Date: 26/11/2021
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Muslims, China, the Uighur, and the "Strong Horse" Principle

This curious article appeared in our Aussie ABC last month - 23rd December.  Apologies for not having brought it before our NER readership sooner.  It does not, I think, "date".  It has to do with the curious fact that the OIC, generally speaking, has said - and done - remarkably little about the recent very severe crackdown  by the non-Islamic totalitarian entity that is modern China, upon the Uighur Muslims who live within China's current boundaries.

But before reproducing it I will first offer three passages from three different authors in three very different eras. The first is from an anonymous editorial in the "North China Herald", of 1867 (written at a time of resurgent jihad waged by Muslims within China).  It was unearthed and shared by a commenter at Spencer's Jihadwatch on January 16 2005.

"If politeness and ceremony be observed toward Mohammedans, they imagine that they are feared, and become arrogant; but in showing severity and rudeness, they are impressed with fear and respect, and they are supple and manageable."

The second is from John Quincy Adams' essays on the Russo-Turkish War and the Greek War of Independence, published in 1829, in The American Annual Register for the Years 1827-8-9, Vol 29, pages 267-402.  On page 274  Adams wrote - "...As the essential principle of his [Mohammed's] faith is the subjugation of others by the sword; it is only by force, that his false doctrines can be dispelled, and his power annihilated".  One must remember that these are the words of John Quincy Adams. He would not have uttered them casually or lightly; this is not a conclusion that he would have reached without long and careful thought.

The third is from psychologist M Scott Peck, in his useful little book "People of the Lie" which discusses the subject of human evil.  After describing a case that he encountered early in his career as a counsellor, he writes, in the second chapter, "Toward a Psychology of Evil", "As I review the case of Bobby and his parents after a span of twenty years, I doubt that I would today, with all my additional experience, handle the case much differently.  I would still envision it as my initial task to rescue Bobby from his parents [who were grossly abusive, and well on the way to bringing about the death of their teenaged son - CM] and I would still resort, as I did then, to the use of temporal power to accomplish that task.  I have learned nothing in twenty years that would suggest that evil people [and by evil people he means EVIL people - CM] can be rapidly influenced by any means other than raw power.  They do not respond, at least in the short run, to either gentle kindness or any form of spiritual persuasion with which I am familiar."

And so, with those passages in mind, to the article, written by one "Tasha Wibawa".

"Why Muslim Nations Remain Silent as China Sends Ethnic Minorities [sic: Muslims - CM] to Re-Education Camps.

"Beijing's crackdown on its ethnic Muslim-minority Uyghurs has been met with international condemnation, however, some very significant voices have remained silent - those of Muslim nations.

"The United Nations estimates that up to 1 million Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other minorities have allegedly been detained in China's far-western Xinjiang province since 2017.

"Experts say Muslim nations are keeping quiet due to China's economic and political clout as well as foreign policy considerations.

In other words - it's the "strong horse" principle.  There is a lesson here for the rest of the non-Islamic world, for nations that are not totalitarian despotisms like communist China. The lesson is that if we act like the strong horse - which, collectively and in many cases individually, we are - and cease from flattering, fawning, appeasing, enabling, conciliating and generally behaving like suckers - the Ummah will knuckle under. I'm not saying we have to do as China is doing; but we do need to grasp that a show of strength, so long as it is "followed through", will cause the Ummah to pull in its horns. - CM

"China policy expert Michael Clarke, from the Australian National University, told the ABC that China's economic power, and the fear of retaliation, was a big factor in Muslm politics.

And why is that, Mr Clarke?  What is it about Islam, that leads Muslims to behave like this? - CM

"You're dealing with one of the most powerful nations in the world", Dr Clarke said.

"It's ultimately a very unfortunate situation the Uyghur people find themselves in."

Oh, those poor Uyghur muslims!  One must, however, in the light of books such as Spencer's recent History of Jihad, or Ibn Warraq's "The Islam in Islamic Terrorism", coldly and calmly eflect on what would happen, sooner or later, if the Chinese gave the Uyghur Muslims their own state. Suppose that they - which will never happen, but let's just imagine it for a moment - told the Uyghur, "Fine, you can secede and have all of Sinkiang as a Uyghur Islamic State of Sinkiang; total independence, yet another Muslim nation".  Would the border between an Islamic Sinkiang and the Infidel communist Han Empire be a peaceful one.. from the Muslim side ... in the long term?  Or would not the Muslims simply pocket their latest territorial gain and bide their time, waiting and preparing, watching like hawks for signs of  weakness in their Infidel neighbour? Would not Jihad , waged by one means or another, resume, the instant the Muslims thought it likely to succeed?  Because whereas groups like the Tibetans really do just want their own country, the Uyghur being Muslims are a subset or outpost of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, which sees itself as the rightful ruler of the whole wide world, and obliged to wage war in perpetuity until every inch of the planet is subject to Islam, and Muslims rule, absolutely. - CM

 'In contrast, countries including Australia and the United States have publicly denounced Beijing's actions in the region.

Whilst remaining shamefully silent about Beijing's increasingly-severe harassment and persecution of many of the peaceful and inoffensive Chinese Christians. - CM

"The Turkic-speaking ethnic minorities (the Turkic-speaking Muslims - CM) have been detained in "re-education" camps and subjected to political indoctrination, including being forced to learn a different language and give up their faith.

One must bear in mind, grimly, however, that in these Muslim victims of Chinese totalitarian repression belong to an equally ferociously totalitarian imperial system - Islam, religion of blood and war - whose adherents, throughout its entire history, whenever they have had the power to do so, have treated subjugated non-Islamic indigenous minorities with hideous cruelty, up to and including forced renunciation of their ancestral faiths and the forced abandonment of their mother tongues (Islamisation meant Arabisation in a large swath of the lands conquered by Islam, notably in Egypt where the Coptic tongue was actively stamped out by the Muslims, by means of gross cruelties such as the cutting out of tongues). - CM 

'Recent research reveals that the 28 detention facilities have expanded by more than 2 million square metres since the beginning of last year, and detainees have ben forced to sew clothes for export to a US sportswear company.

'A deafening silence'.

'Governments of Muslim-majority nations including Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia (the last-named being, as we are told ad nauseam, "the world's most populous Muslim nation" - CM) have avoided raising the matter publicly.

"Pakistan has gone even further by defending China, saying that the reporting on the Uyghurs' situation has been "sensationalised" by  Western media.

"While the Indonesian government has remained alrgely quiet on the topic, it finally raised the issue of the camps this week, after growing internal pressure from Islamic groups and amid increased media coverage.

One may note, by the by, that the very same techniques used by totalitarian China to repress both the Tibetan Buddhists and the thoroughly-dangerous Muslim regions - forced reeducation/ indoctrination and general repression of the subjugated populations, combined with demographic 'swamping' by mass migration of Han Chinese into previously non-Han regions - are very similar to those historically used not only by Indonesia to Islamise and to overwhelm the indigenous non-Muslims of previously non-Islamic regions such as the Moluccas and West Papua but also by many other Islamic entities both past and present, when seeking to expand their territorial reach and islamise subjugated regions and populations. - CM

"Of course, we reject or [want to] prevent any human rights violations", Jusuf Kalla, Vice-President of Indonesia, told local journaists on Monday.  "However, we don't want to intervene in the domestic affairs of another country", he said.

'The statement is in stark contrast to the stance of Indonesia on other Muslim issues such as the Israel-Palestine conflict [sic: the Muslim jihad against Israel, waged by the so-called "Palestinian" Arab Muslims - CM], and the plight [it is always the plight - the "plight of the poor Palestinians", the "plight of the poor Uyghur", the "plight of the poor Rohingya", and they always claim to be 'the most (or, one of the most) persecuted people on earth" - ed] of the ethnic-minority Rohingya (sic: of the so-called "Rohingya" ethnically-Bengali Muslims - ed) in Myanmar.

'Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Malaysia and others have also repeatedly condemned the persecution of Rohingya Muslims (but only of the Muslims; they couldn't care less about the Bama majority's equally cruel or even more cruel repression of the non-Bama Christian populations, the Karen and Chin - CM) and Israel's treatment of Palestinians (sic: Israel's self-defence against the would-be-genocidal JIhad waged by local Arab Muslims in and around Israel - CM).

In other words: if they think you're too strong to mess with, if they fear that they may cop a dose of "Bedonebyasyoudid" or perhaps "Bedonebyasyoudo", the Muslims will put up and shut up; whereas if they think you are  "weak"  they will attack. - CM

'An economy 180 times bigger.

"Dr Clarke said China's economy is 180 times bigger than that of a country such as Myanmar (and how much bigger is China's economy than that of the non-oil Islamic entities, also? - CM) making the latter a far safer target for criticism.

"In Myanmar, you're dealing with a much weaker regional state, which is much more open to pressure and international criticism", he said.

"Chinese investment and contracts in the Middle East and North Africa from 2005 until this year amount to 144.8 billion dollars (in Australian dollars; this article was published in Australia - CM).

I wonder how that compares to the amount invested by China in other regions - the Pacific, South and Central America, the mostly-non-Islamic portions of Africa, and in Australia and Europe? It might be interesting to see those figures in a table, for purposes of comparison. - CM

'In Malaysia and Indonesia, it is $121.6 billion over the same period, according to think-tank American Enterprise Institute.

"Beijing has heavily invested in state-owned oil and gas industries in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and promises continued investments across Asia, Africa, and the Middle EAst, with its Belt and Road initiative.

Chinese totalitarian communist imperialism collides with totalitarian Muslim imperialism.....the grim legacy of Chairman Mao comes up against the grim legacy of 'prophet' Mohammed... we do live in interesting times, alas. - CM

"It [seems] to act as a brake on any of those states from openly criticising Beijing", Dr Clarke said.

Hm. And perhaps the jihad-of-the-petrodollar-bribe is what has restrained far too many free western nations - who should have had more integrity and courage than to be thus corrupted - from openly criticising, say, the gross human rights abuses routinely practised by the likes of Saudi Arabia and Iran... or by Islamic Indonesia, and Islamic Turkey, and so on, and so forth. - CM

'Beijing's treatment of Uyghurs and other Muslim groups has not deterred Muslim tourists from travelling to China.

'Muslim travellers spent more than $US 8 billion (11.3 billion [in Aussie dollars - CM]) in China this year, a figure that is expected to increase by $US 1 billion ($1.4 billion) annually, according to a recent report from market research company Salam Standard.

"China's non-intervention stance pays off.

"Beijing's policy of "non-intervention" whereby it avoids becoming involved in the domestic affairs of other nations (really? are we supposed to now forget all those articles recently published by the ABC about Chinese government infiltration and subversion of the Academy in western countries - a tactic also being deployed, on the grand scale, by OIC nations, and its deployment of 'soft power' to attempt to influence politics and politicians, in Australia? and its attempts to weaponise the Chinese diaspora, within countries such as Australia? - CM) has long been a key part of its foreign policy agenda.

'But analysts say it is now paying off with Muslim countries reciprocating the favour.

There are other ways that one could read that situation.  But the simplest and most obvious is this: Muslims are taught to be bullies, and bullies tend to buckle when confronted with bullies bigger than themselves. - CM

"China has gone as so far to repeatedly abstain from votes or use its veto power in UN security council meetings, on many international interventions, such as proposed sanctions in Syria and Myanmar.

"Many [Muslim] nations have their own internal issues whether it's religious or ethnic minorities.. so they are very loathe to criticise Beijing for its handling of its own problems (sic - CM) given they have their own problems (sic: would one describe the Copts, say, as a "problem" for Egypt? the Christians and Hindus  as a "problem" for Pakistan? only if one has internalised a Muslim view of the world - CM) to deal with", Dr Clarke said.

This case can be made for Turkey, which has spoken out against China on Xinjiang - a move Beijing has not forgotten.

'Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described the events in the restive (sic: potentially jihad-wracked - CM) province as "a kind of genocide", while Turkey also provided asylum for Uyghurs fleeing the region.

'Beijing had extended an offer of support during this year's economic crisis in Turkey, on the provision that Ankara didn't release any "irresponsible remarks" related to Uyghurs or ethnic (sic: this is less about ethnicity than about ideology - CM) in Xinjiang - and no comments on the matter have been publicly made since.

'Unfortunately, it all comes down to the calculation of [whether] it's of any benefit to us and our relationships with others more broadly", Dr Clarke said...

In other words, when push comes to shove, with the Ummah, expediency rules.  The "strong horse' is respected. Memo to western - and many non-western non-Islamic countries: we don't have to emulate totalitarian China. But in dealing with the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob there are many, many ways - without resorting to Chinese methods of forced 're-education' and gulags - that we can, and should be conducting ourselves as the "strong horse" that we in fact are.  Beginning by putting a stop to Muslim immigration, and expelling non-citizen Muslims (first of all, those who have got in under false pretences, and/ or who have after admission to the country run up criminal records as long as your arm, or who are already on the ever-lengthening 'watch-list" of persons feared to be likely to engage in acts of jihad terror., or who are openly inciting to acts of jihad terror.  We should impose these measures without explanations or apologies; and when the ummah howls and throws tantrums, we should stand our ground.  Many infidel nations are very strong; and in combination, if we were prepared to stick together and present a united front over against the jihad, we would be stronger still. - CM



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