdom

(December 2015)

Vale atque Ave

(November 2015)

Off Key

(October 2015)

Resolved: Science Has Made God Redundant

(October 2015)

Hanging Wallpaper

(September 2015)

Heaven Knows

(August 2015)

The Best Friend

(July 2015)

“The Tongue is Also a Fire”: The Left, Madness, and Manners

(May 2015)

The Mick

(April 2015)

Obama’s Self-Organizing Rhetoric

(March 2015)

Blog Posts

Progressively: A Morphology of Crisis Containment

(March 2023)

The Idle Contrarian: Racial Reparations

(February 2023)

Caveat Beholder

(January 2023)

The Idle Contrarian: Bigotry

(November 2022)

The Idle Contrarian: Tail v. Dog

(October 2022)

The Idle Contrarian: Miss Kitty

(September 2022)

The Idle Contrarian: King Kong

(September 2022)

The Idle Contrarian: Our Town

(September 2022)

The Idle Contrarian: Mantle v. Mays

(September 2022)

The Idle Contrarian

(August 2022)

James Como on Eric Metaxas’ show discussing C. S. Lewis

(June 2022)

James Como Discusses the Life and Work of CS Lewis with Eric Metaxas

(June 2022)

A Book Divided Against Itself

(April 2021)

Happy Birthday ‘Narnia’

(October 2020)


(February 2020)

Table Talk: 1

(December 2019)


(November 2019)

The Red Herring Party

(October 2019)

Always more to say

(August 2019)

Sulzberger’s Selective Perception

(June 2019)

Neo-Stalinism: some thoughts

(March 2019)

Trump’s Talk

(April 2018)

A Perspective on Peru

(January 2018)

The Painless Knee: Some Questions

(September 2017)

Old Paradigm, Oldest War

(June 2017)

Resistance, actually

(May 2017)

Letter from Amsterdam: March 18-21

(March 2017)

Lords and Flies

(January 2017)

Tastes and Opinions

(December 2016)

The Artifact

(December 2016)

A Note on ‘Mainstream’

(December 2016)

Some Questions

(November 2016)

Talking of Toilets

(November 2016)

On “Protesting” the Election of Donald Trump

(November 2016)

The Evil That We Do

(June 2015)

The Talk

(June 2015)

Open Letter From True Liberal to Dennis Prager

(June 2015)

New English Review Press is a priceless cultural institution.
                              — Bruce Bawer

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