Date: 26/11/2021
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Australia: Muslims Who Plotted Mass Murder at Christmas-Time, Jailed

We will now maintain them for twenty-plus years at taxpayers' expense.  If they or their parents had never been admitted to Australia in the first place, just think of the money we'd be saving.  And the sentencing Judge, in his remarks, reveals a frightening degree of ignorance of the belief system that motivated these would-be ghazi raiders.

Report today from Margaret Paul, Karen Percy and staff of Australia's ABC.

"Trio Jailed For Plotting Christmas Terrorist Attack in Melbourne's Federation Square".

'Three men (i.e. three Melbourne-resident Muslim men - CM) have been jailed for planning to use machetes and improvised bombs to carry out a terrorist attack (a mass-murderous jihad raid - CM) in Melbourne's CBD during the 2016 Christmas period.

And just why would these muslims - like so many, many other Muslims attacking Christians throughout the world, in both recent and less-recent history - choose "the Christmas period" as the time to attack?  The ABC will not offer any explanations, let alone give us a list of similar attacks, whether plotted or in fact achieved, from all around the world, both within Muslim-dominated lands and within majority non-Islamic countries, from both the recent and the historic past; nor will we be given a list of similar sorts of attacks that specifically targeted non-Muslims whilst said non-Muslims (Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist) were celebrating their most holy feasts or festivals. - CM

'A lengthy trial heard the men had purchased machetes as well as metal pipes, light globes, and batteries to make explosives, and had tried to obtain guns, as they planned to attack people (no: "as they planned to mass-murder Christian worshippers and other celebrating non-Muslims" - CM) at Federation Square.

Not just 'Federation Square'.  They planned to attack the congregation within the Anglican Cathedral during Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. - CM

'Abdullah Chaarani, 29, and Ahmed Mohamed, 27, were each jailed for 38 years, with a non-parole period of 28 years.  The third man sentenced today, 24-year-old Hamza Abbas, was jailed for 22 years, with a non-parole period of 16 years and six months.

Reality check.  They will be just as dangerous - if not more dangerous - when they come out, as they were when they went in. And , worse, how much 'Prison Dawa" will they get up to, whilst they are 'inside', with imam visits, and halal food, and who knows what other accommodations laid on for the poor dears? - CM

'In sentencing, Suprme Court Justice Christopher Beale described the plot as "an assault on the fundamental values of our society".

Now that is true enough.  Because the ultimate goal of jihad is to force the inhabitants of the entire non-Islamic world - framed by Islam as dar al harb, zone of war - to Submit: to either relinquish their own belief systems and join the bullying Mohammedan Mob, embracing the grimly antihuman totalitarianism and sacralised sadism of the Sharia, or else accept the role of exploited, abused and despised near-slave dhimmi untermenschen, with the Muslim boot planted firmly on their necks. - CM

"Justice Beale said that the three men had embraced Islamic State ideology (that is: ISLAM, bog-standard orthodox by-the-book ISLAM - CM) and believed the planned attack would be pleasing to Allah.

Muslims wage and have always waged jihad because they are taught, in the Quran, Sira and Hadiths, that this is the way, par excellence, to please Allah and achieve paradise.  - CM 

"The stupidity of that belief was matched only by its malevolence", he said.

Dear Justice Beale: one might say, to be perfectly truthful, that the stupidity of Islam is matched only by its malevolence... But I fear that you are trying to say that there is a variety of Islam, a nice Islam, a 'real' Islam, in which killing unbelievers wholesale is not pleasing to Allah??  If so - if you are trying to assert that these murder-minded mohammedans were "stupid" because they were misunderstanding Islam, getting their wonderful religion all wrong.. then .. you need to read Ibn Warraq's book "The Islam in Islamic Terrorism" and Robert Spencer's "A History of Jihad, from Mohammed to ISIS", and discover that these plotters were, in fact, perfectly orthodox Muslims who understood their religion very well indeed.  Or, since you are the Suprme Court Justice, Joseph Schacht's monumental tome "An Introduction to Islamic Law" might serve to enlighten you.  In that book Joseph Schacht - who knew far more about Islam than you do, Justice Beale - makes this lapidary statement.  "“The basis of the Islamic attitude towards unbelievers is the law of war; they must be either converted, or subjugated, or killed”.  ISIS did not exist, when Schacht wrote those words. ISIS is merely one of the most recent crystallisations of Islam, one of the most recent attempts to carry out the jihad imperative that is hard-wired into the core texts of Islam - CM

"He said he accepted the three men were on the path to deradicalisation (ROFLMAO: there is no such thing as deradicalisation... the only Muslim who is not potentially dangerous is a Muslim who is no longer a Muslim; who has made a clean break with the Ummah; who has publicly and determinedly apostasised. - CM) and had reasonable prospects of rehabilitation.

They were planning to mass-murder hundreds and possibly thousands of people.  I do not believe for one second that they have abandoned their belief in the efficacy of jihad fi sabil allah as the way to get into allah's paradise. They are dangerous.  They will remain dangerous so long as they continue to identify themselves as Muslims.  - CM

 'The plot is the second terrorism conviction for Chaarani and Mohamed, who are already serving 22-year prison terms for setting fire to a Shi'a mosque in Melbourne's north just a few weeks before the planned attack.

Other-sect / deemed-insufficiently-Islamic Muslims are as much a target of Jihad as Kuffar.  In a sense, they cease to be viewed as Muslims and are treated instead as if they were kuffar, unbelievers. - CM

'Hamza Abbas's brother Ibrahim Abbas was the key witness in the case, claiming to be the group's ringleader.  Last year he was sentenced to 24 years in prison for leading the plan, which included putting an explosive vest on his brother Hamza.

Par for the course.. this sort of thing has happened before, in other parts of the world, on numerous occasions. - CM

'Father told plott, "You are not my son".

Covering his ass.  - CM

"The sentencing of the trio has taken place more than a year after they were found guilty by a trial.

"It was delayed by the trial in which Mohamed and Chaarani were convicted of terrorism offences for torching the Fawkner mosque.

'That crime was described by the sentencing judge as "an attack on religious freedom" (which is what the planned attack on the Cathedral in Melbourne, on Christmas Eve, would also have been, had it been carried out.. - CM), motivated by "the evil ideolgoy" of the Islamic State (IS) group, also known as ISIS.

Motivated by the evil ideology of Islam, period.  Being Sunni Musims, these plotters viewed their Shiite victims as heretics/ apostates.   Given the opportunity, the Shiites would reciprocate, and attack the Sunnis. - CM

'During a plea hearing before Justice Beale last month, Mohamed and Chaarani sought to convince the court that they had turned their backs on IS and had been on a path to deradicalisation since their arrest in December 2016.

Oh, suuuuure.  Muslims lie. Muslims lie.  Muslims lie. - CM

'Despite maintaining their innocence through both trials, the men took the unusual move of giving evidence during the plea hearing, admitting to the crimes.

'Chaarani told the court, "I renounce violent jihad.  I renounce ISIS.  I renounce extremist ideology".

Stealth jihad, from now on, eh?  And again: Muslims are permitted to lie, to protect themselves, to protect the ummah, to confuse the foolish kuffar, to buy time. - CM

"He told the court of being visited by his father in prison in the months after he was arrested in late 2016. His father told him, "You've embarrassed me.  You've shocked me.  You are not my son", the court heard.

And who, precisely, heard his father say this?  Is there an independent non-Islamic witness who can confirm that this was indeed said?  Otherwise, for all we know, the Muslim son and/ or his father are just saying whatever they think will incline the stupid kuffar to greater leniency. - CM

'Mohamed told the court he also denounced radicalism and IS, saying he took part in the plot because, "I wanted to make bombs. I thought they (IS) were cool."

And why did you - and a whole lot of other young Muslims, both male and female, to judge by the numbers who rushed off to Syria to wallow in a jihad bloodbath - think they were "cool", in the first place?  WAsn't it because they were doing just like Mohammed and his gang of slave-raiding, raping, terrorising, looting and pillaging banditti used to do, back in the day?  There were no young Christians, or Jews, or Buddhists, or Hindus, who thought IS were "cool"; they, like other decent non-Islamic human beings, were properly horrified and disgusted by the beheadings, the rapes, the selling of very young Christian and Yazidi girls as sex-slaves, and all the rest of it. - CM

'He told the court he felt pressured by other Muslim boys (hmm... and how many "other Muslim boys" might these have been ... he doesn't seem to be referring to just his two co-plotters, here - CM) when they talked about carrying out terrorist acts.

When they fantasised about waging jihad, following the sacralised example of warlord Mohammed. - CM

'Hamza Abbas's lawyer had told the court her client played a lesser role in the plot, and was not fully aware of the plan.

Really?  On whose say-so does she base this claim? His?  His mates? And again: Muslims lie, Muslims lie, Muslims lie.  Especially when they have their a**e caught in a crack; when they have been arrested, and are trying to bamboozle the stupid kuffar police and judiciary. - CM

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