Date: 02/12/2021
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Wasting Man

by Friedrich Hansen

Many people have been waiting for this to happen: a reversal of the tide of the sexual revolution in the West. This is particularly true within conservative or Christian communities. Now last week they were rewarded for their patience with the “Nashville Statement” in which Evangelicals are embracing biological parenthood, committed fatherhood, exclusive heterosexual marriage and most importantly the traditional family.( Then we learned that Orthodox Jewry in the US would love to receive a call by President Donald Trump. ( Only Israel of all places begged to differ by imposing a much belated “gay pride day” on the Holy Land. Subsequently Australia’s national TV station killed ads for Father’s Day which for many years had been broadcast unhampered. Australia is the last Western province yet to regulate “same-sex marriage” which is the subject of a pending referendum there. But it was like dropping a bomb when the second most favored Tory candidate to be the next UK Prime Minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg, positioned himself by opposing abortion and “gay marriage” regardless of circumstances.

Gay cultural Protestantism, Georg Friedrich W. Hegel 1770-1834

Gender ideology insists: there are no natural differences between the sexes, all of these are mere artificial fabrications. Notwithstanding this slap in the face of common sense, the argument is transparently instrumentalist and self-serving, for activist want to radically change sex relations at all costs. Yet even cultural gender differences are part and parcel of deeply ingrained Western institutions, such as marriage, names and family genealogy, and resist change. Just as an example: the passing on of family names exclusively by males was introduced by Judaism. It did make a lot of sense by answering to male craving for recognition. The wanton manipulation of Christian values in particular has its philosophical roots in Hegel, the most important Protestant philosopher, who postulated an “absolute world spirit.” The term idealistic says it all, for his concepts are just ideas, created out of thin air. The irony is though, that Karl Marx, who famously turned Hegel from his head to the feet, belatedly suffered the same treatment on the hand of liberals who dropped him together with the old proletariat for Hegel.

Now in his extravagant idealism Hegel aimed at spiritual freedom but ended with the opposite, in fact reversing Catholic intellectual enquiry (“the truth will make you free”) into Protestant “posturing as if,” presented as self-referential truism (“freedom will make you truthful”). This became known as the modern paradigm of fictional reality, replacing the previous paradigm of monotheist faith which had governed the Occident since late antiquity. Hegel succeeded with his speculative spirituality by uprooting the human mind from its bedrock in tradition, custom and memory and shifting it over to fantasy and voluntarism. He promised everyone: “you can be whatever you want to be.” From there Arthur Schopenhauer took over and radicalized this concept with his “triumph of the will.” Nietzsche so desperately struggled with this concept that would drive him mad eventually.

At the centre of Hegelian philosophy is the Hellenist relationship between master and slave and as a consequence of that, delicate issues of public recognition – topics which assumed prominence in gender identity politics more recently. For they would determine gay relationships between the dominant penetrator and the dominated or penetrated “fag”. Research has shown that if someone is being objectified, “the objectifier views the objectified person as less than a person, without an individual mind and undeserving of moral treatment”. Put in its historical context this amounts to visualizing the Christian proxy sacrifice, replacing Jewish self-sacrifice. Outsourcing “identity” in gender groups after all is only a cover for inward slavery of gay men. This extravagance of secularized proxy sacrifices afforded the practicing sadomasochist Michel Foucault the moniker “Fucking Saint”.


If we study Foucault properly both sides of the claim “consenting adults” turn out to be false for neither are gays mature adults nor can there be any “consenting” oneself into serfdom in the form of sadomasochism. The link towards abortion is obvious: mass abortion eradicates adulthood too and diminishes adult responsibility, meaning possible maturation of the person through parenthood. The existential paradox of modernity comes down to a reversal of emancipation into infantilization. Pedophilia truly is an unintended consequence of abortion which depreciates childhood and makes children a rare species allowing adults to fill the void. Many millions of abortions in the West are throwing the natural expectations of young men, ever to become fathers, into oblivion, actually wasting manliness. For the common man this ruins any hope for a meaningful life, i.e. founding a family and being a committed husband and father. The male retreat from marriage is mirrored by the plunge of male work participation which is lower than during the Great Depression in the 1930s. In the last fifty years male unemployment in the US has increased to the second highest level in the OECD, only ahead of Italy with 36 % of the population, according to Nicholas Eberstadt.

Instead the absurd “consent” between sodomizing adolescents who agree to enslave each other, reverses the ethics of three millennia of human civilization, based on the biblical covenant at Sinai. It opened the prospect for humanity to rid itself of slavery by promising everyone individual personhood and a complementary spouse. This created the permanent institutional link between monotheism and monogamy. Today the heterosexual arrangement of marriage and family is being entirely ruined by the gender ideology and the key is impersonal stereotyping as it appears in the letter soup of LGBTIQ+. By lacking genuine originality sexual identity types do not qualify for marriage. In gay relationships the person has to be de-humanized before its individuality can be “sacrificed” by forcing the other into submission. The Christian, Muslim and Jew by contrast sacrifice their own will, their ego, and the narrow instincts attached to it, in order to acquire piety and love of family and community. With gays however what is being sacrificed is human dignity, in particular of the passive homosexual. He bears the brunt of the suffering emanating from the asymmetric psychopathology of sodomy. It was the eminent scholar Rene Girard, who taught us, that without stereotyping there is no scapegoating nor sacrificing by proxy. (

Dominant gays have to acquire group identity in order to harness the energy required for abusing young and submissive adolescents. The same is true for all the other stereotypes contained in meanwhile fifty gender identities. The same sex transgression borders on the criminal in the sense  of “Defining Deviancy Down”, a term coined by Daniel Patrick Moynihan (in: “American educator”, 1993/94). Things are getting much worse, since gays around the globe have started to “normalize” sodomy, blow jobs and other abominations with millions of 5-6 year olds in primary school and Kindergarten, actually stirring up animal instincts with an obvious self-interest.

It was again Patrick Moynihan who established that family break-down alone determines crime rather than race and poverty. In 1992 Moynihan was a Democrat, yet he speaks of a “cultural war” concerning how much deviancy society “can afford to recognize.” The new toleration of sodomy is a case in point. It has even become highly fashionable with heterosexuals, removing the barriers of protection against dangerous bowel pathogens and constantly appealing to the lowest common denominator of mankind. As a result of this we are seeing a surge of pornography and rape.

History taught us that in the Renaissance sexual license got so much out of hand, that in 1533 England had to introduce the death penalty for sodomy - only a decade after Luther set off with the Reformation. In the same vein Iran seems to be cornered by the West not for the official reason, i.e. her nuclear ambition, but far more likely because the Mullahs have introduced the death penalty for sodomy again. However in the wake of the AIDS epidemic, the West choose “dilution of guilt” previously employed only for death squads, where many shots were delivered to kill the perpetrator in order to reduce the risk of revenge acts.

The same logic lies behind the initial spread of gender promiscuity where no one could tell who first raped or spread STIs. Just like Spinozan pantheism, horizontal “gendering” spreads individual guilt centrifugally just like “shared guilt is lesser guilt.” This I take to be the profaned gender “gospel”, which by the same token delivers the apologetics for group tyranny- a vicious circle. Again the philosophy often referred to in this context is Schopenhauer’s “world as will and imagination” as opposed to memory, law and tradition. This is what inspired Oscar Wilde as much as Sigmund Freud. Both would apply it to issues of sex and projected it beyond the family, turning love into power relations. A telling example of the excessive evil created by the switch from loving kindness to crude power relations is Wilde’s novel “The Picture of Dorian Grey” - to my knowledge unsurpassed in its unapologetically evil main character.

Meanwhile we have got so far, thanks to ever compliant medical charlatans to enter a century of purely “Hegelian-Schopenhauerian medicine.” Yet “plastic surgery” on the sexual organs euphemized as “sexual reassignment” does not change the human mind one bit. As a GP I had to look after a transsexual in the 1980s, operated in Casablanca at the time, who deeply regretted the nightmare of living as a female. The education industry is also under the spell of bunglers, heading toward the metaphysical Hegelian road and we are now witnessing stories of sexual “transitioning” with six year olds in school. It is worth noting that it is almost always manliness which is being de- selected and the female sex that is being chosen.

Transitioning Lactatia

Manliness proper is meant to become dissolved in a host of effeminate roles making it almost redundant. This can be gathered from the transitioning of a boy into “Lactatia” (sic!). (

This stereotyping of gender identities creates tribal loyalties which are about to return Western societies from monotheist guilt-and-repentance into shame-and-revenge cultures of old.  These group identities reflect a retreat from individual personhood and responsibility, replacing it with demagogic attitudes of “hate, blame and shame” in effect hiding the self under the carapace of gender. Gender is about aggregating crowd identities based on sex in order to gain political clout, dilute guilt and commence scapegoating others. By this promiscuity gets yet another meaning: it provides the glue for emerging mafia-like gender clans. For this purpose gays are constantly de- individualized. To put it frankly: their “coming out” is a betrayal of their parents, who raised them, for the benefit of mere pressure groups. It is for this reason that the gender revolution takes on the same dynamics as previous nasty mass movements, displays of tyranny and intolerance – now called political correctness - i.e. everything we used to abhor in fascism and communism. Perhaps the best analysis of the liberal tyranny has been published by the Catholic thinker James Kalb (“The Tyranny of Liberalism”, 2008).

Gender typologies are thriving on a second Renaissance of Hellenism returning Greek stereotypes to the West. As in antiquity these stereotypes are just the other side of the coin called promiscuity for you have to shed your true individuality in order to make your flesh available for everyone. It has been proven in many studies that “gay marriage” is a farce because it does not reduce gay promiscuity at all. Yet homosexual men in Greece had been a remnant of archaic matriarchy and its dismal anomic structure. This together with slavery is behind the tragedy of Hellenic polytheism with its multitude of rivaling city states which never managed to rise to one divine centre or to unify alongside of political equality. Only Plato came close to this in his philosophy. It was left to the Russian emigre to the West, Alexander Herzen, to remind the world that Athens was an exploitative slaveholder society.

In the context of modern consumerism sodomy is just the most insidious of addictions, turning  gays into less responsible individuals and less in command of their destiny than the rest of us. Gays tend to become slaves of their ephemeral bodily needs because sodomy can never satisfy the sublime longings of human love. It is lowering and centrifugal and only satisfies the craving for dominance and power. Sodomy has nothing to do with proper sex, which is unique, complementary, truly personal and naturally tied to reproduction. Heterosexual love is centripetal and flourishes in families. Through love of our biological and spiritual offspring hetero-sex carries the promise of the immortality of our soul. Sodomy instead begets physical dependency, as Oscar Wilde was honest enough to confess in his “de profundis,” written in jail, were he admitted “to be a slave of his young lover.”

Gays just like drug-addicts resemble self-consuming machines and therefore offer no future, just as the homosexually infested Athenian polis perished. This points to the subjective side of these totalitarian concepts which rely on reductionist categories. The slave-owning Athenians just had a notorious bad conscience and therefore good reasons for hiding their selves behind typologies which became familiar to us through the Greek tragedies of Euripides and Sophocles. Ancient Greeks were indifferent to personal compassion and empathy precisely because shame culture does not allow to bow down to the weak. Just as Jerusalem’s monotheist guilt culture created humility and a penchant for learning from mistakes, Greek shame culture was built on resistance to change, pride and endless cycles of revenge. It took a Socrates to realize this shortcoming and he paid for it with his life. Gender freaks resemble the short-lived Athenian hedonists, far from being enlightened personalities in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Typical for shame cultures, Athens depended on heteronomy, the clout of the group, lacking a firm inner moral compass. Equally gender people are dependent on crowds and seem to feel most in their own, just like SA men of old, when marching the streets in their unspeakable parades. It is this crowd pressure, inimical to true individuality, which makes most other people feel uncomfortable in the presence of these parades.

Individualism used to be a posterchild of the West, but with the advent of gender that has all changed: conformism formerly wedded to communism has shifted from East to West and is now firmly settled in Protestant countries while individualism has seen a Renaissance in Eastern Europe and Orthodox Russia. Everyone can check this claim by travelling the tube in London or subway in New York and compare it to a ride on the Moscow or Tbilisi Metro: Western subjects of turbo consumerism are typically wearing unisex track suits or the likes of trash attire and sneakers, exposing naked skin, piercing and tattoos more often than not. In Moscow however decent individualized clothing is the rule.

It began much earlier, however, when Protestantism plunged into the secular-cultural mode during the decadent Fin-de-Siecle, at the turn of the 19th century. It seems with the loss of Christ, many people lost their last protection or the divine carapace watching over their soul. The degree to which gender proselytizing has by now translated into politics and media output is frightening. In the Western public arena we are inundated ad nauseam with the gender narrative: in the news, in TV shows, in pre-school, in secondary school, on Campus, even in churches, namely in Protestant mainstream denominations but also in crime stories and stage dramas, in movies and music – around the clock. All this exudes so much conformist pressure that it gives a feeling of almost living in a totalitarian age. This conformist pressure is going to increase, because gay campaigning is unlikely to end anytime soon. It is driven by the denial of internal conflicts that cannot be resolved through public policy but rather through individual psychotherapy, of which gays are loath for the time being. They are conceited and under the delusion of being self-sufficient or “complete beings,” while every heterosexual knows he is only half and has to share his outlook, life and truth claims with the other sex.

Yet gender typology is perfectly compatible with American work place demands and the authoritarian corporate culture. Slavish mentality gives them the ideal submissive characters, flexible and short of any outstanding personality traits. It is for this reason that corporate America, having sensed this early on, has been first to put all their eggs in the gender basket using the full impact of their combined political clout to push this agenda. This has been repeated in all Western countries the latest example being Australia.

Corporate Gay Bullies

In the run up to the referendum on gay marriage Down Under about 649 large companies have signed a petition in favor of same sex “marriage” bullying the public as well as the government in Canberra. CEOs are ruling within their companies like authoritarian tyrants, reports Michael Cook of Mercatornet: for instance Quantas CEO Alan Joyce boasts about his arm-twisting of dissidents: “We have 580 companies involved with the [Australian Marriage Equality] ad campaign. If you’re unhappy with a company that’s involved with the campaign you won’t be able to bank and you won’t be able to fly anywhere.” This is Ayn Randian-style totalitarian entrepreneurism, denying the consumer a real choice. Cook continues: “And where arms will be twisted the hardest will be inside the corporates. Take Google, one of those 628 corporations. A Google engineer in the US wrote a long memo arguing for less gender diversity at work – and last month he was bundled out of the company almost immediately. Also last month a team of scholars at a think-tank which received funding from Google published a position paper critical of Google – and their contract was terminated almost immediately. Remember Google’s old motto, "Don't Be Evil"? It was dropped from its code of conduct in 2015.”

Tyrannies, corporate or state entities alike, do not favor enquiring minds or religious personalities, because it is much easier to run a large international corporation if you are dealing with sheep or vegetables, already “formatted” individuals with strong herd instincts or emasculated men. Qualifying for vegetables and sheep are of course feminists, computer nerds, greens, gays, trans and lesbians, who have long given up on moral sensibilities. Silicon Valley, much overrated as a heaven of science and technology, has long passed its date of expiry. No real innovation has come out of it for quite some time other than commercialized digital gadgets. Yet silicon valley being less active in natural science compensates this with expertise in power politics, psycho-engineering and political subjugation of individuals to group discipline, all part of the a scheme to push conformism and neutralize dissent. This happens not only inside their companies but has spread through gender networks to the society at large and is reflected in the new Western conformism.

Cook says: “Tyranny” is a strong word, but a professor at the University of Michigan does not shrink from using it in a recent book, (Private Government: How Employers Rule Our Lives (and Why We Don’t Talk About It). Elizabeth Anderson points out that companies are run…"by leaders whose word is law; there is no right to complain apart from narrowly defined exceptions; surveillance is ubiquitous; people can be punished for their lifestyles.” Certainly the gender brigades have become modern tyrants “willing helpers” ushering in “consumer fascism.” Corporate clout, judicial activism and the obliging liberal media in the West together accomplished the impossible feat: to push through the absurd gender agenda against common sense and a majority of the population within less than a decade.

The rest is gay ignorance and stupid pride, resulting in self-righteousness, quasi-messianic zeal and global missionizing – all features reminiscent of the Protestant Reformation. Sadly this also returned medieval “heretics,” namely “homophobes,” cast as public enemies. Homophobe is a term suggestive of an almost paranoid gay bias of self-referential conceit bordering on a Manichean mindset. Surely it has the benefit for gays to be able to project their own psychopathology, namely their infamous misogyny, on heterosexual men. This only increases the atmosphere of Orwellian tyranny. Homophobe is a clinical term - like “arachnophobe” denoting fear of spiders - but it reflects rather pubescent gay megalomania. In addition the term homophobe is wildly discriminatory by putting all heterosexuals, regardless of their individuality, on the same plane as psychopaths, unable to assess and judge the world around them. In other words it denies anyone his discernment, the spiritual capacity and freedom to express oneself.

Free Catholic I-Tunes: St Paul

The insolent epithet “gay” aims at reserving happiness exclusively for themselves and at the same time appealing to the narrowest of human instincts - by implication denying any higher source of happiness. This brazen assault on our sublime Christian cultural traditions disqualifies gay discourse thoroughly and in particular any claims to fairness and respect. Gays simply lack the sense of granting the other the benefit of the doubt and also detest Christian humility and piety. This leaves them morally corrupt. Nevertheless their constant appeal to the lowest human instincts offers by far the best explanation for an otherwise inconceivable political success of the gender revolution. The price for the majority of straight society is diminishing manliness and fatherhood.

Yet I strongly believe - after a decade of intensive research - that the gender revolution must also be understood in terms of two millennia of Western Christian idolatry and adulterated monotheism. At the centre of this is the corruption of the biblical sexual dyad and complementarity, which in Judaism is granting existential male and female equality. The male cannot exist without the female and vice versa. It was Pauline-Augustinian-Lutheran Christianity that replaced the Jewish- particularist family man Jesus with the singular and universal idol called Christ. The exception is obviously Eastern (multi-cephalic) Orthodoxy that in addition preserved priestal marriage like another conservative monotheist denomination, namely Judaism.

Friedrich Nietzsche was perfectly familiar with the difference between Jesus and Christ after examining the difference thoroughly (Walter A. Kaufmann “Nietzsche”, 1950). In our time Bernhard Starr did the same, reaffirmed the family man Jesus (“Jesus Uncensored – Restoring the Authentic Jew,” 2013). Pauline gender triangulation with Christ as universal effeminate male, was to stir up millennial female resentment, and quite reasonably, demands for gender equality culminating in the gradual return of the matriarchy that we are seeing today. Typical for the re- appearance of matriarchy are masses of roaming young men, not only gays, trans’ and queers but also pouring out of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, while being attracted by the Germanic “super mother” and daughter of a Protestant pastor, Chancellor Angela Merkel.

This resembles the Paleolithic state of matriarchy with hordes of fatherless or nameless males, roaming the wilderness for prey with females occasionally impregnated by them while being denied the role of fathers. In his book “New Science” published in 1725, Giambattista Vico told the story of those roaming adolescents, who back in antiquity were called “famuli”. From this term the name family had been derived as a result of their successful integration. “Famuli” meant they did not know, who their father was and hence did not aspire to become fathers themselves. Vico concluded that the name of the father was crucial for the formation of the Christian family.

Cultivating fatherhood was the unique accomplishment of monotheism and consists in the continuity of family names, passed on through monogamous fathers. Over millennia in all human cultures this used to be the crown of manliness rather than any phallic Freudian features which could be seized upon easily by homosexuals. Yet already Martin Luther has been famous for his carnal inclinations or bucolic appetites - a result of his categorical lowering of the gospel from metaphysics to the emotional sphere as Joseph Soloveitchick has shown in his postwar books “Halachik Man” and “Halachic Mind.”

Like most other Protestant Reformers he was an anti-intellectual and opposed charitable deeds in the form of controversial Catholic indulgences. However charitable deeds were the “gold standard” of monotheist truth claims and have been retained in Judaism, Catholicism and Orthodoxy as the only validation of the believer’s true convictions. Thus the Reformation with its ban on “intellect and deed” threw out the baby with the bathwater and left only emotions as proof of inner convictions. This I call the “emotional bottle neck” of Protestantism, the source of endless posturing “as if,” of mere gestures, grandstanding which is today known as “virtue signaling.” Emile Durkheim detected extraordinary high rate of suicides among Protestants during their “cultural turn” in the Belle Epoch, which I take to be desperate manifestations of the “bottle neck.” It was the price for centuries of Protestant posturing and “righteousness on the cheap,” a phrase I read recently and that catches the meaning fairly well. Anyway grandstanding or posturing would eventually became the hallmark of postwar heirs of cultural Protestantism, culminating in liberal claims to the moral high ground soon to be castigated by Lionel Trilling.

Yet fascinating enough habitual poses and gestures were later to be conceptualized as heuristic categories for the interpretation of the gender revolution, namely by the towering intellectual of American liberalism: Judith Butler. She teaches philosophy at the University of Berkeley, California and actually derived from liberal posturing a new category, known as “performatives” for habitual attitudes. This somehow corroborates my observation that it took more than 300 years for the Protestant bottle-neck to burst into what became known first as romanticism and later as gender revolution, which is but an afterthought of the Reformation. Quite a few accomplished modern thinkers are making sense of gender within the theology of incarnation for that matter. For instance the newly retired Protestant theologian Richard Swinburne from Oxford University, addresses gays as “disabled” people, meaning some sort of “revelatory miscarriage.” But putting this in the counter-cultural context this reveals how close “wrongful incarnation” in Protestantism is to clinical terms of somatized gay psychopathology.

Epistemology of Matriarchy

All the same this reasoning remains perfectly within the Protestant logic of gender triangulation while at the same time the whole rainbow agenda is a miscarriage of fictional reality. For it has given rise to the blind spots of “same-sex” agency: namely the recent eclipse of any concern for social injustice. Gender has killed all that. By comparison Asians have always been less individual than Westerners of monotheist provenience, but they were always aware of this and they could rely on their ancient communities of inclusion, integrating all sorts of minorities in their long history.

In the West awkward and exclusionary groupism has gone so far that even most major corporate entities have attached the label “Group” to their LLC. There is no denying of the fact that a century and a half of feminism is what begot this dismal mixture of gendered multinational concerns and new hordes of forgotten males and adolescent hordes, all of which ushered in the return of matriarchy. By replacing the Judeo-Christian individual with Greek typologies, shame culture makes an unwelcome return, creating a new culture of revenge and “hate speech.” Individualism was a unique product of the Jewish civilization and taken over by Christianity, subsequently synthesized with Hellenism, resulting in the Christian guilt-and-forgiveness culture that served us well for two millennia. By contrast to Greek shame culture Christians and Jews are able to distance themselves from transgression, showing repentance, better themselves and in exchange receive redemption. But stubborn gays are exploding this sanitary model for conflict resolution by insisting on transgression, even turning it into a virtue and refusing any change. The downside is moral decline, conformism and authoritarianism, which kills the great Christian tradition of creative science, arts and culture. Instead we are confronted with an atmosphere of mental constraint, which is why the West is running out of entrepreneurs, of innovation and of growth.

More importantly still: in the West you cannot breath freely anymore, the famous touch of the “West” has vanished entirely. For almost a decade by now the air is thick with strife and polite society is falling apart. It turns out spiritual freedom is far more important than emancipation which has landed us in narrow sex and pornography. Surely all this has to do with the demise of manliness. With the gentleman disappeared courage, boldness, adventurism and risk taking, all genuine male features which can never be replaced by females or others with rare exceptions proving the rule. Gender freaks have been able to conquer many roles, posing as “married” couples, artificial families and meanwhile even performing as Protestant or Jewish reformed “clergy.” Yet one role has been denied to them: that of biological fathers who are also name-giving and natural heads of traditional families.

Even socially dedicated gays and trans men cannot be family men and committed fathers for the simple reason that they cannot acquire anything like the natural authority that was impersonated by the gentleman. This authority is only to be gained by mature men who can control their instincts under any circumstances. Surely the combination of renting a Third-World female womb for breeding a baby from a shot of sperma but at the same time continuing a promiscuous lifestyle is anything but fatherhood and family life. This sort of horrible experiences have been documented by children raised in same-sex households in a book called “Jephta’s daughters” published 2013.

By contrast, for women it has always been much easier to become mothers and single parents which is evident from the dramatic surge of divorce rates and out-of-wedlock births in the West.  Patchwork families or single mothers raising children from multiple fathers produce nightmares of families where every child is being alienated by a different name. Children raised this way fare little better in terms of health, biography or career opportunities than children exposed to high risk same sex arrangements. Well documented research has brought unambiguous results: these children exhibit significant higher rates of educational failure, school drop-out, truancy, drug dependency, diseases, suicide and crippled job opportunities. One of the best kept secrets of the West today is this: being raised by a single mother or by a same-sex couple amounts to a life-long disadvantage for any child.

All of those troubling broken families indicate the arrival of a new matriarchy. Single motherhood is approaching half of all Western households. On the other side of the ideological gap is Islamic polygamy. However most Muslim countries today are favouring monogamy. Yet uprooted immigrants keep invading Europe and the US these days by the hundreds of thousands. The recent scandal over mass abuse of more than thousand white underage girls by Muslim men in Newcastle, Rotherham and elsewhere reveals the sick pattern of matriarchy. The same applies to the spread of campus rape. It was never so easy to have sex for men without becoming a father. Already in the 1970s Phillip Rieff diagnosed the mass neurosis of 20th century concerning sex and therapy. The overall shift from transcendence toward metaphysics or from religion to medicine made itself dramatically felt during the enlightenment in the 18th century. None less than Johann Wolfgang Goethe, the German national poet, saw attributed this to the romantic movement. In his “Italian journey” (Stuttgart 1862) we find an entry dated May 12, 1787 telling us: “Speaking for myself, I too believe that humanity will win in the long run; I am only afraid that at the same time the world will have turned into one huge hospital where everyone is everybody else’s human nurse” (Translation by W.H. Auden and E. Mayer, New York 1962, p. 312).

First published in Geopolitica.

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