Robert Gear


On Rotting Hill

(June 2022)

Up Your Snout

(April 2022)

A New Old Game

(April 2022)

The Return to Fresh Hell

(March 2022)

What Fresh Hell?

(February 2022)

Fear of Ferrets

(January 2022)

Sherlock Holmes and the Red-Headed League Redux

(November 2021)

The Strange Ride of Gunga B. Dass

(October 2021)

Reflections on Events at Manor Farm

(September 2021)

King Henry and His Wife, Andy

(August 2021)

Is Lizardmancide Ever Justified?

(July 2021)

Malarkey Presents the Golden Grovels

(June 2021)

The True Story of Two Pigs and a Rooster

(April 2021)

Report from Colonized Planet Delta Four, Part 2

(March 2021)

Report from Colonized Planet Delta Four, Part 1:

(February 2021)

Tombstone Blues

(January 2021)

Reflections on The Museum of Permanent Revolutionary Consciousness

(December 2020)

Pip Van Winkle Does Not Dream

(October 2020)

Utterly Corrupted or Incurably Dense

(August 2020)

A Very Holy Blissful Martyr

(July 2020)

Walking Shadows

(June 2020)

Freight Train Blues

(April 2020)

Desert Island Triggers

(February 2020)

There’s Magic in the Air

(November 2019)

Inoculate Against Rhinogradentia

(October 2019)

Another Nice Mess: Synchronized Turkey-Vulture Projectile-Vomit

(August 2019)

Rock Around the Clock: Dance Mania of the Left

(June 2019)

A Colorful Plastic Blow-up Parrot is Not a Pencil Sharpener

(April 2019)

The Meeting

(March 2019)

Some Devilry

(February 2019)

Available Illusions

(January 2019)

Chicken Pieces

(December 2018)

Stuffed Polecat, Turkey Stuffed

(November 2018)

The Return of Marx

(October 2018)

Shut Up! They Explained

(September 2018)

Books that Make Us Stupid(er)

(April 2018)

Mostly Rubbish

(March 2018)

Sticky Labels

(February 2018)

Pesky Pests

(January 2018)

Shrewd-eyed Dwarf

(December 2017)

Flat Denial

(November 2017)

Gramsci’s Tentacles

(October 2017)

Bears Chasing Sheep

(September 2017)

Beware the Mummy

(August 2017)

Letter to America

(July 2017)
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