Birmingham:Men arrested as police raid unregistered school over female genital mutilation fears

From the Birmingham Mail and the Daily Mail

Three men have been arrested on suspicion of being involved in female genital mutilation (FGM) offences after police were called to an unregistered school in the city. Ofsted inspectors were investigating reports of an unregistered school when they alerted the police about possible illegal practices.  Ofsted inspectors found a locked room with a bed and medical equipment at the unregistered school.

The unregistered school has not been identified, but is understood to be a religious institution that was claiming to be a fee-paying, independent premises.

West Midlands Police officers attended the address – which has not been disclosed – just before 11.40am on Tuesday (May 10). Two men aged 32 and 61 were arrested on suspicion of being involved in FGM and have been bailed. A third man was also arrested and bailed. The force stress that they are working to establish if any offences have been committed. One of those arrested is said to be from east London, sparking concerns of FGM being carried out further afield. (almost certainly)

A West Midlands Police spokesman told MailOnline: ‘… We understand the concern this will cause within the community but it’s important to stress we’re still working to establish whether any offences have occurred. Our investigation along with partner agencies is continuing.’

MailOnline has contacted Ofsted for further information.

London has the highest prevalence rate in England and Wales, with an estimated 2.1% of women affected by FGM, (a) 2015 study found. Outside the capital, the highest estimates were for Manchester, Slough, Bristol, Leicester and Birmingham.