Date: 17/01/2022
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Marxist and Islamists Groups Shut Down Worldview Weekend Events.

A series of conferences on the threat of Islam scheduled to take place in Wisconsin and Minnesota last weekend were cancelled as Antifa groups used information from the Southern Poverty Law Center to successfully shut them down.

The hotels slated for the events were flooded with threatening calls, and the organizers voluntarily canceled the events following numerous warnings that it would not be safe. One conference was able to take place in Des Moines, Iowa - it carried on in defiance, despite leftists showing up to disrupt the proceedings.

The conferences were hosted by Worldview Weekend, a conservative Christian organization that produces radio and TV shows and sponsors events throughout the USA. The SPLC posted the locations for these venues, after which Antifa groups urged their members through social media to attend events and swamp the venues with threatening calls and messages.

Worldview CEO Brannon Howse can be seen online here discussing this troubling phenomenon with guests Chris Gaubatz, who infiltrated CAIR undercover, and former Muslim, now Christian pastor Shahram Hadian.

Below are excerpts from the transcript:

Brannon Howse: Good evening. And welcome to our Situation Room briefing for tonight. I know many of you are joining us tonight that had anticipated seeing us live in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Saturday night. Last night. Tonight, Minneapolis, St. Paul and tomorrow night, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

We were able to accomplish only one of the five cities we set out to speak in this past week.

My guest will be Chris Gaubatz who infiltrated CAIR undercover.

We were not able to carry out our conferences because of groups like CAIR, a front group for Muslim brotherhood. Working with the Southern Poverty Law Center and known Marxist, Community Antifa groups, self-identified Antifa groups, managed to intimidate, and we heard, make threats against the hotels we had contracted to hold our conferences at.

I’ve been hosting Worldview Weekend rallies since, well, February 1993. That’s 25 years this past February. In all of our time we’ve never seen anything like this, other than when a Muslim man from Saudi Arabia came into our conference a year ago—April of last year, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He came in and he had his Quran. He filmed the Quran and then he, on Facebook Live after filming the Quran, panned the crowd. You can, in the video footage hear my voice. I’m speaking upfront. It’s standing room only. Men, women and children are in the room. Thankfully one of our off-duty police officers we hired saw him, asked him to please stop filming as that was the instructions before the meeting started. And then asked him if he was carrying. Indeed, he was carrying two weapons. He was legal to carry those in South Dakota. But what he did next was not.

On Facebook Live he went out into the parking lot and he made a series of videos–two to be precise–in which he brandished five weapons, including two semiautomatic rifles. And on his Facebook page said he had 1,200 rounds of ammunition. With every brandishing of a weapon he told Shahram Hadian, the former Muslim now Christian pastor, and myself to ‘be afraid’ or ‘be terrified.’ The next day, the police spokesperson on camera in Sioux Falls told the press that the man had broken no laws. Yet, a state representative and a state senator there that night said otherwise.

After 12 days, finally, and an international story that we made of this, the man was arrested. However, you might be shocked to find out he was only charged with that terroristic threat and given seven months at the federal level time served.

So, I guess they were emboldened. They knew they could get away with it. The Marxists, the Muslims, Antifa. And our governments would do very little about it, if anything, a slap on the wrist.


Once the Antifa groups got involved, we knew that it was gonna be difficult for us to secure that facility for ourselves, our family and most importantly, those of you that wanted to attend. So, my friends, this is how it goes in America today.

Joining me now to explain how this strategy works, what their goal is, is Chris Gaubatz. He’s been on Sean Hannity’s radio show and television show several times. His life story of infiltrating CAIR, the Council on Islamic Relations undercover, is detailed in the bestselling book by his father and Paul Sperry, Muslim Mafia. Chris joins us tonight via Skype from his home on the east coast. Chris, thank you for joining us.

 Chris Gaubatz: Well, thank you so much for having me on, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Tell me what you think about what just happened to us in the cities. You’ve heard my thoughts. I think our listening friends tonight want to hear yours.

Chris Gaubatz: Yeah. So, what we speak about when I talk about the Muslim brotherhood groups, working with the hard-left Marxist socialist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, their goal is, and has been, to shut the discussion down. Right. So, this is an example of these two movements, the Islamic movement and the Marxist movement coming together to shut down a discussion about the threat. Whether it’s the Islamic threat or the Marxist threat. Because we spoke about both on this evening, and we were gonna speak about both of these threats throughout these different tours.

One of the things I really like to emphasize, Brannon, when we talk about the Muslim brotherhood, I don’t want that term to gloss over. Many of your viewers and listeners are aware of this group, but I want to reiterate, when I say the term ‘Muslim brotherhood’ and groups like CAIR that oppose me speaking about this threat and other Muslim brotherhood groups oppose me, like the Islamic Society of North America, ISNA, and Muslim Students Association. But this is a group that has the exact same ideology as Al Qaeda and the Islamic state. The only difference is typically this group, who believes in jihad or total warfare to eliminate all non-Islamic governments and replace them with sharia law, the only difference is that the Muslim brotherhood is also good at other types of warfare. Not just shooting things and blowing things up. Not just kinetic warfare. But also, intelligence gathering. We call them ‘suit wearing jihadis.’

These are guys that are gonna work on Capitol Hill and they’re gonna work with legislators, they’re gonna work with the FBI, they’re gonna work with DHS, law enforcement. And they’re also gonna do this at the local level. Which is what you saw when you had meetings with the mayor and local law enforcement. These groups know that they can influence them as well. I mean, what did you say? Fifty-seven phone calls is all it took to shut down free speech.

Brannon Howse: That’s right. Fifty-seven phone calls in about an hour and a half to two hours I was told by the people at the Omni Center in Onalaska, Wisconsin.

Chris Gaubatz: Yeah. These groups understand that if they – it doesn’t take a lot to shut down free speech. To shut down this discussion. What it takes is coordination. And we saw that, and it was well-timed. It was well coordinated. And that’s what they do. They shut down the discussion because they understand this is a war of narratives. One narrative says that Islam, jihad, sharia is not the problem or that there’s no problem with Marxism and communism. And one narrative is the truth. Which is that these movements are necessarily trying to destroy western civilization and trying to destroy the republic here at home.

Brannon Howse: So, Chris, let’s talk about the Muslim brotherhood memorandum. It was written in 1991, but it was not discovered until 2004. Some off-duty police officers I understand were going over a bridge. The Chesapeake Bridge, was it not?

Chris Gaubatz: That’s right. In 2004 there were two maritime police officers noticed something suspicious on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. They pulled over a Muslim and his wife. The Muslim was a man, Ismael Barasi. Ismael L. Barasi was wanted on a Hamas witness warrant out of Chicago. And so, the FBI subsequently raided his home and found a treasure trove of Muslim brotherhood documents. And one of those is one that you mentioned. The Explanatory Memorandum—which outlines the Muslim brotherhood’s goal to destroy western civilization from within, and this is their words, “to sabotage our miserable house by their hands.” Our hands.

So, they want to get our leaders to do their bidding for them. And look, we saw this just in this one example right here. It wasn’t the Muslim brotherhood and it wasn’t the Marxists and Antifa, Black Lives Matter groups that shut the conference down. It was these hotels. And these city leaders and local law enforcement that were concerned and getting you to change your policy at the last minute. They want to get us to do their bidding for them. And this is the perfect example of that.   

Brannon Howse: So what you’re saying, again, just to reiterate for folks to understand, Muslim Brotherhood, which is a front, has many front groups. Muslim Student Associations. Council on American Islamic Relations. Islamic Society of North America. They have many front groups. International Institute of Islamic Thought. Their document – by the way, Muslim Brotherhood, don’t forget, was founded in 1928 by al-Banna. And they worked with Adolf Hitler to carry out the final solution in the murder of 5 million Jews. They worked with the Grand Mufti of Palestine who had an apartment in Berlin, a broadcast in Berlin given to him by Adolf Hitler. And he was involved in the systematic slaughter of 5 million Jews. Some reports, I’ve even seen it on the History Channel, say that Hitler was gonna let the Jews leave Bulgaria and Hungary, but the Grand Mufti said absolutely not. They’ll go over to Palestine. He didn’t want the Jews there. And so, he urged them to fire up the ovens and to exterminate instead of, well, instead of exporting them, they wanted to terminate them. The Grand Mufti of the Muslim Brotherhood from Palestine. That’s the Muslim Brotherhood, folks.  They also translated Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, into Arabic and spread it all over the Arab world. The Palestinian Liberation Organization just a few years ago was still, and we have screenshots of it, publishing and distributing Hitler’s Mein Kampf to My Jihad. My struggle was translated to My Jihad and is still being distributed throughout the Arab world in Arabic.

This is Muslim Brotherhood. They came to America and they’ve been waging war to bring us from the lower house to the upper house where they have control. They’re getting it. The police officers, or at least the police administration, the city officials and the business community and the media, completely capitulated to the Muslims in Sioux Falls, and that’s why we took to calling them ‘Saudi Falls, South Dakota.’…….

Well, this is how you move from the lower house to the upper house. And this is how, as you hear from Chris Gaubatz, who infiltrated CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood front group, he infiltrated them undercover, this is how you move from the lower house to the upper house. By getting Americans to do their bidding and to destroy our miserable house, sabotage our miserable house by our own hands. That’s what they say.  Chris, when they moved from the lower house to the upper house, and we’re helping them do it as Americans, what does that actually mean?

Chris Gaubatz: Well, we have to remember the entire purpose of the creation of Muslim Brotherhood was to restore the caliphate. You know that we had a global Islamic caliphate that was dissolved by Kemal Atatürk in 1924 in Turkey. And the Muslim Brotherhood was created in 1928 in Cairo, Egypt, as you said, by Hassan al-Banna to restore the caliphate. And what is the purpose of the caliphate? To expand Islamic territory until the entire non-Islamic world, which by the way under Islamic terms is called the ‘dar al harb,’ the house of war, all lands not under Islamic rule are called the ‘dar al harb,’ the house of war. And the caliphate is to wage jihad–warfare against non-Muslims–until the entire dar al harb is eliminated and Islamic rule is the law of the land everywhere.

That is the purpose of the Muslim Brotherhood, right? So, what are they working on here in the United States? That same purpose for which they were created in 1928. So, they are going to work with these Marxist movements to destroy western civilization from within. And for those of you that don’t think this is possible, I want you to look over at Europe right now and see what’s happening with Europe. Look at what’s going on in Sweden, in the UK, France, Germany. The refugee resettlement, which is in Islamic terms called a ‘hegira,’ a migration or immigration for the establishment of the religion.

This is a well-organized movement that is well funded. We’re talking to the tune of hundreds of millions and billions of dollars. This is not something that’s going away any time soon. And they are not working alone. This is a movement that you’ve literally written the book on, Brannon, that works with the Marxist movement that is well organized, well-funded and has been at this for decades.    

Brannon Howse:….. Antifa groups. That’s a communist group. Many Americans are not aware of the fact. Antifa. Antifa some say. Anti-fascist. But they were holding signs talking about us being Nazis. Well, isn’t that interesting because it was actually the Muslim Brotherhood that was working with the Nazis and CAIR tried and did shut us down. CAIR is Muslim Brotherhood. They are the Islamo neo-Nazis. As I already said, they worked with Adolf Hitler. But yet they call us the fascists. That we want to shut down free speech. No, look who shut down the free speech.

Isn’t it ironic, Chris, that the whole purpose of our five-city tour was to warn Americans about the loss of religious liberty, freedom of speech, the right to peaceful assembly by terrorists, communists, Marxists, Antifa thugs? And what did they do? They stopped freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the peaceful assembly of Americans. They made our point. 

I know they think they won. But trust me, this – these folks, these thugs, these communists, these Marxists, these Islamo neo-Nazis, they have not won. The backlash is already coming….. Do you agree, Chris?

Chris Gaubatz: Absolutely. Look, one thing everyone has to understand that is watching this is this isn’t about facts or truth or logic. You said it in the very beginning right there. That we were gonna talk about religious liberty, freedom of speech, the foundations that this country was built on. That this is a Christian nation built on, and our laws are based on Judeo-Christian values. That’s why they want to shut it down. That’s why Marxists and Jihadis are gonna coalesce to shut it down. Because that is completely antithetical to their movement.

These movements do not care about free speech. They care about speech that agrees with them. For them, free speech is saying anything that they agree with. Anything that they disagree with is hate speech. Which they push that term ‘hate speech’ constantly. And this, in their world, hate speech is anything that disagrees with their movement. So under the Islamic movement, hate speech would be blasphemy laws under sharia. Anything that they disagree with.

On the progressive Marxist, socialist, Antifa side of their world, this movement, then hate speech is anything that sheds light on the dangers of Marxism–that sheds light on the historic facts of how many millions and millions of people have lost their lives and been brutally oppressed by Marxist ideology. Whether it was under Lenin or Stalin or any of these other dictators that – these movements, these communist movements that have arisen around the world. Anyone that speaks truthfully about that from a historic standpoint for them, that is hate speech.

Brannon Howse: …So, notice again, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, these groups coming against us worked with Adolf Hitler. Antifa, many of them back in Hitler’s day, opposed him and then when he took over and became the dominant power, they joined him. So, the groups that are really prone to Nazism and worked with the Nazis are indeed the groups that came against us. But many Americans don’t know their history.

…Throughout the evening the Marxists and Muslims, many of them sat on the front row. Some were in the back of the room, but many sat on the very front row. Some of them held up books and newspapers to be a distraction the whole evening. Others decided to interrupt. But none of the Muslims did that–it was only the Marxists that did this. This seems to be the trend. The communists and the Marxists are the mouthpiece for the Muslims. The Muslims sat there quietly acting all peaceful while the Marxists did their bidding. Did you notice that, Chris?

Chris Gaubatz: Oh, absolutely. I mean this is something, you know the executive director of CAIR, Hamas here in the United States, the Council on American Islamic Relations, who I worked undercover there for six months. So, I absolutely know CAIR inside and out. In fact, I worked right outside of Nihad Awad’s offices.

Nihad Awad made it very clear at a Muslim Brotherhood conference that when he got on the stage and Black Lives Matter is our matter, Black Lives Matter is our campaign. And that’s a quote. Black Lives Matter is a Marxist revolutionary organization. And so, when he made that claim he made it very clear that they’re working together, they’re with them, they stand with them side by side in solidarity as they would say, to shut down the discussion. And by the way, when they have signs outside calling us Nazis, understand from their perspective anyone that voted for President Trump or anyone that supports the President Trump’s administration in any way, shape or form, is a Nazi.  This is a terrorist organization, Antifa, a terrorist organization that is terrorizing people working with Hamas here in the United States, to disrupt anyone that is speaking truthfully about these movements. Which is why, Brannon, I’m so passionate about what we’re doing right now which is just speaking the truth and letting your viewers and the people that are watching right now decide for themselves.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. One of the things you told me this week and I found very interesting I said this to you. I said, can you imagine 17 years after 9/11, if someone had told you the day after 9/11, 9/11, September 11, 2001, if someone told you the next day, September 12, 2001, that in, well, 17 years, Americans will not be able to hold a conference exposing the agenda of Islam without being shut down. That police departments would capitulate to them. The media would be on their side. And businesses would cave to their demands. If I told you that the day after 9/11 you would have said that’s crazy. In fact, Chris, you told me this weekend that when you were undercover inside CAIR they actually admitted that the terrorist attacks that brought down the World Trade Centers, the plane that was flown into the Pentagon and flown into the field in Pennsylvania, actually gave them more converts. Will you tell our audience about that please?   

Chris Gaubatz:  Well, this was a common theme as I traveled around mosques in the northern Virginia area. And that was part of my job for CAIR was that I was working outreach. So, on behalf of CAIR, Hamas, I was going to different mosques in the northern Virginia area. And this was a common theme that Muslims would just talk about. That they were really excited about the fact that they had gained so many new converts after 9/11. I mean, think about that. That they were excited – which it doesn’t surprise me. Because I understand Islam. I understand jihad. I understand sharia.

Of course, that’s one of the aspects of jihad. You do a spectacular attack like that and it’s going to draw attention to Islam. And some of the people that knew nothing about Islam, they would tell me, would get curious about Islam. They would go to the mosque. And then you would have mosque attendees that would be pleasant and kind and they would talk to them, even though their own books that also talk about jihad and waging war fare, some of those books also talk about how to draw people in by being pleasant and kind. Even teaching them how to lie to non-Muslims when they first come and ask questions about Islam. That’s how they got converts. So, they were excited about the fact that 3,000 people were dead after 9/11 and that that actually increased their membership numbers and converts here. It’s absolutely disgusting, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Well, isn’t that the truth? All right. So, let’s talk about what they’re doing. They say that if they can take over 4 to 5 percent of a population then they can really run a town. They’re doing that in places like Sioux Falls and others. Did you hear that figure? If they could run the population up to 4 or 5 percent in a community, they could have a lot of control?

Chris Gaubatz:  Oh, absolutely. I mean, look, it rolls – it goes to this. The more influence that they have in a community, the stronger they’re going to be able to do what they did tonight. And once you get to a tipping point where everyone is terrified to even speak about the threat, then they know they’ve already won. Which is why it’s so concerning to see what’s going on in Europe right now where they have actual hate speech laws where people are terrified, intimidated and even arrested for speaking truthfully about Islam. And so we’re starting to see that here. And, again, I really want to reiterate were it not for the Marxist indoctrination that has taken place over the last several decades, really that began even in the 40s and 50s in this country, the jihadis wouldn’t stand a chance.

But that’s where we’re at today. That’s – this is the result of the Marxist influence and indoctrination into the last few generations of Americans to where the jihadis know that they can ride the coattails of the Marxist movement right into what they see as revolution. Now, after that revolution the jihadis certainly feel like they’re going to take over and the Marxists feel like they’ll be in control. But in the meantime, they will work together like they did to shut down this event. And they’re doing this all over the country, by the way. This is just one example of what they’re doing.

Brannon Howse: Let’s talk about Jet Pack. Are you familiar with this Jet Pack program where they say if they can win local elections, cause a lot of people don’t go out for local elections. They just stay at home and don’t vote. That if they go out and get their Muslims, their Islamic neo-Nazi Muslims to run for office, then they can run the police department. They can run the city council, the mayor’s office that controls the police of chief, that controls the police department, they can run the schools. Are you familiar with this program, Jet Pack?

Chris Gaubatz:  I am. And I gotta tell you they’re absolutely right. I mean the war right now, whether it’s conservatives or whether it’s the hard left or whether it’s the ‘suit-wearing jihadis,’ the war is at the local level. It’s going to be won or lost county by county, state by state. Do we need to be involved in federal politics or, you know at the national level politics? Of course. We can’t seed that. But understand we will win or lose this war at the local level, and they understand that just as well.

So, who controls the board of supervisors will determine whether or not or how fast mosques go up. And they understand that. They understand who controls city council and the mayor’s officers. Even PTAs and library boards. They understand that those people control the information at the local level. Who controls law enforcement at the local level, the narrative at local level, will win the day at the end.

And so, you’ll see, you know, look at Berkeley as an example. When they had riots out there and, look at other areas where law enforcement was told to stand down. They understand that if you control every aspect of the local community you win. And they understand that. It’s about time that our side understands that and really starts working to make sure that we get good conservatives in local elected positions.

So:  Food for thought: Think local. 

“They understand who controls city council and the mayor’s officers. Even PTAs and library boards”.

So that’s it folks.  If you control every aspect of the local community, you win.


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