Friday, 3 March 2017
Beaconsfield, West Australia: Anglican Priest Exhibits Grovelling Dhimmitude

This priest does not know it, but he has allowed the Muslims to take possession of his church for 'allah' and Islam. Historically, after Muslim 'prayers' were conducted in churches those churches ended up being seized and turned into mosques for the exclusive use of Muslims.  The first thing the Muslims did after taking Constantinople and raping and murdering and slave-taking their way through the terrified people packed into the Hagia Sophia, was to 'worship' allah; and, as one historian (whose name I confess I cannot recall, though I have tried) put it, "the most beautiful church in Christendom became a mosque".

A most embarrassing - embarrassing and disturbing for any Islamoinformed infidel Aussie, and even more embarrassing and disturbing for those who worship within the Anglican tradition - news story from Western Australia. As reported, uncritically, and indeed with enthusiasm, by one Briana Shepherd for the reliably-Islamophile ABC.

"Beaconsfield Anglican Church Welcomes Muslim Community, Offers Land for Mosque".

'An Anglican church in Perth's south, which has been opening its doors to local Muslim worshippers once a week, has offered to sell part of its land for a mosque to be built next door.

Hm.  They are offering to sell the land. For how much? Market price for the area? Less than market price for that area? More? - CM

'Reverend Peter Humphries from St Paul's Chruch in Beaconsfield said it was the next step in what had been a natural (no, not natural at all - but very predictable given what seems to be his own breathtaking naivety and the cleverness of Mohammedan con-artists - CM) after Imam Faizel Chothia first knocked on his door five years ago.

"He was looking for a place where local Muslims might be able to hold a prayer meeting", said Reverend Humphries.

Rev Humphries: do you know what Muslims say, when they 'pray"?  Do you know the traditional meaning of the Fatiha, which riturally denigrates both Jews and Christians? - CM

"I said, "Here".  I mean, that's what we do here.  It's the obvious place to pray".

Really?  But would you, Rev Humphries, or any other Christian, be able to rock up to a mosque, anywhere in the dar al Islam - or for that matter, why not try it at the Gallipoli mosque in Auburn, or the mosque in Lakemba, and even imagine the possibility of being allowed to conduct morning prayer, evening prayer, or the Eucharist, within that mosque, or even in a side chamber of that mosque, every Sunday? Or perhaps you should find out how easy it is for Jews to pray on their very own Temple Mount, currently squatted on by Muslims.. or ask the Muslims, yes, ask that cheesily-grinning Imam Faizel Chothia, what he thinks of the proposition that Jews shoiuld be able to pray inside the Dome of the Rock or the Al Aqsa Mosque, every Sabbath; or that Orthodox Christians should be permitted to conduct the Divine Liturgy every Sunday inside the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, formerly Constantinople. - CM

'Since then, local Muslims have been able to go to St Paul's each Friday, where they can use the original church building to pray, five times a day".

Every Friday?  Even on Good Friday, the day on which Christians commemorate something that Muslims categorically, brazenly (and anti-historically) claim never happened, to wit, the Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth? - CM

'Imam Faizel is now working on getting the funds together to buy the property, two doors down from the church.

'The home is still within the church's precinct, and owned by one of its parishioners, and the Imam said he wanted to not only build a place for his community, but a shared space where conversations could take place.

"Conversations". In other words:  Dawa, the Call to Islam. A space where the Christians can be lulled into a false sense of security, and where weak and uninformed or ill-taught Christians can be lured away into the deadly anti-biblical system - the Religion of Blood and War, Rape, Murder, Slavery and Deceit - that is Islam.  Our dear Reverend Peter Humphries needs to read ex-Muslim Patrick Sookhdeo's "Faith, Power and Territory" and "Islam in Britain", which is about the Islamisation of actual and psychological space, and he needs to read ex-Muslim Sam Solomon's "The Mosque Exposed" and "Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration"; and he needs to find out what Mohammed did to the Kaaba and what Muslim conquerors have been doing to the places of worship of conquered non-Muslim people-groups, ever since.  And then, no matter how tempting the price offered for that bit of church land, so conveniently near to the church proper, he and the Parish Council would run a mile rather than even consider selling that land to the Ummah to become a cult-centre for the Religion of Blood and War.  Would he sell it to a group of Satanists? Would he sell it to a Neo-Nazi association? Would he - supposing the Thuggee cult were revived - sell it to a bunch of Thuggees to use as a temple?  Would he sell it to members of an outlaw bikie gang to use as their headquarters.. or to a capo dei capi of the Mafia?  What he doesn't realize is that selling the land to the Ummah is even more dangerous - physically and spiritually 0  than any of those hypothetical sales would be. - CM

"We want it to be a place of art (but there will be nary a statue in the place, will there? nor any visual representation of any living being - CM), and of culture (what culture?  - CM) as well as a place for Muslims to pray." he said.

Question: does St Paul's have a bell, or bells? A bell tower? And will this projected mosque, to be built on a portion excised from the church lands, have a minaret? How tall? How big will this mosque be?  50 cents says it will have a minaret taller than the tallest part of the church, and that it will be physically bigger than the church. Because Islam - its theology succinctly summed up, by one William Palgrave, in the 19th century, as "a pantheism of Force" - is all about the raw display and projection of Power. - CM

"Throughout history, Muslims and Christians have lived side by side".

Indeed... But to understand what that 'side by side' was like for the Christians, Rev Peter Humphries needs to get, and read Rev Dr Mark Durie, "The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom" and its companion booklet "Liberty to the Captives" and reflect upon the present misery of Christians in Egypt, and Syria and Iraq, and in Pakistan, and the difficulties experienced by Indonesian Christians just about every time they propose to build a new church, of any size, anywhere. He could then take a week of his next holidays and read, slowly and carefullly, Bat Yeor's "The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians under Islam" and "The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam".  And then he might understand that that 'side by side' was, for subjugated and occupied indigenous Christians, in their own ancestral homelands, under the iron boot and scimitar of the Mohammedan Mob, a condition of exploitation, degradation, humiliation, and continual physical peril.  And he might just realize that the smile on the face of Imam Faizel is the smile on the face of the crocodile, and that he, Rev Humphries, is being cleverly 'groomed' for submissive dhimmitude. - CM

"All we want to do is just replicate what has been part of our legacy which unfortunately has been forgotten because we tend to focus more on battles and kings".

Battles and kings, eh?  Like the Battle of Tours in 732, or the many battles century by slow century that liberated Iberia from Muslim imperial occupation, or the siege of Otranto in the 15th century, or the Siege of Malta in 1565 or the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, or - most tellingly of all - the battles fought and won at Vienna in 1683, or the many battles that liberated a slew of Balkan countries after centuries of grinding humiliation and degradation and mass-murder endured at the hands of the Ottoman Muslim caliphate?  If any of those battles had gone the other way you, Rev Humphries, would either never have come into existence, or you would be living much as the Copts in Egypt or the Christians of Pakistan do today... as a member of a terrorised, impoverished and vulnerable minority, eking out your existence at the whim of the hairtrigger-tempered mohammedan mob and/ or its equally merciless and capricious despots.  - CM

'For Imam Faizel he will be forever grateful that he walked into St Paul's.

He's thanking Allah that his infidel Christian neighbour has proven to be such a pushover. - CM

"Peter continues to inspire me", the Imam said. "He is a more experienced gentleman, definitely a more insightful, and a deeper thinker than most I know".

Yeah, pour on the flowery nothings.  What you mean is that he knows nothing of any significance about Islam and is therefore allowing you and the rest of the Ummah to walk all over him. - CM

'He said they  had much in common.

About as much in common as the 'mark' and the conman. - CM

"There is only good that can be had from these type of exchanges - but we need to first meet", he said.

I would like to see what would happen if this Imam ran up against well-informed and unfoolable Anglicans such as Rev Dr Mark Durie.  He would be singing a different tune, methinks. - CM

'Resistance just a "minority voice".

Ah yes, the ABC gloating over the suckering of a Christian priest and congregation, by a smooth Mohammedan operator. - CM

'The growing relationship between the two men and their communities has not been met without resistance - but overall they said it had been welcomed.

I would like to know more about that 'resistance'.  Is it coming from the Muslims or from amongst the Parishioners of St Paul's?  And in what terms has it been expressed?  If from St Paul's, are there perhaps parishioners who are wiser and better informed than their foolish priest? - CM

"There's always a minority voice that has criticism and can be sometimes cynical", Imam Faizel said.

"I don't necessarily think it's always bad because it's good that our actions are held to accountability".

Piffle. You, of course, in your heart of hearts, are accountable only to allah and to the mohammedan mob, and your prime directive is to advance the cause of Islam, by any and all means necessary; in this particular instance, by smiles and wiles and a large quantity of soft soap. - CM

'Rverend Humphries said he knew some people (which people? among his parishioners or in the general community round about? - CM) citing a growing "conservative movement" which had resulted in outcomes like Brexit and Donald Trump's election in the US.

Which movement he, of course, views as a very bad thing; as 'the wrong side of history". - CM

"Everyone who builds a wall or stops the boats is basically trying to halt evolution", he said.

Hm.  Like those who built the walls around Rome, to ward off Muslim jihad raider... or those who built the walls around Vienna that allowed the city to hold out against the Muslim Turks, until Jan Sobieski and his Winged Hussars rode to the rescue?   Like those who 'stopped the boats' of the Ottoman Muslim fleet, at Malta, in 1565, or those who destroyed the boats of the Ottoman Muslim fleet, at Lepanto, in 1571, or those who crushed the marauding Barbary Pirates, in the 18th and early 19th century, or even those many naval boats, from many countries, that were forced to patrol the upper Indian Ocean in order to prevent Somali Muslim pirates from hijacking and holding to ransom the merchant and passenger ships of many nations?   Would Rev Humphries view those walls, and the stopping of those boats, as futile and wrongheaded attempts to "halt evolution"?? Does he wish those walls had not been built or had failed, or that those boats had NOT been stopped?  Someone needs to ask him, point blank, whether he would prefer that all of Europe had fallen to Islam in the 7th or the 15th or the 16th or the 17th centuries. -  CM

"But the good news is that evolution takes no notice of walls or stopping boats or any of that - we're moving towards oneness, and it's just a shame that some will cling onto what they've got".

'The good news"?  I thought the good news, for Christians, was the Gospel.  You know - "Christ has died, Christ is Risen, Christ will Come again", or "Jesus is LORD".  And... evolution?  Mate, you are supposed to be a Christian priest. What do you mean by "oneness"? Do you mean "One God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity", as it says in the Creed of St Athanasius?  Because if you do, you should realize that that is not at all what Muslims mean by Tawheed, Oneness; and that the historic Christian confession of God as Trinity has been interpreted, by Muslims, as polytheism, and our confession of Jesus of Nazareth as Son of the Living God, is held by Muslims to be 'shirk', which is the foulest and worst of crimes, worse than murder, and rendering us objects both of contempt and of ferocious aggression, intended to punish us for our appalling wickedness of 'assigning partners' to 'allah'.  If you mean the Muslim concept of Tawheed, then you have abandoned the historic Christian faith, and your Bishop should be asking you some very pointed questions, quickly. - CM

"To be quite honest, it shows how backward religions have become - and I count all of them in that".

Rev Humphries, you are talking piffle. Islam is backward and always has been; Christianity is not and never has been. - CM

"Instead of leading the way, we're actually all guilty of clinging onto our own, rather than leading into the unknown, which is where we should be going".

Been reading one too many Sufi texts, Rev Humphries?  I'm not interested in waltzing down the primrose path to Dhimmitude in the Universal Caliphate, which is where you seem to be wanting to go, Rev Humphries.  For me, and for all other practitioners of the historic Christian faith, whether eastern or western, past or present, there is not "the unknown" but the God Who has been made known by Jesus of Nazareth: "The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; God and Father of Jesus the Christ".  I stand with Monica Enoch, one of the kidnapped girls of Chibok, who was stoned to death by Boko Haram jihadis because she refused to convert to Islam; I stand with Aasia Bibi (do you even know she exists, Rev Humphries) in her prison in Pakistan, whilst Muslim mobs howl for her blood because she asserted that the risen saviour, Jesus of Nazareth, was preferable to the long-dead warlord, Mohammed. 

If you click on the link you wil see a picture of the priest and the imam, side by side.  It rather reminded me of a Drybones Cartoon on the subject of Insider Killings in Afghanistan, for which I supply the link, here:

On the one side of the picture is an American soldier with a target - holed by bullets - on his chest; on the other is a grinning Muslim with a just-fired gun, wearing a T-shirt proclaiming "I'm With Stupid" (and an arrow pointing to the American).  It would be awfully tempting to take the ABC photo of Rev Humphries side by side with Imam Faizel, and photoshop it along the lines of the Drybones cartoon. - CM


Posted on 03/03/2017 2:32 AM by Christina McIntosh
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