Date: 18/01/2022
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Jihad Camp Follower and Inciter Wants to Come Back to Australia

As reported today by our grovellingly-Islamophile ABC, as per our Middle East Correspondent Adam Harvey, and two other reporters, Suzanne Dredge and Tom Hancock, all falling over themselves to represent this enemy combatant as a poor little suffering victim.  One hopes that Yazidi and Assyrian Christian refugees, the few that we have admitted, will press the Australian government to deny this venomously bloodthirsty creature access, and indeed, to strip her of her infidel-country citizenship.

"I Want to Come Back to My Country": Australian Jihadi Bride In Syrian Refugee Camp Speaks Out.

It ain't your country, princess. It's my country. It's a free infidel-majority country governing itself by non-Islamic laws, all of them infinitely superior to the sacralised sadism and sheer cray-cray-crazy that is the sharia.  When you say those words "My Country" what I hear is the voice of the Muslim imperialist who - high as a kite on the megalomania inculcated by the Muslim founding texts - regards themselves as the allah-ordained lord and master of every square centimetre of planet earth, and who intends to wage mass-murderous jihad till the entire planet is one vast sharia despotism and all of us dirty kuffar are dead, or force-converted, or enslaved as dhimmis, to be bullied and exploited for fun and profit.  Well, you're in Syria right now, and you've got a gutful of wonderful, wonderful Islam; and if it was up to me, you'd never be let into any non-Islamic country anywhere, no matter what your sob story. -CM

"An Australian woman (correction: an Australian-passport-holding Muslim jihad operative - CM) trapped with her two young children in a refugee camp for Islamic State group families, says her daughter needs urgent medical care and she wants to come home.

Her daughter can get medical care right there in the camp. Tell her and her fellows to ask for charity from their fellow Muslims: from the filthy-rich Saudis.  Why should the dirty kuffar - whom she despises, whom she would happily enslave, torture,  kill - be expected to foot the bill for her care and maintenance?  Malignant narcissism, thy name is Islam.  Listen to the voice of this witch: "I hate you, I want to kill you all and conquer your lands for Islam; but right now, I demand that you feed and house and medicate me and my children and allow me and my children to live in your house... so that my children, filled with the murderous hatred that I intend to teach them even while you feed and house and medicate them, can grow up to enslave or  mass-murder your children.: - CM

"The woman refused to confirm her identity (silly reporters: read Raymond Ibrahim and learn that deception is Islam's middle name - CM), but it's believed that she is 24 year old Zehra Duman, from Melbourne.

"'Believed'.  In this day and age, claims of identity and parentage can be settled fast enough.  Let DNA from Zehra Duman's mama and papa and siblings be compared with DNA from this creature in Syria. If it matches up, then we know who she is; and we know that she must be kept out, now that she is out. - CM

"She is being held at Al Hawl refugee camp in north-east Syria. In an interview exclusively obtained by the ABC, the woman said she wants to bring her two-year-old son and six-month-old daughter back to Australia.

So she can bring them up to hate and kill the dirty kuffar? Maybe to take a knife to school and stab their infant-school teacher or their fellow pupils?  - CM

"Both of my kids are sick.  [My daughter is] very malnourished, she's very skinny", she said. 

Dear ABC reporters: use your commonsense. Fact-check this with the camp doctors (preferably with a non-Islamic doctor, if you can find one). And bear in mind also that a jihadi who wants to get something - in this case, this wants to get back into Infidel Australia, both to make use of it, temporarily, and in the long term, doubtless, to continue to work toward Islamifying and destroying it - would not hesitate to starve or mistreat their own child in order to use that child as a lever with which to get what they want.  Martha Gellhorn, in her article, "The Arabs of Palestine", rapidly learned to double and triple fact-check all stories spun to her by the mostly-Muslim Arabs - in Gaza, in Jordan, in Lebanon - who claimed to be suffering or have suffered this or that, in the course of their failed jihad against the Jews of Israel. She learnt very rapidly that they dealt in lies, half-truths or quarter-truths, as naturally as breathing. - CM

"I have no money.  I'm not allowed to have money, they don't give us food here, and they don't let us contact our families".

Fact check those claims, dear reporters.  And even if they are true... bed. made. lie. What this woman wanted for the filthy Australian kuffar was death, death, and more death. - CM

"The Australian woman (sic: this Aussie-passport-holding Muslim - CM) said her daughter's life was in peril.

She should have thought of that before she left Australia to go wallow - gleefully, joyfully - in the bloodbath that was the Islamic State jihad against the despised Alawite heretics.  And... if she is admitted into Australia she represents a clear and present danger to every Aussie infidel that she meets.. and so will her children, for they will grow up steeped in thoroughly orthodox Islamic attitudes of "enmity and hatred" toward the dirty non-Muslims in their school yard, in the street, in the work-place.  Little non-Islamic kids in Australia should not have to fear being stabbed or poisoned in the schoolyard or the park by Islamic kids who've been pickled in hate. - CM

"My daughter needs milk, and I don't have money to buy her milk. I don't know what to do now", she said.

Lovely piece of victim theatre. I do hope the reporters had their BS-detectors switched on to "high". And perhaps they should grimly bear in mind, as this woman trots out her sob story, the testimony of Yazidi and Assyrian Christians who suffered at the hands of Islamic State jihadis like this woman's two husbands; the way in which they and their babies and little children were treated, was cruel beyond imagining.  The women and girls were sold off as sex slaves; and the highest prices of all were reaped from the tiniest, the infants and toddlers. -  CM

'She also said that she wants to come back to Australia.

Of course she does; so that she can continue to work towards its conquest by Islam. So that she can swell the numbers of the ummah colony here.  Her demand should be denied. - CM

"I want to go back to my country. I think everybody's asking for that, because I'm an Australian citizen".

A citizenship that you despise.. but which you are now trying to use for your personal convenience.  If it was up to me, madam, your Aussie citizenship would be stripped from you, and you would be given a one-way ticket for the hajj. Let the filthy-rich Saudis decide what to do with you. I'm sure somebody could fit you into their harem as a third or a fourth wife.. or concubine.  Or as a housemaid. -  CM

'I understand the anger that they have towards a lot of us here, but the kids don't need to suffer.  You know my kids have a right at least to be treated like normal kids", she said.

But they won't be.  You'll bring them up in Islam, teach them to hate and despise and attack us.  And.. what of the right of Yazidi and Assyrian Christian infants and children and their mothers, to live a normal life?  You didn't give two cents for them, I'll bet.  - CM

"There was no way out.

"The Australian (sic - CM) woman said that she tried to flew the so-called Islamic State for two years, and return to Australia, but she had no way of getting out.

And the proof of this is????  I wouldn't necessarily believe a word she says.  My guess is that she's telling the reporters what she thinks they'd like to hear, so that they will do exactly as they have done - publicise her piteous sob story, so that pressue will be placed on our authorities, to let her back in... so she can continue waging jihad by whatever means she finds effective. - CM

"It's very dangerous, to leave like that". 

Yeah, you'll be regarded as an apostate. And we know what is supposed to be done to apostates... they get killed. The reporters should have asked her: "Suppose you are let back into Australia, how do you intend to raise your kids? What are you going to teach them? And if your daughter, fifteen years from now, were to tell you she had left Islam and become a Christian, and was going to marry a Christian Aussie boy, what . would. you. do?" - CM

"If you get caught from one side or the other, it can put you into a lot of trouble", she said. "People tell you, Oh, just go walk over, but you can't do that.  It's not safe.  You're looking for a way out and there's no way out until somebdoy makes a way for you.  Nobody understands that you cannot leave that place without money, and no money is allowed to be sent in, so you're kind of left in a hole", she said.

One more time, "Bed. Made. Lie". - CM

'The Australian woman's story appears to match that of Zehra Duman - a 19-year-old who left Melbourne to join the Islamic State in November 2014.

"Ms Duman moved to the IS Syrian capital of Raqqa and married Australian (sic: Australian-passport-holding - CM) fighter (jihadi terrorist - CM) Mahmoud Abdullatif.

'She was a vocal supporter of the IS group's violent rhetoric (and not only rhetoric!  it was not only their words but their deeds that were cruel and violent. -  CM) on social media ss well as an effective recruiter.

All the more reason to not let her back in.  Ever.  Indeed, good reason to annull her Aussie citizenship.  Let the ummah take care of its own - CM

'In 2015 Ms Duman, calilng herself Umm Abdullatif Australi, posted a picture of a woman holding an automatic rifle, with the caption, "Catch me if you can".

"A Twitter account, believed to be operated by Ms Duman, was suspended in 2015, after she called for violence against "Kuffars"  or non-Muslims.

She said [and the reporters reproduce the tweet] - "Kill kuffar in alleyways.  Stab them and poison them.  Poison your teachers.  Go to haram restaurants and poison the food in large amounts".

And this is the woman who is demanding to be allowed back inside our gates? After saying that? - CM

'In February the ABC obtained exclusive footage of a woman believed to be Zehra Duman and her daughter in Syria, who then appeared to be healthy.

'The video was filmed by American humanitarian worker David Eubank in northern Syria.

'The woman in the refugee camp, who refused to confirm whether she was Ms Duman (she should have been asked to provide a DNA sample that could be taken back to Australia and checked - by non-Islamic Aussie medicos - against DNA from Ms Duman's Melbourne-resident parents and siblings - CM), said she followed her boyfriend to Syria.

Do we believe her? Again, I suspect she's trying to tell the reporters what she thinks they want to hear.. that she was a naive girl, influenced by leeeerv.- CM

"I knew him from when I was a teenager from school", she said. "I started speaking to him online - got back in contact with him - and he was religious and stuff. I wasn't Muslim (sic: presumably this means "actively-practising Muslim") my whole life.  I came here to marry him", she said.

Suuuure. - CM

"Then when you come, yoiur husband dies, and there's no way out. If you're going to get out, maybe you're put in jail."

Whose jail? - CM

"After ABdulatiff's death, Ms Duman married another Islamic State fighter who died two months ago in the battle for Al Soussa, a town near Baghouz.

"My husband got killed and I was just looking for a way out. I just packed my bags and I walked out with my kids by myself", she said.

The caliphate wasn't looking so good... Time to try to fool the stupid Aussie infidels into letting her back in to their nice, clean, orderly country... so that she can go on working toward its destruction and Islamification. - CM

"I am an Australian citizen".

And you despise us and want to kill us or enslave us all. But right now, you want to make use of us. If it was up to me, your Australian citizenship would have been declared null and void, months ago. - CM

'Last month the Syrian Democratic Forces negotiated with the Islamic State to allow civilians to leave.  The woman believed to be Ms Duman left on a convoy and arrived at the processing area three weeks ago.  She said the journey from Baghouz to the Al-Hawi camp was difficult. "We were on the truck for two days. It was raining on us, there were no blankets, and it was freezing.  My daughter was cold, so I was just making her warm with my body heat", she said.

A touching sob story. But can it be confirmed?  In any case: you have plenty of pity for yourself, madam. but did you have any pity for the Yazidi and Assyrian Christian girls and women and little children who were being  tormented and raped and murdered by your precious jihadis?  By men like your two husbands? - CM

'The woman claimed to have had no contact with the Australian authorities.

Did the reporters check this claim.  'In any case: I'd advise the authorities to track her down; get a DNA sample; cross-check it against DNA from Zehra Duman's first-degree kin in Melbourne; and if it matches up, if this female is Zehra Duman, then... take steps to annull her citizenship, pronto, so that she can never get back into Australia, nor her children either.  If the woman refuses to provide a DNA sample by which her identity can be established, one way or another: again, deny her entry. - CM

"I have not seeen any embassy [official] or anything.  We don't know what's happening. We're not allowed phones here.  We're not allowed to talk to our families", she said.

Was this claim fact-checked? - CM

"The world is talking about taking us back and whatever and we're just really [praying] that we can get out of this place."

You can go to some other part of the Ummah. There are 56 different OIC member countries to choose from, outside of Syria. - CM

'She said her family knows she's in the camp because she contacted them before she left Baghouz.  "They're trying to see what's going to happen with me, it's a hard situation", she said.

But why should we believe a word this creature utters?  War is deceit, war is deceit. - CM

'Authorities in northern Syria have been overwhelmed by around 30,000 IS (Islamic State) family members who've come out of Baghouz in recent weeks.  They said they provided three meals a day to the women and children, and they were doing their best to give basic medical care.

Hm.. Where are the oil-rich Muslim states in all this? They could easily afford to give first-world-level medical care and the best of food and shelter to their fellow Muslims who are in need. - CM

'But the Kurdish authorities said they desperately needed help from western nations (why should it be always the non-Muslims who are expected to "stump up"?  Once more - where is the rest of the ummah? - CM)

'Scores of children have died in the camps.

Can this claim be verified? - CM

'Earlier this week lawyers for 19-year-old British I.S. bride (sic: Jihad tart - CM) Shamima Begum announced that her newborn son had died.

I am sorry, but had he lived, and been permitted into Britain, there's a very high probablity that, one day down the track, many non-Islamic British kids would have suffered, and even died, at his hands. Let us remember Manchester.  The human bomb who carried out that mass-murderous attack was let into the UK as the child of claimed Islamic "refugees".- CM

'The baby's death has triggered a debate in the UK over whether to allow the children of Islamic State fighters to return to their parent's home country."

Such children are being used as "entering wedges" for the Ummah; they are part of the hijra, the Immigration-Invasion that ex-Muslim Sam Solomon describes in great detail in his book "Al-Hijra: the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration".   They - and their parent or parents - should be, calmly, coldly, grimly, in the interests of preserving the lives of the non-Islamic children in non-Islamic countries.... denied entry. 

This so-called 'Australian' woman's  demand, this demand from a bloodthirsty jihad camp followers, that - after having (while resident within Islamic State, and marrying two of its murdering raping slave-taking thugs) openly incited Muslims back home in Australia with bloodthirsty instructions to "Kill kuffar in alleyways, stab them and poison them, poison your teachers, go to haram restaurants and poison the food in large amounts" - she should be allowed back into Australia, all the better to go on hating and plotting to kill us,  bespeaks a breathtaking arrogance.  It should be denied.  And the temporary and tactical convenience of an infidel-country citizenship for which, up to this point, she has displayed absolute and total contempt, should be annulled.  Strip her of her Aussie citizenship and passport. Bed. Made. Lie.  Let the Ummah take care of its own. She can get a position as somebody's third-rank wife, in Saudi Arabia. - CM  

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