Mary Jackson


When Time Met Inclination

(August 2012)

When is a cliché not a cliché?

(April 2012)

Who Do You Like the Best of Us?

(December 2011)

Why? What do you mean, why?

(November 2011)

Grave Matters

(August 2011)

Never Judge a Book by its Home Page

(July 2011)

O’Bamagh’s Irish Stew

(June 2011)

HRH Haram

(May 2011)

Why Can’t a Woman be More Like a Man?

(March 2011)

One of Those Things

(January 2011)

Call Me Murgatroyd

(December 2010)

Elvish, Schmelvish

(November 2010)


(October 2010)

Want Not, Waste Not

(September 2010)

Penny For Our Thoughts?

(September 2010)

Western Handmaids of Allah

(July 2010)

Dignity or Sati? Death as a Lifestyle Choice

(June 2010)

Highbrow and Lowbrow

(May 2010)

Eating Our Words

(April 2010)

In Praise of Pointlessness

(March 2010)

Twelfth Night Blues – And Greens

(January 2010)

Roman in the Gloamin’ – Polanski’s Murky Friends

(December 2009)

Keep Your Hair On, Geert

(November 2009)

Thrill by Mouth

(October 2009)

The Black Album

(September 2009)


(August 2009)

Stranger Danger – Is Every Man a Suspect?

(August 2009)

England People Far Too Nice

(July 2009)

Islamic Reform: Holy Grail or Poisoned Chalice (Part II)

(May 2009)

No Sisterhood in Islam

(March 2009)


(March 2009)

Islamic Reform: Holy Grail or Poisoned Chalice? (Part I)

(February 2009)

Sex on the Beach – is Western Decadence a Molotov Cocktail?

(January 2009)

Three-Cornered Cliché

(December 2008)

Boxing Clever

(November 2008)

To The Victim, The Spoils

(November 2008)

The Long and Short of It

(October 2008)

Sharia in Britain: a Failure of Judgement

(September 2008)

Art with a Capital F

(August 2008)

Crying All the Way to the Bank

(August 2008)


(July 2008)

No-Go Areas? Just Go There!

(July 2008)

The Seventy-Two Virgin Question

(June 2008)


(May 2008)

Depression is Not a Feminist Issue

(April 2008)

An Un-Islamic Tax Loophole

(April 2008)

Antidisestablishmentarianists Against Islam

(March 2008)

Exit, Pursued by a Man in Bear Costume

(February 2008)

Jihad Made in Britain

(January 2008)

The Islamist

(December 2007)

Minimum Headroom

(November 2007)


(October 2007)

Partners in Crime

(September 2007)

The Pedants’ Revolt

(August 2007)

Have you enjoyed these articles?

(July 2007)

Islam – The Path of Least Resistance

(June 2007)

Don’t mention the Muslims

(May 2007)

Signs of the times

(April 2007)

Islam is boring

(March 2007)

Speak your mind – a test (continued from a blog posting)

(February 2007)

Dozy bints – Western handmaids of Allah

(February 2007)

Sweet Foucault: nontrivial neotextuality as postmodern meta-mytheme

(January 2007)

Volapük – Esperanto for losers

(December 2006)

Ruritania – a happy land

(November 2006)

Rape – a hopeless case?

(October 2006)

Burkha or bikini?

(September 2006)


(July 2006)

Rule Britannia (continued from blog posting)

(July 2006)


(June 2006)

There was a young girl from Uttoxeter…

(March 2008)


(June 2007)

New English Review Press is a priceless cultural institution.
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