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Violence by Muslim Migrant Men in Europe, Coming to America?

On the February 7, 2016 The Lisa Benson Show we heard evidence of the stark figures of how this historic Dar al Hijrah immigration wave has literally swamped Sweden resulting in thousands of instances of lawlessness, sexual assault, and murder by hordes of Muslim young men and unaccompanied minors. LISTEN to the Soundcloud of the broadcast.

 The Hon. Kent Ekeroth, deputy of the Sweden Democrat party in the Riksdag, the national parliament, revealed that 35,000 unaccompanied youths now constitute 50 percent of students in the country's high schools. The upwards of 200,000 migrants and asylees that Sweden received in 2015 and early 2016 as US international affairs commentator Barry Nussbaum indicated is equivalent to receiving the equivalent here of the population of the State of Indiana, 6.6 Million based on the population of Sweden, 9.8 million. Further, he cited Swedish statistics of the 5,000 instances of crimes that occurred with the arrival of Muslim male migrants and the instances of sexual assault or Swedish women.

The Swedish tolerance for this wave of Muslim immigration has resulted in the Interior Minister issuing an expulsion order for 80,000 of these unwanted arrivals. Neighboring Finland has issued an expulsion order for 20,000 migrants. Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel once welcomed one million Muslim migrants has reached near rebellion with public opinion polls demanding that she resign. Community leaders in Germany, Norway and other locations in the broken borderless Schengen system have advised young women not to dress provocatively effectively adhering to Sharia demands of domestic Imams.

But Europe is not alone in being threatened. Our neighbor to the north, Canada, under the new Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is admitting 25,000 Syrian refugees with many being put up in Canadian Forces bases around the country. Given Canada’s 35 million in population that complement of Refugees would be the equivalent in the US of over 225,000, according to recent testimony by Canadian lawyer and counterterrorism expert, David B. Harris before the US Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs on February 3, 2016.  Regarding the ability of Canada’s so-called Fast Track for vetting of Syrian Refugees he cautioned:

How readily can one gain access to a migrant’s history, when that migrant is from a hostile or chaotic country?  We cannot reliably confer with authorities of such jurisdictions – assuming authority exists – about many prospective refugees. 

It is suggested in Canada that risk can be mitigated by barring unaccompanied adult Syrian males.  But people lie about age, and many males and females below the age of majority are in ISIS ranks.  And what effect would an adult-male embargo have on at-risk adult gay and other males targeted by terrorists?

Meanwhile, in favoring women with children, and men with families, do we know who is actually married to whom and whose children are accompanying whom?  Are some ISIS fighters’ families involved?  Would they, in turn, sponsor relatives or ostensible relatives? 

Harris noted the history of cross border terrorist traffic:

In the past, there have been few newcomers to Canada crossing the US border for terrorist purposes.  But, failed millennium bomber Ahmed Ressam, and Ghazi Ibrahim Abu Mezer’s 1997 arrest in his Brooklyn bomb factory, remind us of the cross-border risks.  Concerns also exist that extremists could move north from the US, and about the chronic problem of migrants, with US-granted visas, from Syria and elsewhere, turning up in Canada and making refugee claims.

Watch this Vladtepesblog You Tube video of Harris testimony at the US Senate HSGA hearings:

Then there are the 10,000 Syrian refugees to be admitted here in the US over the next two years distributed in more than 190 communities in the US. The difficulty is, as Dr. Sebastian Gorka counterterrorism expert at the Marine Corps University and, son of Hungarian Refugees from the 1956 Revolt against Russian tyranny, said on a recent Lisa Benson Show program, how can we possibly vett these refugees, if there isn’t a data base to confirm the documents? He further said:

The only way to vet is to compare that individual's story and the data they are providing you, against an objective, confirmed database – a source that you know is true. You check that against their presentations to the individual who's interviewing them. As Director Comey of the FBI, has testified on the Hill, we do not have that database to check refugee data against. It doesn't even exist. Even if it existed in Syria, the Assad regime would not give us access to that information. So when it comes to the very basic 101 of national security, we don't have the manpower, nor do we have the objective data – the verifiable data – available to do a proper refugee screening as the U.S. national security would require.

With thousands of Syrian refugees being admitted on a Fast Track basis in Canada coupled with thousands  allegedly screened by the DHS for  resettlement by the US Refugee Admissions program, can we expect exposure to the same instances of violence by migrant men and acts of terrorism by ISIS operatives here in the US?  That is the question and the risk to our national security.



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