Tuesday, 28 February 2017
NSW, Australia: Lebanese-Background Muslim Arrested After Advising Islamic State on Missile Detection and Development

He was an electrician based on a property in a country district.  As more and more Muslims spread out into Australia's rural and regional areas - or are foolishly encouraged to move to and settle in these areas - we can reliably expect more of this sort of thing.  Jihad plotters and enablers will start turning up in the bush as well as the cities.

As reported by Nine News just now, and by the ABC.

"Electrician Arrested in NSW After Allegedly Advising ISIS On How To Detect and Develop Missiles".

'An electrician (sic: "A Muslim electrician" - CM) has been arrested during an anti-terror raid (sic: 'counter-jihad raid' - CM) on a rural NSW property, after he allegedly sought to assist ISIS overseas on how to "develop and detect missiles".

'Authorities are alleging that Haisem Zahab, 42 (note the age; this is no 'misguided radicalised hotheaded Youth' - CM)  "researched and designed a laser warning device to help warn against incoming laser-guided munitions used by forces in Syria in [? - and?] Iraq."

'They also allege he assisted ISIS in designing and modelling systems to develop a long-range guided missile.

Just how long a range was it supposed to have? - CM

'There were dramatic scenes outside the court hearing this afternoon, as family of the accused lashed out at the media.

Yeah, the Muslim mob, supporting its own. - CM

'A woman, who masked her face, tried to block the 9NEWS camera from recording her as she walked into court.

'Mr Zahab was arrested this morning after more than 20 Australian Federal Police officers (note the numbers; Australian cops have long ago figured out that when arresting Mohammedans  or even when merely executing a search warrant on mohammedan premises it is best to make a swift and impressive display of force - CM) swarmed a Young property, located about two hours north-west of Canberra.

'Authorities allege that Mr Zahab, who worked as an electrician (and this indicates that the Jihad is not merely waged by those who are young and 'unemployed' and 'marginalised' and supported by social security cheques; we should not kid ourselves that maturer years, education and/ or training, and an occupation mean that this or that Muslim couldn't possibly be a Jihadi or an enabler of Jihad. - CM) sought to advise ISIS on how to develop "high-tech weapons capability".

Scientifically and technically educated Muslims = Muslims able to use Infidel-invented and Infidel-taught science and technology to wage Jihad more devastatingly.  - CM

'Justice Minister Michael Keenan said the arrest was the result of an 18-month police investigation.

"It reminds us that whether you are in a capital city planning an attack on home soil, or whether you are in a small country town trying to assist the terrorist state in the Middle East, you will get caught", Mr Keenan said.

'He has been charged with two counts of preparations for incursions into foreign countries for purpose of engaging in hostile activities, which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Forty-plus years at infidel expense, engaging in prison dawa... We need to rethink our laws for dealing with cases such as these. And we wouldn't have to be thinking about dusting off concepts such as "Lifelong Exile", "Annulment of Citizenship", "Exile and Outlawry", if we hadn't allowed Mr Zahab's Muslim parents to settle in Australia in the first place. - CM

'Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that Mr Zahab was not planning any domestic attack.

Yet. So far as we know.  That might have changed, at any moment.  And what of his associates? What of all the other Mr Zahabs out there, in their various trades and professions, in our cities and our provincial towns, pious and dutiful Muslims (or 'lapsed' but 'returning' Muslims) mulling over the summons to wage Jihad fi sabil Allah? - CM

"They want to divide us, they want us to turn on each other - we will not let them succeed", he said.

Who precisely is 'they', Prime Minister?  Who is this "us" and "each other"?  Classical Islam has already divided the world, Prime Minister.  It divides the world into Us (all Muslims, but usually "all Muslims of the same sect and roughly-similar degree of Sharia compliance") and Them (all Infidels).  Between the Muslims and the Infidels there can be no permanent or genuine alliance or friendship.  There is the Dar al Islam - where Islam dominates, and Muslims rule, and the sharia is, to some degree, whether more or less, enforced - and there is the Dar al Harb, the Region of War.  The dar al Harb comprises every place where Muslims do not yet rule, absolutely; where non-Muslim systems of law and government obtain. We, dear Prime Minister, all of us Infidel Australians in our Infidel Australian state, are the dar al Harb; and this man, this Zahab, is in our midst as a Fifth Columnist, a colonist, an agent of the Dar al Islam, sworn to support and defend the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob and extend and defend its power and dominance.  For him and for many, many, many Muslims just like him, there is no 'us' that encompasses both Muslims and Infidels. And what they intend to do, Prime Minister, is to conquer us and subjugate us, just as per the instructions in Surah 9 of the Quran.  You should read it, Prime Minister. - CM

'Mr Turnbull said that security and police agencies had once again done their job, but those authorities relied upon good intelligence from the community.

Hm.  From the general infidel Aussie community - "if you see something, say something" (except that these days you run the risk of being castigated for being an Evil Islamophobe) - or from the rest of the Ummah in Australia?  I wouldn't rely on the latter; Muslims are not supposed to 'rat out' one another to the filthy Unbelievers.  That some occasionally do, does not mean that we should assume they will always do it, or that we should only or primarily rely on Muslim-sourced 'intelligence'.- CM

'Officers remain at the property and are combing the area with metal detectors.

Good. They are taking the opportunity to see what else might be going on there...  One hopes they took along the Dog Squad, and are using sniffer dogs trained to detect explosives and drugs. Just for good measure. - CM

'The public has been assured there is currently no risk to them".

That 'currently' is very reassuring.  Not.  

And now to the ABC version of events, Jordan Haynes reporting.

'Man Arrested at Young, NSW, for Allegedly Researching Missiles for Islamic State'.

And he wasn't an Atheist, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu or Sikh.  He was a Muslim.  A Muslim offering his skills to assist the nascent Caliphate. - CM

'A 42 year old man (Muslim man - CM) has been arrested in relation to alleged terrorism offences at Young, northwest of Canberra, having allegedly tried to assist the Islamic State group to develop missiles.

'According to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the man had "sought to advise" the Islamic State group on how to develop high-tech weapons.

Methinks it might be a good idea for Australian Universities and other places of technical and further education to cease from offering Muslims advanced education in sciences and engineering. - CM

'Haisem Zahab was arrested this morning in front of his family.  Police confirmed children were present at the time.

So?  He should not have been arrested because kids were there?  He should have been arrested somewhere other than his home, because family?  Note: I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Zahab and his family members and lawyers start shrieking about "police brutality" at the tops of their voices.  I hope that the arresting officers all had bodycams recording every moment of the arrest, in order to stymy any exaggerated claims that may be made by the Mohammedan mobsters.  - CM

'Mr Turnbull said the arrest was not linked to any immediate terror threat.

But missiles might, if manufactured on the sly in some rural retreat, be used not in Syria or Iraq but against  planes or other targets right here in Australia, by those who are programmed by the Quran, the Sira, the Hadiths, to wish ill to all Infidels. - CM

"Police will allege that this individual, in a regional centre, acted with intent to provide ISIL with the... technical capability, and high-tech capability, to detect and develop missiles", Mr Turnbull said.

"This highlights that terrorism, support for terrorist groups, and Islamist extremism is not limited to our major cities".

Yup, we let Muslims into Australia and then we have encouraged them to move out into the bush, into our country towns.  And where there are Muslims, there will be Jihad, sooner or later.  There will be jihad plots a-hatching, sooner or later, in Toowoomba, in Bendigo, in Townsville, in every rural and regional centre to which we have stupidly encouraged to settle the Muslims we should never have even allowed into the country.  If you don't want jihad in the bush... don't settle Muslims in the bush! - CM

"The evidence uncovered to date does not involve immediate domestic attack planning".

But sooner or later somebody like Mr Zahab will apply his technical knowhow and access to materials and tools, in order to create, say, missiles that can be launched against passenger planes, or schools, or a hospital, or a crowded park during the annual Anzac Day Ceremony, or the local showground at show time.  Or into the midst of a highly-flammable forest at the height of bushfire season.  It's a matter of when, not if.  - CM

'Zahab allegedly researched high-tech weapons.

'Zahab is an Australian-born citizen, and had allegedly been in touch with networks linked to the terrorist group.

'AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin said that Zahab, who was trained as an electrician, had worked to develop long-range missile capabilities for the terrorist group.

'His arrest came at the end of an 18-month operation.

"We will allege he has used the Internet to perform services for ISIL", Commissioner Colvin said.'

"Firstly, by researching and designing a laser warning device to help warn against incoming guiding munitions used by coalition forces in Syria and Iraq.

"Secondly, we will also allege that he has been researching, designing and modelling systems to asist ISIL's efforts to develop their own long-range guided missile capabilities".

'Commissioner Colvin said Zahab's research was "highly sophisticated".

'He appeared in Young Local Court this afternoon, charged with two foreign incursion offences, which carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

'He also faces one charge of failing to comply with an order to assist access to data.

'He did not apply for bail and will reappear next week at Parramatta Local Court".

I wonder what mosque or mosques he and/ or his extended family attend/ed? If there is a mosque that he has been known to regularly attend that mosque should have been surprise-raided and searched at the same time as the arrest was being conducted. - CM

Posted on 02/28/2017 1:33 AM by Christina McIntosh
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