Ayaan Hirsi Al On CNN Quietly Undermines Taqiyya-And-Tu-Quoque

Watch, as Maajid Nawaz, manages, in his very first words on CNN last night, to call for “solidarity” by which he means “solidarity” of non-Muslims with Muslims, in this time of their — the Muslims’ — vulnerability, and possible subjection to suspicion or hatred or attacks. And then, in his pro-forma condemnation of the attack, he quickly mentions that this must be condemned just as “islamophobia” must be condemned. They are the same thing, you see — relentless dislike of Islam (based on “unreasoning prejudice” or based on knowledge of Qur’an, Sunnah, the history of Islamic conquest, and the observable behavior of very large numbers of Muslims all over the world?) and the mass-murder of journalists.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose appearance on the show must have dismayed Maajid Nawaz (she, and the other truth-telling apostates, are the ones Maajid Nawaz fears to appear with the most, though from time to time it has been for him unavoidable he tries now to keep such things to a minimum), was at an altogether different and deeper level. It was not enough to condemn — who won’t? who can’t? who can’t and won’t? — the Charlie-Hebdo murders, and quite another to see that it is Islam itself, its immutable texts, that give people license, or even command them, to kill those who mock Muhammad. It is Islam itself that is at fault, not crazed “extremists” who, for the well-pain maajid-nawazes of this world (the Quilliam Foundation refuses to release its finances, and how much the addled British government gives it to keep Maajid Nawaz doing what some see as his useful work, when he is merely a more plausible form of the no-longer-plausible Tariq Ramadan, a “reformer” who, in always trying to insinuate his Tu-Quoque (there are the murders in Paris, and there is, just as bad, “islamophobia” and “racism” toward Muslims) and Taqiyya (Islamic texts — the Qur’an and Hadith and Sira — need not be looked at too closely, and don’t try to quote verses or ahadith in public, because that’s not the point). It was instructive. I knew that the Quilliam boys had found good government jobs, as professional “reformers” and outrach-con-artists, but I hadn’t realized how smoothly deceptiive Maajid Nawaz turns out to be. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for viewers, Ayaan Hirsi Ali was there and her words, her presence, were enough to show or blow him up.


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