Wednesday, 20 September 2017
Rohingya Muslim Groom Knowingly Flouted Australian Law, Married Child Bride in Mosque After Warnings

The girl in question - one may safely assume she was another Muslim, though her precise ethnic background is not specified - was just fourteen.

Yet another story featuring one of those poor "persecuted" "Rohingya" Muslim "refugees" from Myanmar.

As reported by Emma Younger for the ABC.

"Groom 'turned his nose up at' authorities by marrying child bride after warnings, court hears".

'Authorities warned a Melbourne mother (that is: "a Melbourne-resident Muslim mother" - CM) and her 14 year old daughter's groom-to-be that it would be illegal for the pair to marry, just a day before they went ahead with an Islamic wedding, a court has been told.

But Australian law is one thing and the sharia of Islam is another; under sharia, nine is marriageable age, and it seems that in the eyes of our so-called "Rohingya" Bengali Muslim "refugee", the sharia of Islam takes precedence over Infidel Australian law.  This man should not have been permitted into Australia. - CM

'A Burmese asylum-seeker (sic: "a formerly-Burma-resident Muslim 'asylum seeker'" - CM) sobbed throughout a pre-sentencing hearing in the County Court in Melbourne after pleading guilty to marrying the girl at a Noble Park mosque last year.

"A" Noble Park mosque?  Does this mean there is more than one mosque in that suburb?  As for the tears... pffffft.  A 30-plus man who "marries" a 14 year old girl gets no sympathy from me.  I don't believe his tears.  Play-acting, most likely. - CM

'The man in his 30s cannot be named due to a court-issued suppression order to protect the identity of the high-school student (that is: of his early-teens "wife" who is still at high school - CM).

'The court was told the man was living as a boarder in the same houses as the girl when they struck up a friendship.

I don't believe that about a "friendship". The girl's family are, I assume, Muslim also. Strikes me that it's more likely they did a deal with the guy to try to consolidate his "foothold" in Infidel Australia, the goal being the expansion of the Ummah colony Down Under. -  CM

'Prosecutor Krista Breckweg told the hearing that a day before the marriage ceremony Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) workers warned the girl's mother and the man that it would be illegal for them to marry because the girl was under 16.

How did DHHS come to know of this projected "marriage"?  Had the girl contacted them? - CM

"This offender turned his nose up at what DHHS was saying to him," she told the hearing.  "He clearly knew it was wrong.  It's not a case of cultural misunderstanding".

Too right it is not. He is a Muslim who has been taught an attitude of total contempt toward all Infidel beliefs, laws and morality. - CM

'Groom thought he was "rescuing" girl: lawyer.

"Rescuing"??  From what, precisely?  Pull the other leg, mate, it's got bells on. - CM

'But the man's defence lawyer, Sophie Parsons, said the girl's mother had been the principal organiser of the union.

"The complainant's mother raised the idea on several occasions with [her daughter] and then reassured and encouraged my client to proceed with the marriage ceremony", she told the hearing.

I observe no mention of the girl's father, nor of any other relatives.  Why?  - CM

'She said the girl had been having difficulties with her stepfather, and her groom-to-be saw himself as "rescuing the [girl] and becoming the supportive figure in her life".

Suuuure.  The thing to remember is this: Muslims lie. They will lie to save face, they will lie to protect Islam.  It is perfectly possible that the 'husband' and the mother and any other Muslims involved in this sordid business are all lying through their teeth.  One must assume they will all say whatever they think the gullible Infidels might believe.   - CM

'Judge Lisa Hannan said the girl's mother was lucky she had not been charged as a co-offender.

Why not, if she was so active in pushing the marriage?  If it was primarily her idea? - CM

'The man was living in Melbourne on a bridging visa at the time of the wedding, having fled Myanmar as an asylum seeker.

Correction: "Having gained entry to Australia by purporting to be an 'asylum seeker' from Myanmar".  If 'Rohingya' in Burma display as much contempt for the law of the land, there, as this bloke has just done, in Australia, then it's no wonder that the Burmese Infidels have had quite enough of them.  Me, I would advise our Immigration Department to cancel this so-called 'asylum seeker's" bridging visa, and put him on a plane with a one-way ticket to Bangladesh; after he has served his prison sentence. - CM

'Ms Parsons told the hearing that the man was "culturally isolated" (sic: but Muslims isolate themselves, being taught not to befriend nor ally themselves with Unbelievers - CM), and was vulnerable (oooh, poor little 30 -year-old petal - CM) to the reasurances of the girl's mother and the Imam that married the pair.

"He understands very clearly there is a different culture here", she said.

Then he could have asked whatever social worker is on his case.  I bet there is one. - CM

'But Judge Hannan said ti was not a cultural issue but a legal one.

"Culture" should be no excuse. - CM

"He's warned in close proximity, he's wawrned he cannot do that, by an Australian authority", she said.

'Girl "too young" for marriage certificate: Imam.

'Police found a video of the wedding ceremony on the man's phone when he was arrested five days later.

'It showed the pair in the office of Imam Ibrahim Omerdic, who was later convicted and jailed for two months for his role in the illegal ceremony.

I wonder how many other sharia-compliant but in-breach-of-Australian-law 'marriages' this Imam is likely to have presided over?  He is, I gather, of "Bosnian" Muslim origin.  He, too, should never have been admitted into Australia in the first place. - CM

'The court was told Omerdic could be heard confirming the man had handed over $1,480 in gold as a traditional form of payment to the bride's family.

The bride's family.  The mother and the stepfather?  Or... are there others? Who are they? How many people were in on this deal, exactly? - CM

'The disgraced former Imam could also be heard telling the couple that he could not give them a copy of the marriage certificate as the girl was "very young".

'The court was told the man will be released to immigration detention when he serves his jail term.

'He cannot be sent back to Myanmar as he is a persecuted minority'.

He claims to belong to a persecuted minority.   But Muslims always claim to be persecuted, wherever they are in a situation where they do not hold absolute power over any circumambient infidels.  And if his mob behave in Myanmar with the same contempt toward infidel law and morality that this man has exhibited here in Australia, then one can understand exactly why the Burmese are fed up with them.  Ideally, he would be packed off to Muslim Bangladesh on a one-way ticket. - CM

'The man faces a maximum five years' jail and will be sentenced in the County Court on Thursday".


Posted on 09/20/2017 6:55 AM by Christina McIntosh
21 Sep 2017
Send an emailDex
If muslims are persecuted then they are probably persecuted for a reason. You are a minority trying to impose your religion on other people. Practicing your religion without regard for the laws of the land. Its only a matter of time before muslims claim persecution from the UK, Australia , Switzerland, France etc. Its always everybody else who is at fault, never them and specifically backward and therefore problematic parts of their religion. We need a total muslim ban. TOTAL. First thes islam countries must spend the next 100 years teaching humanism, equality, gay rights, minority rights etc. to change the minds of their islamic people to become modern.

22 Sep 2017
Send an emailMikeyParks
Everyone knows that Australian law has been abrogated in favor of sharia. Nothing to see here – go on about your business.

22 Sep 2017
Jaime Antonio
This is called RAPE. Prosecute him under full extent of Australia law, not Sharia law. You set a dangerous precedent if you do not!

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