Tuesday, 5 April 2016
Some Intrepid Aussie Catholics Investigate and Report on Muslim Subjugation and Repression of the Native Infidels In West Papua

And they even dare to state that the goal appears to be the extinction of the native non-Muslims and the Islamisation of the province, which majority-Muslim and suffused-with-Islam Indonesia invaded and colonised in 1961.

As reported by Mark Bowling in the 'Catholic Leader'  on 9 March this year (the article has only just come to my attention, I must confess).

'New Catholic Report Tells Stories of Murder, Kidnapping and Torture in West Papua'.

'Allegations of recent military and police intimidation, beatings and torture, kidnapping and murder in West Papua have been documented in a new Church report.

'The report documents Muslims being radicalised (sic: 'recruited for active Jihad' - CM) in the once-predominantly-Christian Papuan provinces, and "very active" Muslim militias that burn down Papuan houses.

Just like the Muslims are doing to the Christians in Northern Nigeria, half a world away... Jihad is jihad, always and everywhere. - CM

'The report was compiled by the Brisbane Catholic Justice and Peace Commission's Shadow Human Rights Fact Finding Mission to West Papua, following a visit to West Papua last month.

It is a miracle of the first order that they even got into the place to talk to the people there; Muslim Indonesia does not allow many Infidel outsiders to enter West Papua which it is busy plundering and terrorising and Islamising at a rate of knots... with the shameful Dhimmi-like connivance of foreign non-Muslim corporations and governments who appear to be blinded by a combination of fear and greed. - CM

'It has not yet been publicly released, nor comment sought from Indonesian authorities.

Don't bother asking Muslim Indonesia for 'comment'. All you will get is a torrent of nonsense-and-lies, whether delivered smilingly or shriekingly. - CM

'The report documents religious, social and economic discrimination (just exactly such as Muslim entities have meted out for 1400 years to subjugated non-Muslim populations - CM), including how the carve-up of land for major development has benefited multinationals and excluded Papuans (i.e. the non-Muslim indigenous people - CM) from ownership and jobs.

'It refers to a slow-motion genocide happening 250 km north of Australia and states that "the Indonesians want to replace the Christian religion with Islam".

Yes. Precisely.  Indonesia is 85 percent Muslim, and the Muslims dominate the country; Islam suffuses its culture and its goals.  And the goal of the Ummah, ever since Islam was invented, has been to Islamise not this or that local area, but ultimately the whole wide world; to subject all humans everywhere to the horror of Muslim despotism and then also to impose and enforce the system of unlaw that is the Sharia, both total and totalitarian. Muslim dominance over non-Muslims has already been achieved in broad terms in Indonesia; but in those provinces that still have large-ish non-Muslim populations there is plenty of subjugation and humiliation still to be indulged in, for pleasure and profit.  And then, sooner or later, as already in Aceh, the sharia-pushers will get to work. - CM

'The report author, Josephite Sister Susan Connelly (a 'Josephite' is a member of the Australian Catholic teaching order of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart, founded by Mother Mary MacKillop, now canonised as "Saint Mary of the Cross" - CM) was accompanied to West Papua by Brisbane archdiocese's Catholic Justice and Peace Commission executive officer Peter Arndt.

'During their fact-finding mission they interviewed more than 250 community leaders in Japapura, Merauke, Timika and Sorong.

'Sr Connelly, a respected human rights advocate, likened her visit to West Papua to "stepping back twenty years when I first went to East Timor."

Twenty years ago would be 1996, at the height of the Indonesian Muslim occupation and repression of majority-non-Muslim East Timor which had begun when the region was invaded by Indonesia in 1975 on the flimsiest of excuses.  Muslim Indonesia occupation and pillage and repression of West Papua is proceeding exactly as it proceeded in East Timor; except that it is probably even more brutal and in West Papua hijra, 'migration' of Muslims is being used full-bore to demographically swamp the indigenous Infidels and reduce them to a minority in their own country. - CM

"The same oppressive security presence everywhere, the same suspicion, bewilderment, frustration and sadness", she said. "The same fear. The same seemingly groundless hope".

Hope sustained only by the  Christian faith of the people, faith in a God who grants resurrection to the dead and, historically, liberated Israel both from slavery and from Exile. - CM

"A man took my hands in his and said, 'We are in danger'. That simple statement sums up for me the experience of the whole visit."

Yes. They are in danger. The West Papuan Christians and animists, crushed by a majority-Muslim and Muslim-dominated imperial entity that views them with absolute contempt and hostilty, are in danger of being exterminated in their own land. Like the Assyrian Christians in theirs, and the Yazidis.  Like the Armenian Christians were, in their own land, in 1915-1916.  Like many non-Muslim tribes in those parts of Africa where the Jihad is advancing daily by process of infiltration, and subversion, and also by many acts of violence both small and great. - CM

"The Papuan people have lost so much, and are facing erasure as a people, merely preserved as oddities of the past or artefacts to be photographed for tourist brochures.

"They realize that their land is considered more valuable than they are."

West Papua is being plundered of its minerals and forest products and the profits are going to the powerful - predominantly-Muslim - people who rule Indonesia. - CM

'The fact-finding team heard many accounts of alleged military and police brutality and murder.

"There is clear evidence of ongoing violence, intimidation and harassment by the Indonesian security forces", Mr Arndt said on his return to Brisbane.

"That is especially the case for Papuans expressing their support for particular political points of view.

"Authorities want to close down any Papuan efforts to promote discussion about self-determination, and they have applied a military response to deal with the irrepressible desire of a large number of Papuans to promote their cause for freedom."

'Based on his interviews across West Papua, Mr Arndt identified the instigators of alleged human rights violations as members of the Indonesian army including Kopassus, police including a special counter-insurgency unit, Detachment 88, and Indonesia's intelligence agency, BIN.

"Even demonstrating about social issues such as access to education get broken up by authorities", he said.

"The fact-finding team heard many examples of how the Indonesian Government pushed economic development, but ignored human rights.

"The Government has carved up the land and given it for exploitation to some 50 multinational companies", the report said.

Those fifty companies should be identified.  Any Infidel-owned companies amongst them require to be named and shamed, ceaselessly; for they are conniving at and profiting from what is nothing other than a Jihad genocide, a Muslim country's sack and pillage of a conquered non-Muslim territory. - CM

"The procedure is that the local government invites companies to come and gives permits. People are usually shocked when the companies come to sign a MoU (memorandum of understanding) with them, showing them the permit and the map.

"If the villagers don't agree to the proposal, the company goes back to the local government and returns with the police."

'In the 1970s ethnic Papuans (all of them either Christian or animist - CM) accounted for 96 percent of the population.

'Today they are a minority 48 percent, because of the rapid migration of Indonesians from other more populated islands such as Java.

Hijra. Immigration-invasion to spread and impose Islam.  Exactly as Muslims are now doing in Europe, and many other places. In this case, of course, the Muslim-dominated Indonesian government is actively and openly moving Muslims into a historically-Infidel region.  The authors of this report on West Papua need to read ex-Muslim Sam Solomon's "Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration", together with Mark Durie's "The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom" in order to fully understand what is going on. - CM

'The report found that Papuans were now marginalised economically at the expense of immigrants, the majority of whom are Muslims.

Note bene - "..immigrants, the majority of whom are Muslims". - CM

'The report said there was "a movement for Muslims from Indonesia to replace Papuans in every sector."

Is any Islamo-informed NER reader surprised to hear this? - CM

"The Indonesians want to replace the Christian religion with Islam.  Many mosques are being built everywhere.

Surprise, surprise. And what might this, perchance, tell us about the meaning of the indecent speed with which mosques are being built everywhere in the USA, Australia (even in country towns like Toowoomba, Bendigo, Ballarat), and across the West, and in historically-non-Muslim countries in Africa, and the seemingly-never-stopping flood of Muslim 'migrants' and so-called 'refugees', spouting well-rehearsed sob stories, into nearly all historically-infidel countries world-wide? - CM

"They want Papua to be a Javanese Malay nation", the report said.

Javanese Malay Muslim.. That's what's going on. Islamisation by hook and by crook.- CM

"Radicalisation (that is: recruitment for military Jihad - CM) is happening in Papua, with some militias very active near the border with PNG.

Papua-New Guinea, occupying the eastern half of the large mountainous and forested island of New Guinea, north of Australia, has never been ruled by Muslims; Muslim Indonesia has not a shred of a claim to it, any more than it had any shred of a claim to West Papua.  Papua-New Guinea is, at the moment, Christian and animist.  Many of its Christians - whether Catholic or Protestant - are very fervent.  I have no doubt that there are Indonesian Muslims looking forward to and laying plans to use an Islamically 'digested' West Papua - its surviving non-Muslim indigenes reduced to a cowed and terrorised remnant by the well- tried jihad methods of murder, pillage, forced conversion and demographic 'swamping -  as the jumping-off point for a next wave of Jihad against the next target - non-Muslim Papua-New Guinea, which mortally offends allah merely by existing as a sovereign non-Muslim entity.  If Australia and other of the world's infidels had any sense they would be assisting Papua-New Guinea to massively fortify and prepare to defend its land border with rapidly-devoured-by-Islam West Papua.  Because sooner or later, and probably sooner, the cross-border terror-rape-and-murder raids - like the raids that Muslim Arabs used to conduct in the 1950s across the border into Israel from the south, or across the border from Lebanon into Israel in the 1970s,and like Boko Haram is conducting from Nigeria against Christian villagers in majority-Christian Cameroon, and like the raids that Al Shabaab has conducted across the border from Muslim Somalia into non-Muslim Kenya, and like the attack on Mumbai by Muslims from Pakistan in 2008 - are going to begin, with armed Muslim ghazi raiders crossing into Papua-New Guinea territory and attacking Christian villages.  - CM

"They burn down the Papuan houses. They are recruited as illegal loggers. Their camps and logging are well protectected by the military.  

In other words, the Indonesian government is supporting and enabling and protecting a bunch of Jihadis as they terrorise and pillage the local non-Muslim population. - CM

"The military are certainly killing the people, and closed access to opportunity to Papuans in all areas of life constitutes a slow-motion genocide.

The denial of opportunity mirrors similar systematic discrimination against non-Muslims in places like Pakistan and Egypt, where Muslims make sure that the majority of non-Muslims are trapped in the lowest-paid and most menial forms of employment.  It is about keeping them powerless so that they may be profitably and pleasurably bullied and exploited at will by their Muslim overlords. - CM

"The general opinion encountered was that Indonesia is a total failure regarding Papua and is just another coloniser.

It's worse than that. This is Islamic imperialism proceeding systematically, seizing 'turf', stripping it of resources,and deliberately crushing and destroying an indigenous non-Muslilm society. - CM

"The Indonesian Government does not give opportunities to Papuan people or protect them."

Of course it doesn't. Of course it won't.  They are non-Muslims who have been subjugated by a Muslim entity.  Unless and until they Submit and convert to Islam, they will be treated like dirt.   - CM

"It was said that most Church leaders try to deal with the problems one by one, but the whole picture should be looked at as a series of policies designed to overcome the Papuan people.

To subjugate them. To make them Submit: whether as Muslims, embracing the soul-crushing Death Cult, the Religion of Blood and War, with their formerly Chrisitan-and-pagan homeland swallowed up by and absorbed within the Dar al Islam, the Empire of Islam, or as de facto Dhimmis, nonpeople to be humiliated, degraded, exploited and terrorised; or, if they persistently resist either of those options, to exterminate them. - CM

"In every sector of government the system is composed of Indonesian tactics to destroy the Papuans.

"Beatings and torture are used, but also the economic aspects of lack of opportunity, the sidelining of the indigenous people, the taking over of land by companies... are part of the plan."

The seizure of land by Muslims has always been part of the Islamisation of newly-taken territories. - CM

Accusations in the report.

I assume that these form some, but by no means all, of the individual examples recorded by the investigators. - CM

'A young, wealthy businessman [was] poisoned in 2015.  He had financially supported building an office for the National Committee for West Papua, an independence-oriented group.  He also funded Papuans being sent to international conferences.

'A Papuan woman activist arrested in 2015 by police for holding a prayer service in support of an international conference in London.  She and her group were interrogated for five hours.

'In January this year, 27 Papuan palm oil workers were allegedly tortured by the Indonesian army's special force, Kopassus.  They men had previously complained to their company bosses after they had not been paid for two months.

'A man aged 35 who used to work for Papua's Freeport gold mine was kidnapped in 2015, killed, and his body thrown on the street.  There was no sign of torture and the police told his family that it was an accident.

'Police and military broke up community activities such as prayer meetings.

'In September 2015, 18 year old Daniel Bowgow was killed.  His father was a local prayer meeting leader.

'People reported [that] they couldn't move freely at night to search for food for fear of being kidnapped.

'The military and police use Papuan informers (yes, there have always been  and are collaborators, whether converts to Islam or persons frightened or corrupted into willing Dhimmitude, to assist an Islamic invader and occupier - CM) to let them know of people's movements."

Despite Indonesian attempts to keep word from getting out, the reports of repression and violence and exploitation by Muslim Indonesia in formerly-majority-Infidel West Papua just keep on coming, like blood seeping from under a locked door. - CM

Posted on 04/05/2016 12:26 AM by Christina McIntosh
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