Mark Anthony Signorelli


Where Things Stand

(February 2015)

The Last Days of My Father

(February 2014)

The Continuing Tyranny of Modernism

(September 2013)

A Fearful Symmetry

(March 2013)

On a Wounded Fawn Appearing in my Yard

(September 2012)

The Tyranny of Artistic Modernism

(August 2012)

Eliot the Adversary

(July 2012)

Thoughts on American Exceptionality

(January 2012)

God and King in Sumeria

(December 2011)

The Voyage of Diego Mendez

(October 2011)

Awaiting the Fall: A Few Thoughts on Mark Steyn’s After America

(September 2011)

Aping Mankind

(September 2011)

Benevolence, Mother of Destitution: A Review of David Stove’s What’s Wrong with Benevolence

(July 2011)

Darwin as an Ethical Theorist

(May 2011)

The Lord Shall Have Them In Derision

(January 2011)

The Rule of Art

(December 2010)

The Testament

(November 2010)

The Trial of Veronese

(October 2010)

The Good Letters: The Decline of Literary Education and its Consequences

(September 2010)

Elites, Real and Otherwise

(August 2010)

The House of Values: Language and the Human Person

(July 2010)

The Dream of Abbie Burgess

(August 2010)

Anchises Holds the Babe Aeneas

(June 2010)

On the Sarcophagi

(June 2010)

A Sumerian Legend

(May 2010)

Triumph of Maya: The Rhetoric of Darwinism

(May 2010)

The Victory at Quito

(April 2010)

One Night in Copenhagen

(April 2010)

Taking Memes Seriously

(March 2010)

Elegy, for the Poet’s Father, Dr. Anthony Signorelli

(February 2010)

The Wager of Immortality

(February 2010)

The Tasteful Ape: Darwinism and the Arts

(October 2009)

New English Review Press is a priceless cultural institution.
                              — Bruce Bawer


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