Azerbaijani filmmaker: Rape all women dressed inappropriately


From JAM News, of Georgia and across the Caucasus. Photograph from Russian newspaper Vesti I think it is a still from one of his films. 

Film director Tural Safarov, known in Azerbaijan under the pseudonym ‘Pantural’, addressed users on social media and called them to “rape women in revealing clothes”. “I urge everyone to rape those who dress revealingly … wherever you meet them”, film director Tural Safarov posted on his social media.

Vesti news source added 

It should be noted that Pantural stated in its video that women who dress openly cause men to get excited. “You’re causing discomfort. Consciousness is given to us to overcome our desires. Therefore, you can safely walk along the streets. We don’t hit you in the head or hit you, although it’s worth doing.”

Several prominent Azerbaijani figures as some social media users supported his call. Safarov’s controversial appeal did not go unnoticed by law enforcement agencies either.

This call sparked a wave of controversy on social media in Azerbaijan. The majority of users condemned the director’s appeal, however, some supported his calls, including the popular singer Nadir Gafarzade. He even called for a “moral jihad” against women in revealing outfits.

One of those who support Pantural’s opinion wrote: “Let’s see what will happen in 4-5 years. Walked around the city yesterday. Saw girls aged 11-13, their shoulders and belly are not covered. They walk as if nothing had happened. And when they turn 18, they will join the feminists with a child in their arms”.

Almost immediately, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reacted to the unrest on social media and it has been announced that the police would investigate Pantural’s statements.

While the editorial staff of JAMnews was preparing this material, another video message of “Pantural” was circulated on social media, in which he apologizes to the public. 

In an interview with JAMnews, gender activist Gulnara Mehdiyeva shared her thoughts on the filmmaker’s call:

“I consider such statements to be quite dangerous for the Azerbaijani society because they normalize violence and sexual harassment so the culture of violence becomes common. This is also supported by traditional culture. . . What serves a culture of violence? Blaming the victim herself, portraying a woman as a sexual object, etc. Pantural did exactly that”.

Gulnara Mehdiyeva notes that the filmmaker openly called for sexual harassment and rape. “This should be considered a crime.

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  1. Please, let’s be reasonable. Why not simply require all men and lesbian women (biological and trans) to be blindfolded while in all public places? Further, psycho-physical testing of the cohort noted above should be imposed to detect lustful thinking and to preempt lust-driven action against objects of the lustful thinking and thinkers.

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