Thursday, 1 June 2017
If the Devil Designed A Religion

by John Constantine

For purposes of discussion let’s assume the Devil one day set out to design a religion that would corrupt the souls of mortal men. In the nether regions of fiery perdition the Devil would give a lot of thought to concocting an evil counterpart to the high religions of humanity (Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Confucianism).

First of all he would design a religion that would appeal to the baser, more ignoble side of humanity. It would emphasize depravity and moral turpitude.

It would stress lying, deceit and falsehood.

Also, it would emphasize human sacrifice to a false god. Violence, torture, and punishment would be the hallmarks of such a false faith. Killing in name of religious devotion would be advocated.

Then it would appeal to a class of supremacists. Embedded in this religion would some sort of concept of a master race. This religion would spread through the use of extreme violence. Once you joined this religion, you could never leave except upon pain of death. Also, women, children and non-believers would have the status of inferiors.

Next would the creation of an after life based purely on carnal pleasure. Everything forbidden in this mortal life, would be permitted in the next life. Extreme acts of violence would be the only guarantee of salvation. Likewise, the graphic tortures of hell would be vividly portrayed. There would be no guarantee of salvation without the shedding of human blood.

Such a religion would literally unleash a hell upon earth. Perpetual fighting would go on for centuries until all the world submitted to this evil religion.

Also the Devil would create a barbaric legal system with no concept of grace, mercy or forgiveness, only harsh punishment. This code would literally destroy entire civilizations; suffocating any goodness or kindness in the world. The triumph of the Devil’s religion would bring about a thousand years of darkness and perversion.

Furthermore, this malevolent religion would not have any concept of a Golden Rule, nor the notion of the brotherhood of men.

Does such a religion exist? It most certainly does. It is called Islam. It was spawned by the demonic figure of Mohammed. It disguises itself under the thin cloak of a perverted religion.

And it must be opposed by all civilized people before we fall under an odious Dark Age.

Posted on 06/01/2017 8:17 AM by John Constantine
1 Jun 2017
Greyhound Fancier

Well said!

As a Christian, I also object to Islam because it makes it much more difficult for its adherents to understand the message of Jesus of Nazareth (by substituting its own version of Jesus, Issa).  

Logically, Islam must demean Jesus of Nazareth or there is no rationale for Islam's existence.  Christianity's claim that Jesus sacrificed Himself for the sake of sinners obviates the need for further prophets.  Jesus' virgin birth is superior to Mohammed's background.  However, Muslims are taught that Jesus (Issa) is a prophet, though one of lesser stature than Mohammed, and that Jesus is a Muslim and wants everyone to be a Muslim.  That type of indoctrination is hard to overcome.

Jesus' life and death, and His message to love one another, and the charity and cultural progress that message engendered, makes backsliding into a world of religiously-sanctioned cruelty and acceptance of the sharia moves backwards in time, to a world untouched by revelation of a loving God, to say the least, unattractive.

To see the Muslim and especially the Arab world is to see a Christless world.  That world is poor, ignorant, violent, and dangerous.   

2 Jun 2017

The Devil would probably add a few more features:

1. Make the source of the edicts the Creator, Himself, so nothng can be changed.

2. Establish a reward system of booty and sex with captives to incentivize the followers.

3. Deploy followers to propagate and enforce the ideology by force.

4. Forbid mixing with, emulating, or befriending anyone outside the "brotherhood."

5. Condemn any attempt to accomodate the practices to 21st Century realities as evil innovation.

2 Jun 2017
  Also, the Devil is subtle. He would make that religion espouse monotheism, thereby making the worship of the Lord seem ugly and evil, giving the Devil a strategic advantage in the curruption of men's souls. Don't underestimate the Devil - he can make you do it.

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