Jillian Becker


The Rich Man Who Knew Three Heavens

(October 2023)

The Big Bang of Basilides

(September 2023)

The Father of Heresy

(August 2023)

Thus, More or Less, Spake Zarathustra

(July 2023)

Heaven and Hell

(June 2023)


(May 2023)

Rain and the Wine-Dark Sea

(April 2023)


(March 2023)

Slavoj Zizek: Spokesman of Our Ruin

(November 2022)

The Serowe Incident: A True Story of the British Empire

(October 2022)

Germany’s Faustian Pact

(September 2022)

Faust in History and Legend

(August 2022)

The Fiddler and His Proof: A glance at Karl Marx, poet and prophet

(July 2022)

Hell’s Bells and Buckets of Blood: In Memoriam Hermann Nitsch

(June 2022)

Adolf Eichmann, Hannah Arendt, and the Romanticizing of Evil

(May 2022)

Tin Chairs, Part Two

(April 2022)

Tin Chairs, Part One

(March 2022)

Shutting Out the Past

(February 2022)

No Ordinary Woman – Thelma Gutsche: a fond memoir

(January 2022)

An Event in Apartheid South Africa

(November 2021)

Ancestral Voices Prophesying War

(October 2021)

A Eulogy for Yehudi Menuhin and Our Lost Culture

(September 2021)

Trotsky’s Flocks

(August 2021)

Thatcher’s Thinkers: Anecdotes of a Bit-Player

(July 2021)

Letter to a Dead Writer: Laurens van der Post

(June 2021)

Rebecca West and the Flowers of Evil

(May 2021)

Lewis Wolpert: In Appreciation

(March 2021)

Francis Brett Young: An Appreciation and a Reminiscence

(February 2021)

Antony Flew: Philosopher of Atheism

(January 2021)

Taken for a Ride with Doris Lessing

(December 2020)

Recollections and a Relic of Sylvia Plath

(November 2020)

Lionel Abrahams: A Voice For This Season

(October 2020)

The Art of Nadine Gordimer

(September 2020)

Nadine Gordimer: So Soon Forgotten

(August 2020)

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