Walid Phares

Blog Posts

Al-Zawahri’s End Reminds: Killers of Americans Will Meet with Justice

(August 2022)

The neo-Taliban and the super-jihadi state

(September 2021)

Why was Mueller investigating me as well? Walid Phares with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

(June 2020)

John Solomon interviews Walid Phares on Russia Probe

(June 2020)

The Corona Virus War: The Genesis

(May 2020)

Phares’ Plan for Northern Syria Conflict Resolution

(January 2019)

US, Europe Must Convince Each Other To Pursue The Right Goals In Iran

(April 2018)

Walid Phares on the ‘Cross in Fire’ Exhibit at the Hungarian Embassy in Washington DC

(April 2018)

Why U.S. policy toward Iran must focus on strategy

(January 2018)

Trump Administration Backing “Local Security” in Liberated Raqqa is a Good Choice

(November 2017)

President Trump should support Iranians opposing their brutal government

(October 2017)

Kurdistan referendum is legitimate

(July 2017)

Do not remove US sanctions on Khartoum before real change in Sudan

(July 2017)

Trump’s criticism of The Washington Post is warranted

(June 2017)

World Over – 2017-03-30– Terrorism and the West, Walid Phares with Raymond Arroyo

(April 2017)

Phares: How to create safe havens for the returning refugees?

(March 2017)

Hysteria on air: USA Today and CNN go full “James Bond” mode

(March 2017)

Phares to Judge Jeanine: "Trump’s executive order is about geopolitics not religion"

(January 2017)

Phares: "UN attention needs to focus on global Mideast crises not just one"

(December 2016)

I Never Heard About Darfur, Yazidis or Iranian Women on Broadway

(November 2016)

ELAPH interviews Phares about his visit to Egypt

(September 2016)

The Atlantic spreads unfounded fears about Trump-Mexico future relations

(September 2016)

Trump lays out a new vision for American foreign policy leadership

(April 2016)

Taliban Are Not Terrorists, or So Says the White House

(April 2016)

Ayatollahs Aquire EU Inc?

(April 2016)

There is an attempt to crumble US-Saudi relations on behalf of the Iranian regime

(April 2016)

New English Review Press is a priceless cultural institution.
                              — Bruce Bawer


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