Date: 31/07/2021
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In At The Kill

by Brex I Teer

Those of you who are following the Brexit shenanigans in the U.K. parliament will be aware that the government has sustained a few defeats in the war to get its Brexit deal with the European Union  (E.U.) approved by the law makers. All the defeats have been in the House of Commons (the lower house) as it has become apparent that the unelected House of Lords will support any plan that promises to negate the democratically expressed desire of the voters to totally and absolutely leave the E.U.

Almost to a man the noble Lords are Remainers and see no reason at all to allow the results at the ballot box to interfere with their decisions. The fact that Brexit received an absolutely definitive majority of the votes in the referendum and that there was a very high turn out of those eligible to vote (72%) matters not one damn to members of the upper House.

The sad thing is that it doesn’t matter one damn to the elected members of the lower House either. Despite the defeats Theresa May’s government is on track to win the only vote about her proposed Brexit deal in the House of Commons that matters: the one to be held this coming Tuesday. Her government will squeak through by one vote, or maybe two depending on whether or not the promise of a peerage (being bumped up to the upper House) to a certain retiring-at-the-next-election member of the Commons is accepted as sufficient payment for her vote.

Very few of the politicians in either of the Houses of parliament are at all bothered by the terms of the proposed the deal with the E.U. They see nothing wrong with the idea embedded in the terms that the U.K. must kow-tow to every demand that the oligarchs in Brussels make. The deal is not so much an agreement between partners but an instrument of abject surrender in which the U.K. promises firstly to do everything the E.U. asks for evermore, secondly promises never to ask for any concessions of any sort ever again and thirdly promises to pay over vast sums of money each year with such sums being non-negotiable and determined by E.U. and NOT the U.K. There is, of course, a lot more in the terms of the deal in an identical vein.

There is also a completely and utterly unacceptable provision hidden in the 500+ pages of this so called deal – namely that the U.K. has to be divided into two with one part of the Kingdom to all intents and purposes remaining in the E.U. For the sake of comparison imagine that the U.S.A. pulled out of the trading agreement it has with Mexico and Canada but was forced to let Texas and Maine stay in it. That is directly analogous to what the U.K. is being told to do by the E.U.

Small wonder that opinion polls are finding that 81% of voters don’t want this deal and that if the referendum was re-run tomorrow support for completely and utterly leaving the E.U. would be around 67% of those who would vote, and that once again the turn out would be very high. Well over half of all voters now support a no-deal Brexit, but our politicians refuse to either acknowledge or grasp that fact.

Those of you who do not live in the U.K. are probably wondering what the government is doing in advocating such a blatantly disadvantageous deal. In order to answer that I must tell you a few things that aren’t widely known outside the U.K. First, you have to know that the Prime Minister (Theresa May) has tied her own survival to this deal being approved by parliament. Second, Theresa May is just about the most vicious and vindictive person you could ever meet – cross her in any way and she will go out of her way to make sure that you suffer for it for the rest of your life. She never forgets and she never forgives; she is nastiness personified. Her temper tantrums, though tantrums is too strong a word as she displays little emotion on the surface, last for weeks, sometimes months. Her visceral anger at the result of the referendum, however, was easy to see even though she attempted to hide it with some degree of success. She despises those who voted for Brexit and in private uses the same word to describe Brexiteers that Hillary Clinton used to describe people who voted for President Trump – deplorables.

Not to put too fine a point on it the deal that she has manufactured with the unelected officials of the E.U. is her deliberate, yes, deliberate and conscious, revenge on the Brexit voters and on the U.K. I have been told that she and her inner circle openly refer to the deal as their revenge. She, and they, set out to deliberately get the worst possible deal they could in order to (and I quote) “ those clowns who’s in charge and put this stupid little country in its place.”

The deal that she will force through parliament on Tuesday also has another function that she and her inner circle have devised. It will tie the U.K. to the E.U. as some sort of satrapy for ever. Over several years it will undermine the U.K. economy and U.K. exports to such a point that they hope that a future government will have no choice but to re-apply for E.U. membership and that the U.K. voters will accept that because there will be no other choice but impoverishment.

That, just that, is her revenge. Basically, one way or another, she has ensured that the U.K. will never, ever be able to break free of the E.U.

Of course, it’s not just about revenge. The final point about Theresa May and her cabal that you should know is that she is, and they are, among the most stupid people you could meet. Their intellects are incapable of envisaging any other position in the world for the U.K. than within the E.U. The are simply incapable of looking at the world outside the E.U. and seeing its rich assortment of countries regulating their own trade and relationships within very broad frameworks of agreement such as that provided by the World Trade Organisation.

She is, and they are, so intellectually limited that they find it impossible to work out how such a thing is possible. I am reliably informed that when a certain government minister put such a scenario to her and her group some considerable number of months ago (well before he resigned from the government in despair) he was met with blank looks of incomprehension. Apparently she actually asked in genuine bafflement, utter confusion writ all over her features, “But who makes the rules? How would we know what to do?” Stupidity on that grand scale should disqualify a person from holding any public office, but this is the U.K, a country where stupidity and a low I.Q. are mandatory for politicians.

Theresa May is not and the members of the group that surrounds her are not, thinkers and doers. They are not inventors and engineers. They are far too weak-brained for that. They are mere technicians who know only how to tinker with a rule-based system. They are not imagineers, to coin a modern word, and they are incapable of vision or of inspiring others. They are people with small expectations who fervently want only one thing – namely that nothing changes because they don’t know how to cope with change. What’s worse is that they have publicly stated that they believe that nobody else knows how to cope with change either, and that is the measure of just how intellectually limited they really are.

Were this May 1940 Theresa May and her people would be on The Viscount Halifax’s side. By then he believed that the U.K. had already lost the war, but Churchill saw to it that he never got to explore the deal with Adolf Hitler that he proposed. Theresa May is firmly convinced that the vote for Brexit means that the U.K. has lost all ability to function so she has surrendered to the E.U. in a way that Halifax would have been proud of. Regrettably there’s no Churchill to stop her and her cronies in this act of insane folly.

The deal that she is ramming through parliament is the most colossal act of treachery that any of us will ever see – and, by all accounts, she’s loving her revenge. I’m told that whenever she thinks about it she just stops what she’s doing and laughs and those around her smile and chuckle as they too remember what she’s laughing at. In a just world I know what should happen to her and her ilk, but this is the U.K. and things like that never happen here, no matter how justified such actions might be.

Will there be civil disobedience after she wins the parliamentary vote? No, of course not; this is the U.K. and, once again, things like that never happen here, no matter how justified such actions might be. What will happen is that I won’t live long enough to see another Conservative government after this one. If the socialists of the Labour party can contain their insanity they’ll be in power for at least a generation, if not longer. That is the final indignity that Theresa May’s mad pursuit of revenge and surrender will inflict on us. She has rendered the Conservatives electorally toxic for the foreseeable future.

In the years to come remember this even if you remember nothing else: what you are witnessing in the U.K. isn’t just the death of democracy but also the last contraction of the body politic that will finally deliver the deformed child that is pan-European oligarchy.

We tried, but not very hard, after all this is the U.K.

We lost, but most people don’t realise that yet.

Freedom is dead – murdered actually, and soon enough everyone will know by whom, but it will be too late by then.


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