Thursday, 19 May 2016
Sydney-Resident Muslim Tamim Khaja, 18, Charged With Plotting Jihad, Attempting to Join Islamic State

As reported by the ABC and others within the past few days.

"Sydney Teenager Tamim Khaja Charged Over Alleged Terror Plot, Attempting to Join I.S. In Syria".

'An 18 year old Sydney man (that is: 'An 18-year-old Sydney-resident Muslim man" - CM) has been charged with planning a terrorism attack and preparing for foreign incursions, with police alleging that he was trying to get hold of a gun to carry out an attack in the city.

'Tamim Khaja, of Macquarie Park in Sydney's north-west, was arrested in Parramatta by the Joint Counter-Terrorism Team on Tuesday morning.

'The teenager (sic: the young man - 18 year olds in Australia are not children, they are legally entitled to vote - CM) is expected to appear at Sydney Central Local Court on Wednesday.

'The ABC understands that he was a former student at Epping Boys' High School and when he was in year 12 last year, he was investigated by counter-terrorism police after allegedly preaching radical Islam (sic: rather, "traditional Islam" or "classical Islam" or, not to put too fine a point on it, "Islam" - CM) at the school.

For more on this previous interesting incident, see link:

Now, back to the current report.

'NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn said earlier that Khaja's arrest had prevented an attack, which was allegedly being planned and was described as "probably imminent".

'Australian Federal Police Acting Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan said police would allege Khaja was looking for "possible sites in Sydney to undertake a terrorist attack and was making arrangements to acquire a firearm."

'Deputy Commissioner Burn said Khaja was acting alone in the alleged plot but said he had associations with some people already before the courts.

'Police will also allege Khaja was planning to leave the country to go to Syria to join the Islamic State terror group.

Jihad outfit and declared Caliphate.  - CM

'Officers said that Khaja had been known to police for about a year and had attempted to leave the country to fight with terror organisations overseas in February, but was unable to do so.  His passport was later cancelled.

And he therefore turned round and decided that if he couldn't get to Syria to slaughter Alawites and/ or Shiites and/ or non-Arab Muslims (Kurds) and/ or Christians and/ or Yazidis in Syria, he would attempt ritual murder of the dirty Infidels right here in Australia. Somebody please explain to me why this man - who appears to have been born in Australia to Afghan Muslim parents who migrated to Australia via India - is any sort of positive addition to the Australian cultural and political landscape.  If there were a ban on the entry of Muslims into Australia his parents - who are, supposedly, only "moderately" "religious", and appear to be doing pretty well financially here in Australia, judging from pictures of the family home in a pleasant Sydney suburb that appeared in some of the reports of Khaja's arrest  - could not have migrated here... and we would not now be having to worry about what to do with a would-be mass-murderous jihadist who will, unless and until he is removed from our society, continue to regard us Aussie Infidels with Quranically-inspired hatred, contempt and murderous aggression. It is fortunate that his evil intentions were detected and a suitable "sting" deployed in order to take him out of circulation before he could start gunning down police and/ or ordinary hapless Aussie Infidel civilians; but one day we are going to run out of luck, and someone like Tamim Khaja, or more than one such, quite probably born to and raised by nice, quiet, smiling and prosperous 'moderate' Muslim parents, and excellently educated in a good Aussie school,  is going to slip past "under the radar" and murder people, lots and lots of people.  Got Muslims? - Got Jihad. -  CM

'Acting Deputy Commissioner Gaughan earlier said both offences Khaja had been charged with carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.

In prison, unless he is strictly segregated from all non-Muslim prisoners, he will swell the menacing Muslim presence there and will surely join other Muslim inmates in "prison dawa" (already noted with dismay by some observers) putting pressure (up to and including violence and death threats) upon said non-Muslim prisoners to get hem to join the Allah gang, the Mohammedan Mob.  And we will have to feed and house and medicate this murderous snake for anything up to sixty years. I  would rather declare him a traitor and seditionist and sentence him to Exile For the Term of Your Natural Life and drop him off in Syria, having first given his full description to Mr Putin and to Mr Assad and to the free Kurds and discreetly indicated that hard evidence of his demise would be suitably rewarded.  But before we could do anything as sensible as that we need to recognise that there is a war going on and that persons such as Tamim Khaja and his nice, smiling parents in their large plush house in suburban Sydney are... Fifth Columnists, an enemy within the gates. - CM

'Khaja's lawyer Osman Samin earlier said that bail would be applied for "in due course".

One hopes that bail will not be granted. This wannabe jihadist is a clear and present danger to all Aussie Infidels. Incidentally, note that the defence lawyer is a Muslim.  More and more, when Muslims are hauled up before the infidel courts for this or that crime or misdemeanour, they have well-trained nicely-besuited Muslim lawyers in their corner.  - CM

'Authorities said his arrest was not related to raids conducted at properties in Melbourne, which were part of an operation connected to the arrest of five Victorian men (that is: "five Victoria-resident men, comprising cradle Muslims and zealous converts to Islam" - CM) who allegedly planned to travel to Indonesia by boat.

Indonesia was not their goal, it was merely to be a transit point in a journey toward the nascent caliphate of the Islamic State, to which Tamim Khaja also desired to travel.

There are more details on our nice Muslim boy from a nice Afghan Muslim immigrant family, in a report in the Sydney Morning Herald.

'Tamim Khaja, 18, charged with planning terrorist attack over seven-day period'.

'A Sydney teenager accused of plotting an "imminent" terrorist shooting in Sydney had allegedly scoped out the Parramatta court complex, Garden Island Navy Base, and the Victoria Barracks in the past week.

'Tamim Khaja, 18, was arrested on Monday morning when he visited a car park in Parramatta to meet up with a person he thought was a gun dealer.

'Police will allege the Macquarie Park man had been trying to obtain a semi-automatic firearm to use in a shooting at a government or police building.

'After scouting out sites, Fairfax Media understands he was moving towards identifying the Parramatta courts as his most likely target.

'Details in a police charge sheet reveal that Mr Khaja's preparations or planning occurred over the seven-day period to May 17, the day he was arrested.

And now cue a parade of mostly-Muslim associates telling us that he's such a lovely lad... - CM

'Despite the seriousness of the offences facing Mr Khaja, a string of friends, colleagues and former schoolmates have come to his defence, describing him as a kind-hearted and peaceful boy who may have been easily influenced.

Oh, poor wee innocent lamb.... pffffffft.  He's 18. And if he really were 'kind-hearted' and 'peaceful', why did he want to join the Islamic State and get into the raping, beheading and enslavement scene? - CM

'He was a regular gym-goer (yep, getting fit, the better to wage Jihad - CM), was studying at university, and held down a part-time job at Parramatta Westfield clothing store.

Jihad is not caused by poverty, nor by lack of education. It is the natural outworking of Islam, Islam, Islam. - CM

'He was well-liked at Epping Boys High despite an investigation last year, when he was in Year 12, following claims made by a parent that he was preaching extremism in the playground.

"He was just a very soft-hearted guy, there was no assertiveness in his voice", said Mustafa Genc, 30, who trained at a Ryde gym with Mr Khaja.

"When he started learning about religion (sic - "when he started becoming a more devout Muslim" - CM), it changed his life.  He started to act in a very religious way, he grew a beard, he wasn't into clubbing or anything.  But when we spoke about religion, he was never extreme."

How that statement ought to be read depends on exactly what Mr Mustafa Genc - who to judge from his name is also a Muslim - considers 'extreme' and what the unwary Infidel reporter thinks of as 'extreme'...which may be two different things entirely. - CM

'A former Epping Boys High School employee (Muslim or non-Muslim? it would be interesting to know which - CM) who asked not to be identified (and why is that, exactly? Is he afraid something might happen to him, if his name were made public? - CM) said the school was worried about Mr Khaja "being influenced by outside people" in his later years.

"[But] Tamim was always so polite and good-mannered.  (But, as a wise man once said, "a man may smile, and smile, and smile, and be a villain" - CM).  He seemed more like the type of kid to stand up for and protect other people", she said.

"Other people".  Translation: "other Muslims".  The more fervently Muslim he became, the more firmly he would hold that the filthy Kuffar were deserving only of contempt and scorn, and that any sort of good or decent treatment, compassion or kindness should be reserved only for fellow Muslims of the right sect and sufficient degree of sharia compliance. - CM

'However, another student (note that this person also is anonymous - funny, that - CM) said he started to get in a lot of fights in his final years of school and would openly talk about Islamic State.

'Mr Khaja has also been charged with a foreign incursion offence after he was stopped at Sydney Airport on February 27, allegedly attempting to fly to Syria to join Islamic State.

'His passport was cancelled, prompting him to turn his attention to a home-grown attack, police allege.

'Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn said they arrested Mr Khaja on Tuesday and raided his family's Macquarie Park home because they believed an attack was "imminent"...

I observe there is no mention of whether he or his family regularly attended a mosque or mosques, and what mosque, if any, he frequented once he became more overtly and fervently "religious", that is, Islamic.  Because that mosque, or those mosques, also require to be scrutinised and, preferably, raided.

There are still more warblings about what a lovely boy he was and how nice his family are, in another, earlier report from Ms Olding.  Most of these glowing testimonials seem to be coming from Muslims.

'Teen Charged Over Terrorism Plot was Investigated for Preaching Extremism in Playground.

'An 18 year old arerested for allegedly plotting a terrorist attack in Sydney left a high school last year after being investigated for allegedly preaching extremism in the playground...

'It's alleged Mr Khaja is in close [contact] with imprisoned extremist Milad bin Ahmad-Shah Al-Ahmadzai and his [Milad's] brother Maywand Osman, who is also in custody on terrorism offences.

'However, Fairfax Media understands Mr Khaja's family, who are Australian citizens of Afghan heritage, are only moderately religious.

Which rather suggests that welcoming thousands more Muslims, from Syria or anywhere else, into Australia, on the grounds that they are all nice smiling well-educated hard-working 'moderate' Muslims who will never hurt a fly, is very, very foolish indeed.  Mr Khaja, despite his 'only moderately religious' parents, has just Gone Jihad.  How many other children or grandchildren of similarly 'only moderately religious' Muslim immigrants and "refugees" will do the same? and how many such are we expected to simply blithely ignore, as we continue playing the deadly and ever more expensive game of "Muslim Roulette".. "will this one or that one or their offspring Go Jihad or Not? and if they do, will we or won't we manage to catch them in time?" - CM

 'One of Mr Khaja's brothers is a commercial pilot (hmmmm - does that make you or me or any other Islamo-informed Australian feel more or less reassured? - CM), another is a salesman...

"Mr Khaja left Epping Boys High School last year following allegations he was trying to influence his classmates to adopt his extremist views.  He was in Year 12 at the time...

"Some parents and students expressed their support for Mr Khaja at the time, saying he was a "blessing" to younger Muslim students. (how ... interesting. - CM).

"My son has been going to these Friday lessons weekly, and has never come home with anything like what is being suggested", one parent wrote on Facebook.  "This young man has been a blessing to the younger boys, they are very upset to hear such things about him".

Let us bear in mind, as we hear those earnest testimonials, that Muslims are permitted to lie to protect Islam. - CM

'One parent said an issue between Mr Khaja and another boy at the school had led the boy to make false accusations against Mr Khaja.

'On Tuesday, a friend of Mr Khaja, Fatima Abdelrahim, said he was a "beautiful" boy who came from a good family.  "His family are very clean, very intelligent, I've never seen them in trouble with the cops", she said.

There's always a first time, my dear Muslimah. - CM

'...His lawyer, Osman Samin, indicated he would not make an application for bail at this stage.  He said the family were "shattered".

They always profess to be. Or, "shocked".    Me, I'll wait and see what comes out in the wash. There have been not a few such cases in which the family turn out to have had a pretty damn good idea what was going on, and were in it up to their necks.  

Still more detail and additional glowing testimonials reported toward the end of the Australian's report on the arrest and charge of Tamim Khaja.

"Terror Accused Tamim Khaja in Military, Police Posts Plot."

'A teenager charged wth terror offences yesterday after trying to buy a gun was believed to be planning to attack military and police targets in Sydney...

'An associate said yesterday Mr Khaja's mother had begged him not to travel to Syria and that his mind was "filled with rubbish".  "He would say these things... about (wanting to go to) Syria", the associate said....

'Mr Khaja's parents had been living in New Delhi before migrating to Australia two decades ago.

Twenty years. Mr Khaja is 18 so that suggests he was born after their arrival in Australia.  But he was born and brought up within the Ummah, or Mohammedan mob.  And if Muslims had not been permitted to migrate, whether as immigrants or refugees, Mr Khaja's parents would not have come here, and he would not have been born here, and this particular jihad plot could not have happened. - CM

'They were proud of their Afghan origins, with Mr Khaja and two brothers donning the shirt of Afghanistan's cricket team to watch it play England at the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground) last year.

'Mr Khaja appeared close to his brothers, regularly appearing in their photos at various social events.  His older brother had been an aspiring model who once hoped to become a Bollywood star....

'Another brother has described himself as an "aviator".

Is he or isn't he? Is there any record of training? Of employment? - CM

'Both brothers appear to have been involved in the security industry.

That information does not reassure. - CM

'Neighbours and others close to the family said Mr Khaja came "from a very good family". One said, "Nicest people".

Are these Muslim or non-Muslim neighbours? - CM

"I've never heard him speak about Daesh (Islamic State)", a friend said. "He spoke a lot about injustices".

Ah, yes. Injustice. Define "injustice'. The islamic definition of 'injustice' is rather different from the Infidel definition. It is, in Muslim eyes, grossly unjust that Infidels anywhere live in sovereign infidel states under Infidel laws, rather than under the whip of sharia and the boot of Muslim despots. - CM

'The man said Mr Khaja complained about how western governments would "criticise fighters who go to Sham (Syria) but don't criticise America and Israel".

Which are, of course, being the quintessential sovereign Infidel states, the epitome of Evil.. as opposed to Islamic State, so pure and clean, where pious Sunni Muslims are free to do exactly as Mohammed did, up to and including the rape and enslavement of nine-year-old kidnapped non-Muslim girl-children. - CM

'The Australian understands Mr Khaja advocated creating an Islamic theocracy and denounced liberal democracies.

'According to one person however, Mr Khaja didn't believe jihad involved "cutting off people's heads"...

No; it can, instead, involve guns, bombs, chemical and biological weapons, migration, demographic 'swamping', lies, bribery and propaganda... there are lots and lots of different ways to wage jihad that don't involve merely beheading someone with a knife.  As John Quincy Adams lucidly observed in the early 19th century, "the commands of the 'Prophet' may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force." - CM


Posted on 05/19/2016 10:47 PM by Christina McIntosh
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