Thursday, 5 May 2016
News Flash: Lindsay Lohan Is “Exploring” Islam
Fox News reported last week that Lindsay Lohan the perennially bad girl of Hollywood is infatuated with Islam. Lindsay, who is famous for being famous, now wants to flirt with converting to Islam. Lindsay, I don’t how to say this to you tactfully, but this is a really, really, really dumb idea, even for you.

Ms. Lohan has appeared before the Judge about 20 times over the last eight years mainly on alcohol and drug offenses. She has almost single handedly kept the posh Hollywood treatment centers in business. She has been dried out more times than a bathroom wash cloth.

Have you, Lindsay, in your vast reading of the Koran ever noticed the penalty for drinking alcohol ?

I think it is a 100 leashes across your bare back for the first offense. You will need a burkha just to cover the scars and welts across your beautiful back and shoulders. But Islam does have a permanent cure for alcoholism if you back slide a second time. The second time you are caught drinking alcohol becomes a capital offense. You will be killed. My guess is either through stoning or decapitation. Neither are pleasurable alternatives.

Let’s assume you do convert to Islam and then discover the error of your ways. There is literally no exit from Islam. Have you “explored” the penalty for leaving Islam? All the schools of Islamic jurisprudence demand the death penalty for the apostate. I am sure with your high profile Jihadis would be lined up around the block to kill the famous Lindsay Lohan. We killed bin Laden, but ISIS would kill you. What terror act could top the spectacular Sharia mandated killing of Lindsay Lohan ?

Lindsay, quit shilling for Islam ! All of you vapid Hollywood types are creating a fantasy Islam, one that has never existed and will never exist in the future. Stop being a useful idiot for Islam.

Hint: While you are exercising your formidable mental powers study the life of Mohammed.

I sincerely fear for your continued existence upon the planet if you do become a Muslim. That decision is irrevocable. Wise up, sweetie, before it is too late.

Posted on 05/05/2016 5:30 AM by John Constantine
9 May 2016
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Lindsay!... you are more valued, and valuable, than all of the gems on all of the planets!... circling all of the stars, in all of the galaxies!... in the whole of God's created universe! You are God's little girl!... and His precious, and gracious gift to us!... and to His Kingdom to come! And!... for whom!... His son, paid an awesome price! And His love for you shines brighter than all of the beacons of His Holy Realm, combined! And it was for Him!... and for those who would be blessed through you!... that you were born! X+O?! ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ To close... and for those who may wonder about Islam... and its place in the world... I offer you the following... ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ JESUS CHRIST, MUHAMMAD, AND THE GOP ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ In an attempt to ascertain the Biblical Truth concerning the veracity of the "claims" attributed to the said prophet Muhammad (by whomever, and whenever), and afterupon my examination of both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and the Quran, I happened upon a couple of remarkable verses in the Book of Luke, in the New Testament, of the Bible (although, found elsewhere, within the New Testament!). ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ Under the Book of Luke, Chapter 16, Verse 16, we read, "The Law and the Prophets were proclaimed UNTIL (my emphasis) John (i.e., John the Baptist!)."... and, within the Book of Luke, Chapter 7, Verse 28, we read, "I say to you, among those born of women, there is NO ONE GREATER (my emphasis) than John (i.e., John the Baptist!)"! [Gideons Translation] ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ Simply stated, if the claim on page 8 of the book titled, The Quran Translated: Message For Humanity, is correct... and which reads, "... Being the last of these Prophets, Muhammad was to be God's FINAL (and thus, ULTIMATE!) Messenger!..."... then!... the words attributed to Christ within the Book of Luke, Chapter 7, Verse 28, are UNTRUE! And so!... making Christ "confused"-- at best!... or-- worse!-- A LIAR! But, if the words of Christ within the Book of Luke, Chapter 7, Verse 28, and, in Chapter 16, Verse 16, are TRUE!... then!... not only was Muhammad NOT the greatest of the Prophets, he (Muhammad!)-- AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY!-- COULD NOT HAVE BEEN A PROPHET, AT ALL (i.e., as such is described, within the pages of the Bible!)! For!... and apart from Christ's words in Luke 7: 28 (extolling praise, glory, and the Seal of Finality on John the Baptist!)... how could the Law and the Prophets be up UNTIL John, yet-- nevertheless!-- a subsequent prophet (and yea!... supposedly!... THE GREATEST PROPHET!) is revealed some six hundred years after the fact, of the time of Christ (see, Quran, CH 33: 41... and note: With the exception of Ahmadi Muslims, "Khatamu ’n-Nabiyy?n"-- "Seal of the Prophets"!-- is regarded by Muslims to mean that Muhammad was the last of the prophets sent by God!)? ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ And thus, the battle... then!... obviously!... is between the claims proffered by the self-styled prophet of God, Muhammad!... and, the claims CLEARLY ATTRIBUTED to Christ! And as for the said appearance of Archangel Gabriel to Muhammad to bestow upon Muhammad a SPECIAL PROPHETIC DISPENSATION (as outlined in the work, The Quran Translated: Message For Humanity!), such an act by Gabriel (something not mentioned in the Bible!) would put Gabriel in conflict with the words-- and will!-- of Jesus Christ!... and-- ultimately!-- in conflict with GOD! And so, if the said prophet Muhammad did in fact receive a visit from an Angel, I would strongly assert that that Angel, was someone OTHER, than Gabriel! And so!... there can be only ONE!... CLEAR!... resolve to this epistemologic dilemma!:... either Jesus Christ or Muhammad, was "confused"!... OR!... A LIAR! For!... God is not "confused"!... and God is not a LIAR! And!... as there is OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE for the veracity of the claims put forward by Jesus Christ, the "confusion"!... OR!... DISHONESTY!... IS NOT CHRIST'S! ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ But with regard to the "conservative reaction" to Islam... the view of the "self-avowed/ averred" "CHRISTIAN RIGHT (and its supporters... e.g., the Right-wing GOP!)", that THESE have a "DEVINE/ SACROSANCT DISPENSATION (i.e., one 'blessed by God'!... AND YEA, 'A RIGHT, AT THE HEART, OF THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS CHRIST!')", and/ or, a "SACROSANCT HUMAN RIGHT (i.e., in deference to the non-Christian, Humanist members of the GOP!)" to bear arms in defence of themselves (e.g., against the likes of ISIS!), and in defence of the "downtrodden" of the world... is... well!... SUSPECT! And!... begs the question: "Is their 'DEVINE POSTURE', and 'DEFENSIVE POSITION', JUSTIFIED THROUGH JESUS CHRIST?" Well... let us examine (i.e., those who profess Christ!) a few further New Testament passages, to find out! ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ In Matthew Chapter 05, Verse 38, Christ states: "You've heard that it has been said: 'An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.' But I say to you, THAT YOU NOT RESIST (PHYSICALLY CONTEND WITH!) EVIL: WHOSOEVER SHALL HIT YOU ON ONE CHEEK, TURN TO THAT ONE, ALSO, THE OTHER." In Matthew Chapter 10, Verse 16, Christ states, "Be aware!... I send you out AS SHEEP, in the midst of wolves; therefore, be as wise as serpents, BUT HARMLESS, AS DOVES." ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ Next, the ensuing is a question put to Christ from a Pharisaic lawyer... in an effort to tempt Christ! In Matthew, Chapter 22, Verse 36, the Pharisaic lawyer asks (in an attempt to catch Jesus in some act of pompous pontification, and religious sophistry!): "Master, which is the GREAT COMMANDMENT in the Law?"; V37) Jesus said unto him, "YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND"; V38) "THIS IS THE FIRST AND GREAT COMMANDMENT"; V39) "AND THE SECOND IS LIKE UNTO IT!... 'YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR, AS YOURSELF'"; V40) "ON THESE TWO COMMANDMENTS, HANG ALL THE LAW, AND THE PROPHETS!" ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ Next, are the words of Paul to the Ephesians, concerning the Christian's struggle with evil: In Ephesians Chapter 06, Verse 12, Paul states: "FOR WE (CHRISTIANS!) WRESTLE NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD; BUT, AGAINST PRINCIPALITIES, AGAINST POWERS, AGAINST THE RULERS OF THE DARKNESS OF THIS WORLD, AGAINST SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES." ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ Next, in advance of His anticipated sojourn to the Garden of Gethsemene, Jesus sought to convey an important message to his entourage-- and, to all others who might bear witness (then, and in the future!)!-- about the error of physically resisting/ contending with evil (in an effort to vanquish it!)! And!... in preparation!... set in motion, the ensuing means-- whereby!-- his message to be told, could be told! ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ In Luke, Chapter 22, Verse 36, Christ states to his entourage: "But now let the one who has a moneybag take it!... and likewise, a knapsack! And let the one who has no sword, sell his cloak, and buy one (a sword!)"; V37) "For I tell you, that this Scripture must be fulfilled... in me: 'And he was numbered with the transgressors.'" "For what is written about me, has its fulfillment"; V38) And they said (those with Christ!): "Look, Lord, here are two swords." And he (Jesus!) said to them: "It is enough"; V39) And when Jesus came out, he went (as was his custom!) to the Mount of Olives; and his disciples followed him. ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ Subsequently, and upon completion of his efforts in the Garden of Gethsemene, Jesus stood ready to confront the evil, advancing upon Him and His followers. In Matthew, Chapter 26, Verse 46, Jesus states: "Rise, let us be going. See... my betrayer is at hand"; V47) While He was still speaking, Judas came (one of the original twelve disciples!)... and, with him, a great crowd... with swords, and clubs... from the Chief Priests... to the elders of the people; V48) Now the betrayer had given them (those with Judas!) a sign; and, saying to them (those with Judas!): "The one I will kiss, is the man... seize Him"; V49) And he came up to Jesus, at once, and said: "Greetings, Rabbi!"... and he (Judas!) kissed Him (Jesus!); V50) Jesus said to him: "Friend, do what you came to do." Then they (those with Judas!) came up, and laid hands on Jesus... and seized Him; V51) And suddenly, one of those who were with Jesus stretched out his hand, drew his sword, and struck the servant of the High Priest (i.e., Simon... Peter... see, John 18: 10)... cutting off his ear; V52) Then Jesus said to the one who drew the sword (Peter): "PUT YOUR SWORD BACK INTO ITS PLACE. FOR 'ALL' WHO USE THE SWORD, WILL PERISH BY THE SWORD"; V53) "DO YOU THINK (Jesus asked!) THAT I CAN'T APPEAL TO MY FATHER?... WHO WILL, AT ONCE, SEND ME MORE THAN TWELVE LEGIONS OF ANGELS!"; V54) "BUT HOW, THEN (if God were to do this!... Jesus continued!) SHALL THE SCRIPTURES BE FULFILLED?"... THAT THUS, IT MUST BE SO (i.e., that the prophesied events should happen in the manner, as was prophesied!)?" ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ An interesting response to his disciples-- to say the least!... and, after having compelled them to buy, and bring the weapons, in the first place! And!... at a time, of the greatest physical threat to the life of Jesus!... that would lead to His very crucifixion! But!-- and as it turned out!-- to teach them (and all who would eventually receive these actions, and words!), an important lesson:... VENGENCE IS GOD'S PREROGATIVE!-- NOT MAN'S!; VENGENCE IS NOT THE RESERVE OF THOSE CLAIMING CHRIST!; AND, IT IS NOT TO BE METED OUT, IN THIS WORLD! And!... Jesus adds an additional reinforcement, in the Book of John... ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ In John, Chapter 18, Verse 36, Jesus states: "MY KINGDOM 'IS NOT' OF THIS WORLD!... IF IT WERE, MY SERVANTS 'WOULD HAVE FOUGHT (and I'll add here... when Judas, and his gang, met Christ!)', THAT I MIGHT NOT BE DELIVERED OVER TO THE JEWS!..." ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ In other words, the servants of Christ DID NOT PHYSICALLY RESIST EVIL!... EITHER TO SAVE CHRIST, OR THEMSELVES!... AND!... MOST IMPORTANTLY!... WERE COMMANDED BY CHRIST, NOT TO DO SO! ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ And so, are we (who profess Christ!) to adopt the view... today!... in 2016!... that THIS WORLD (the world that Christ declared was NOT His Kingdom!), IS TO BE MADE HIS KINGDOM!... IS TO BE MADE "OUR" KINGDOM!... THROUGH BLOODSHED? AND!... AS IF!... THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, HAD ARRIVED! ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ And further... and in a perverse-- and I suggest, SATANIC-BACKED!-- attempt to subvert the simple story of the AGAPE LOVE of Jesus Christ for God, and for mankind, the following Bible passage is often cited as some kind of "DEVINE SUPPORT" for the position, that "CHRISTIANS" should "BATTLE EVIL THROUGH THE FLESH"! ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ In John, Chapter 15, Verse 13, Christ states: "GREATER LOVE HAS NO ONE, THAN THIS: THAT ONE LAY DOWN ONE'S LIFE, FOR ONE'S FRIENDS!" ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ The questions to be asked here, are these: "Is the 'laying down' of one's life for one's friends (as a Christian!), the same as TAKING THE LIFE OF ANOTHER, OR THE LIVES OF OTHERS, IN ONE'S DEFENCE OF ONE'S FRIENDS?" And if so, how can/ does such a position remain CONSISTENT, with the totality-- AND CLEAR!-- teachings, of Jesus Christ? ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ Simply put, given all of the aforenoted Scriptures (and those unstated!), there can be ONLY ONE INTERPRETATION of/ for John, Chapter 15, Verse 13... and that is: "OUR 'LAYING DOWN' OF ONE'S LIFE FOR A FRIEND-- I.E., AS A TRUE CHRISTIAN, AND IN THE SPIRIT OF GOD!-- MUST BE IN THE MANNER, OF JESUS CHRIST (I.E., 'WITHOUT' THE SHEDDING OF THE BLOOD, OF ANY OTHER)!" ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ As a footnote-- AND PLEA!-- to the followers of Islam, and to the Global Muslim Community (leaving aside, for the moment, those who are of other faiths!): remember!... Islam attests to the existence of the person of Jesus Christ; however, the Old Testament (the Testament and Bible, of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!... and to which, Islam is said to subscribe!) DOES NOT ATTEST TO THE PERSON OF MUHAMMAD! And a Testament, and Bible, that preceded the birth of Jesus Christ!... and!... His New Testament! ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ One can only speculate as to why Muhammad, and Islam emerged! Possibly the encroachment of Judaism!... and possibly the additional encroachment of the Roman Catholic movement (the latter of which, St. Paul... in tears!... warned the 1st century Christians, would arise! And!... which took the lives of many Christians, and non-christians alike!... and!... in the name of God, and Christ!)! But, whatever the reasons!... the words of Christ are clear!... John the Baptist, was, THE ONLY FINAL!... AND GREAT!... PROPHET OF GOD! ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ Please!... no emails! ___________________ NEW PARA/ SPACE ___________________ P.S.: for those confused as whether Xes or Oes represent kisses or hugs!... Xes mark the spot for kisses, and Oes represent the arms that surround the person of one's love! And it's optional whether one's beloved is first met by a kiss, or a hug!... and so!... your sign off can begin with either a O, or an X! And as for the number of Xes and Oes one should use in your sign off to your beloved!... well!... that depends on the time you and your beloved have, for all that good "virtual" huggin and kissin!... or good lovin!

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