Guido Mina di Sospiro


How the Left Has Reinvented and Adapted Marxism in the USA

(May 2024)

Commissioning Art in 2023

(January 2024)

More Bizarre Rewriting of History (and a Real, yet Much Maligned, Heroine— La Malinche)

(January 2024)

That Curious Yearning for Rewriting History

(June 2023)

Of Painters, Impostors, and an Artistic New Wave from Latin America

(April 2023)

Why Do the Masses Crowd the Major (But Only the Major) Art Museums of the World?

(December 2022)

A First Time

(March 2022)

Climate Change: Are You A Believer?

(December 2021)

Cortés vs. the Anthropophagi: Two Trilogies about the Conquest of Mexico and the Coming into Being of The Modern World

(April 2021)

Non Omnis Moriar: A Meditation on Writing

(November 2020)

Henry Miller and his “Clams”

(October 2020)

On the Whims of John Cage and on Spaghetti Boiled on Stage

(September 2020)

From a Veteran of the Years of Lead: Adrenaline Junkies

(July 2020)

How the Most Musical Century in the History of Western Civilization Came About

(August 2020)

Breaking Bad During a Time of Global Memento Mori

(June 2020)

Dissipatio H.G. in the Time of the Virus

(May 2020)

An Esoteric Take on The Big Lebowski

(April 2020)

Reflections on Initiation

(February 2020)

A Story-Telling Decalogue

(January 2019)

The Decline and Fall of "Literary Fiction"

(October 2019)

Piped Music in Public Places: Pollution Unchecked

(September 2019)

Reminiscences from the Music Scene in LA in the Early Eighties

(August 2019)


(July 2019)

Children and the Great Blur

(May 2019)

Slightly Subversive or Just Odd Books Vying for Attention on My Nightstand

(April 2019)

Fond Memories of ‘Repressive Tolerance,’ as Marcuse Called It

(March 2019)

A Colloquy with COUN-HA-CHEE of the Miccosukee Tribe

(February 2019)

Western Culture, 2000 AD (or is it CE?)

(January 2019)

In Risu Veritas: Ten of the Funniest Movies Ever + Three Just As Funny Foreign Ones

(December 2018)

Coniunctio Oppositorum in Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto

(November 2018)

Two Takes on New Age

(October 2018)

A Vademecum Against Modernity

(September 2018)

Tikal, or On the Soundness of Ancient Mores

(August 2018)

Spain’s “Moor-slaying” Ethos

(June 2018)

Evolution Upside-Down

(March 2018)

Wonder at Renwick Gallery

(February 2018)

Of Cannibals, Inquisitors, Mainstream Militants & Escape Artists:

(January 2018)

New English Review Press is a priceless cultural institution.
                              — Bruce Bawer

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