Jeff Plude


A Terminal Case of the Word of Faith Disease

(April 2023)

He Gets Us, but the Super Bowl’s Jesus Commercials Don’t Get Him

(March 2023)

The Life of My Brother and the Death of Roe v. Wade

(February 2023)

An Old Watch Tells of Times Past

(January 2023)

Bunyan’s Grace Abounding: A Gritty Memoir from the Spiritual Front Lines

(December 2022)

The Unholy War of ‘Christian Nationalism’

(November 2022)

Reclaiming the Beautiful Name of Karen

(October 2022)

A Touch of Gray: Thoughts on Aging

(September 2022)

Epitaphs of the Vietnam War: A Dead Statesman’s Angry and Deluded Son

(August 2022)

One Man’s War against Technology, Humanity, and Himself

(July 2022)

Of Prisoners and Pilgrims

(June 2022)

A Nighthawk Flies into the Sunset

(May 2022)

Solomon and ‘The Sun Also Rises’

(April 2022)

Apprentices of the Artist of All Artists

(March 2022)

Telling Tales Out of Public School

(February 2022)

The Chosen: And the Word Was Made Film

(January 2022)


(December 2021)

Your Best Life in the Hereafter

(November 2021)

Our Blond Summer Guest

(October 2021)

The Last Time We Saw Paris

(September 2021)

How to Die (Truly) Rich

(August 2021)

Greetings, Earthlings: Strong Delusion in the Skies

(July 2021)

How to Love Your Neighbor and (Almost) Love Your Fence

(June 2021)

Pulling Back from the Jab

(May 2021)

The Patron Saint of Traitors

(April 2021)

Putting On My Special Hat for the Great Reset

(March 2021)

Tolstoy’s Earthbound and Doomed Resurrection

(February 2021)

The Pleasures and Perils of Felling a Large Tree Limb

(January 2021)

‘Nuts!’ to the Nazis: The Ghosts of Christmas and of War

(December 2020)

The Miracle of the Mayflower: Celebrating 400 Years of National and Family Roots

(November 2020)

The Man in the Cloth Mask: Tales and Reflections

(October 2020)

A Midsummer Manhunt in the Mountains: A Reluctant Remembrance

(September 2020)

Choreboy: The Wonderland of Work

(August 2020)

Red, Gray, and Blue

(July 2020)

Brother, Can You Spare a Roll?

(June 2020)

Good Night, Sweet Prince

(May 2020)

For Tomorrow We Die

(April 2020)

The Maverick of Mid-Century Madison Avenue

(March 2020)

Libraries That Don’t Respect Books

(February 2020)

Cuisine for the New Inquisition

(January 2019)

Not Always Man’s Best Friend

(December 2019)

The Strange Adventure of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and My Aunt Pauline

(November 2019)

One Thing You Can’t Hide

(October 2019)

Surviving the Journalism Bug

(September 2019)

Trippin’ with Tim

(August 2019)

From the Magical Land of Egelloc to the First Man on the Moon

(July 2019)

The Strains of a Nation

(June 2019)

If TV’s So Good For You

(May 2019)


(April 2019)

O Words, Where Are Thy Sting?

(April 2019)

Left Field

(March 2019)

The Battling, Baffling Watergate Editor

(March 2019)

Pluck’s Spell #18

(February 2019)

The Perfect Story of the Perfect Father

(February 2019)

Sink and Swim

(January 2019)

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