Sunday, 13 March 2016
The Impoverishment of Palestinians under the Futile Two-State ‘Solution”

Palestinian man in West Bank village of Mufagara

Source: Reuters

Martin Sherman in a trenchant Jerusalem Post , Into the Fray column,  this weekend drew attention to the follies of the two-state solutions under the Oslo Accords  impoverishing the Palestinians  producing  the subsequent  territorial insecurities  now confronting Israeli Jews  daily, “The Tragic Toll of the Two State Travesty on the Palestinians  “. His tachlis (bottom line in Hebrew): “No one has inflicted greater harm on Palestinian society than avid two-staters.”  He rails against the chimera of the two-state solution that a self governing Palestinian could uplift its people and build a vibrant civil society.

That was perpetrated by the late Israeli PM Sharon under the delusion that withdrawal of Israeli Jewish citizens’ from settlements in Gaza, Israel would become more secure. The subsequent events a decade ago, under pressure from  Condoleezza Rice, then  Bush National Security Advisor, subsequently Secretary of State, created a Islamic Jew hatred  Hamas terrorstan stocked with tens of thousands of rockets ranging across Southern and Central Israel. That legacy fostered three inconclusive IDF operations in 2009, 2012 and the 50 day summer war of 2014 replete with terror tunnels.  Note what we presciently wrote in a December 2012 NER  article about the 12 day November 2012 IDF operation, the first involving the use of Iron Dome batteries, "Not the Time to Conquer Gaza": Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense :

Israel has been victimized by the follies of moribund former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon who in August 2005 unilaterally withdrew from Gaza forcibly repatriated 9,000 Jewish settlers from the Gush Katif. A number of those repatriated had been previously forced out of the Jewish Sinai settlement of Yamit in 1982 part of the de-militarization arrangements under the 1979 Peace Treaty with Egypt. A month later, in September 2005, Sharon acceded to the request from former Bush Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to give up security control over the 14.5 kilometer Philadelphi Corridor in the Rafah Gap border with Egypt. Those rights were granted under the Camp David Accords of 1979 and the failed Oslo Accords of 1993.  Sharon’s actions were done to allegedly provide security for Israel at the price of appeasing Palestinians. [That withdrawal was followed by the Hamas Gaza takeover following the January 25 2006, Palestinian Legislative Council elections and rout of Fatah in 2007.] Since that time Israel has been made increasingly insecure. We wrote at the time:

“Will PM Sharon end up like the biblical Nazarite Samson, destroyer of the Philistines, shorn of his locks and eyeless in Gaza? Controversy, conflict, anger, and recriminations are already abundant.“

Israel will now be confronted with ever increasing dangerous salvos of thousands more rockets from Hamas in Gaza courtesy of Iran and the pilfered Gaddafi-era armories in Libya. By not invading Gaza and effectively demilitarizing Hamas and the other terrorist groups, it still faces to Islamic terror. Harold Rhode in a Gatestone article, “Hamas’ Victory How Muslims see it” noted:

How would Ibn Hazm, the great Muslim theorist on war, understand the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas? He probably would have believed -- as, most likely, do his modern day co-religionists -- that the Israelis were afraid to destroy Hamas's leadership.

Ibn Hazm wrote: "When at war, show your enemy no mercy, but when you have him at your mercy, you must give him breathing room but you dictate the terms." The loser has no say in the terms; only the victor has.

Sherman  in his column cites as examples:

The number of residents relying on foreign aid has hit 80% “Poverty grips the Gaza Strip and unemployment rates terrifying,” Asharq al-Awsat, January 19

To mark the 10th anniversary since Hamas’s victory, local activists launched the hashtag #ten_years_of_siege, with which they tell stories of loss of hope and professional horizons, and bask in one common dream: to leave Gaza for good Ali Waked, “Ten Years After Hamas Takeover, Unemployment and Poverty in Gaza Reach New Heights,” Breitbart News Network, January 21

The economy is in decline and unemployment, especially among youth, is on the rise. The internal conflict between Gaza and the West Bank is not close to resolution. Gaza remains in ruins with nearly two million people living in total poverty. A majority of Gazans would leave if they had any place to go. – Gershon Baskin, The Jerusalem Post, March 2

Much has been written by opponents of the two-state paradigm about the imbecility and iniquity of that insane experiment, and the terrible toll the endeavor to implement it has taken in terms of thousands of lives and limbs of Israeli citizens.

Far less has been published by the critics of the land-for-peace doctrine, which spawned the two-state prescription, on the terrible toll the pursuit of this dangerous delusion has taken on the people it was purported to benefit most – the Palestinian-Arabs.

Perverse political paradox

One of the most perverse paradoxes in the political discourse on the Israel-Arab conflict is that the people who support the two-state principle should be its fiercest critics – at least if we are to judge by the “enlightened” moral values and progressive political pragmatism they invoke for endorsing it.

For even the most perfunctory analysis reveals the two-state endeavor to be not only an exercise in utter futility, which will not attain any of its intended aims, but one that is both self-obstructive and self-contradictory, which will bring about the exact opposite of those alleged aims.

As I wrote in last week’s column, from a partisan pro-Israel perspective, the two-state endeavor is at once immoral, irrational, and incompatible with Israel’s long-term existence as the Jewish nation-state.

It is immoral, because it will create realities that are the negation of the lofty values invoked for its implementation.

It is irrational, because it will produce precisely the perils it was designed to prevent.

Today , we witness  daily knifings by Palestinian and Israeli Arabs incited by corrupt PA President Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Imams, and infamous Israeli Arab Salafist, Sheik Rael Salah invoking ancient Islamic  blood libels, Qur’anic suras and Hadiths as justification for jihad.  Then we have the traitorous members of the Joint Arab list in the Knesset making common cause with their Palestinian Sunni cousins and Shia ally, Iran. All while 56% of Israeli Arab polled want the Arab list MKs removed.  Moreover as we saw in the recent Pew survey of Israeli Jews  49% would favor ejecting Palestinian Arabs, perhaps to a place that never wanted them, the Kingdom of Jordan that denies civil rights of their Palestinian majority cousins.  Add to this toxic brew the missile rattling Hezbollah backed by Iran on Israeli’s northern border, ISIS in Syria, the Sinai, Gaza and the disputed territories and we have a roiling dangerous threat to the future security of Israel. 


Posted on 03/13/2016 2:27 PM by Jerry Gordon
15 Mar 2016
How many Palestinians does it take to screw in a light bulb? None. If you give them enough time, they will succeed to screw themselves.

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