Kenneth Francis


The Moon and New York City

(June 2024)

Is That all There Is?

(May 2024)

The Parable of the Sad Man

(April 2024)

God and Quantum Theory

(March 2024)

Dark Music Tones and Voodoo Beats

(February 2024)

Demons from the Id

(January 2024)

Apparitions and Weeping Statues

(December 2023)

Cool Christians

(November 2023)

Some Bible Questions Answered

(October 2023)

Finding it “Easy to be Hard”

(September 2023)

Understanding Logos

(August 2023)

Dreams Remain a Mystery

(July 2023)

The Spectre of a Smirking Demon

(June 2023)

Today’s Hostility Toward Christians

(May 2023)

Have We Reached Rock-Bottom?

(April 2023)

God Sees Objective Truth, But Waits

(March 2023)

Perception, Perfection and Aesthetics

(February 2023)

When AI is No Laughing Matter

(January 2023)

Men Entering Those Wrinkly Years

(December 2022)

Music Inspired by Remarks, Nature, and God

(November 2022)

Atlas Shrugs … Again

(October 2022)

Can Sewer Pipes Have Minds?

(September 2022)

Interesting Concept

(August 2022)

Idolatry and Sin in Love Songs

(July 2022)

Cars from Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and Limbo

(June 2022)

Buñuel, Theology, and Surrealism

(May 2022)

The Confusion of Buridan’s Ass

(April 2022)

The Mind is Not the Brain

(March 2022)

Is Prose Edgier in a Colder Climate?

(February 2022)

Imitations of Life and Art

(January 2022)

Ever Since Derrida

(December 2021)

Anguish and Remorse

(November 2021)

God, Love, and Synchronicity

(October 2021)

The Dark Side of the Good Life

(September 2021)

When Dogs Prick-up Their Ears

(August 2021)

Beauty and the Curse of Relentless Efficiency

(July 2021)

An Unusual Visit at an Irish Graveyard

(June 2021)

A Difficult Bible Passage That’s Relevant Today

(April 2021)

Agnosticism, Appearance, and Reality

(March 2021)

Remembering the Movie ‘The Misfits’

(February 2021)

Do Spiders Dream of Arachnology Professors?

(January 2021)

Will Small Business Inherit the Wind?

(December 2020)

Digging Holes (In the Alabama Rain)

(November 2020)

How to Become Miserable

(November 2020)

Things We Say But Don’t Mean

(October 2020)

Answer to Pilate

(September 2020)

Rosemary’s Baby Continues to Haunt

(August 2020)

My Top 10 Movie Dialogue Scenes

(July 2020)

My Top 10 Prose, Verse, and Quote

(June 2020)

Remembering ‘Bites Yer Legs’ Norman

(May 2020)

Weaponized Words

(April 2020)

The Dark Side of TV

(March 2020)

Hyperbole and Anti-Woke Lyrics

(February 2020)

The Theology of Edgar Allan Poe

(January 2019)

Lost and Found: Rediscovering Christian Truth

(December 2019)

Looking Older in the Past

(November 2019)

The Allure of Politics

(October 2019)

The Scourge of Buzzwords

(September 2019)

From Jaws to Gums

(August 2019)

Bible Champs of the Ring

(July 2019)

Let’s Eat Grandma!: The Vicissitudes of Grammar

(June 2019)

The Beatles and the Dark Side of the Road

(May 2019)

Is Solipsism the Weirdest Idea Ever?

(April 2019)

Skewed Projection in a Broken Mirror

(March 2019)

Toxic Feminism Trumps Toxic Masculinity

(February 2019)

Does Heaven Exist?

(January 2019)

Book review: Give Us Back the Bad Roads

(December 2018)

When Strangers Talk

(November 2018)

Into Huxley’s Brave New World

(November 2018)

Growl: Another Parody

(October 2018)

Does Hell Exist?

(October 2018)

Cicero Was Right

(September 2018)

In Praise of Biblical Language

(September 2018)

Having Our Retinas Scoured with Brillo

(August 2018)

Two Poems

(August 2018)

Mr Monro

(July 2018)

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: When Humans Have Forgotten God

(July 2018)

Evening Showers

(June 2018)

The Curse of the Genetic Fallacy and Bad Theology

(June 2018)

Gas-Station Sushi at the Gates of Hell

(May 2018)

If Dogs Have a Heaven

(May 2018)

The Resurrection Does Not Have Any Signs of Being an Invented Story

(April 2018)

Heart of Darkness Over the Emerald Isle

(March 2018)

Boredom Eats the Soul

(February 2018)

That Odd Diversity of Misery and Joy

(January 2018)

Book Review: Do We Need God to be Good?

(December 2017)

Hark the Herald Angels Sing. But do They Exist?

(December 2017)

On the Road in Search of Reagan’s America

(November 2017)

Explaining Epiphenomenalism to a Dead Horse

(October 2017)

Genesis, a Cup of Tea, and the End of the World

(September 2017)

Is Berkeley’s Universe a Spiritual Hologram?

(August 2017)

The Left Stifles Entrepreneurs and Small Business

(July 2017)

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