Friday, 29 September 2017
Melanesian, Animist and Christian West Papua Indigenes Declare They Want Independence from their Muslim Rulers: The UN Puts Its Fingers in Its Ears

Whilst our reliably-Islamophile press and any number of Useful Idiot intellectuals predictably wail and wring their hands  on behalf oft the so-called 'Rohingya' Muslims in Myanmar - whose 'plight' appears for the moment to have entirely eclipsed the previously-most fashionable 'progressive' cause du jour, that of the so-called 'poor "Palestinians"' [i.e. of  a carefully re-branded subset of the local Arab Muslims in and around Israel, who have been used for decades by the Ummah as stalking-horses, much as the Sudetendeutsch were used by Hitler against Czechoslovakia] - the ethnically Melanesian indigenous peoples of West Papua, overwhelmingly and ancestrally, historically non-Muslim (originally animist, now mostly Christian) have been and are being crushed by ethnically-Malay, overwhelmingly-Muslim and suffused-with-Islam Indonesia, which has not a shred of a real historic claim to any part of the island of New Guinea.  If people-group A and people-group B, historically different and separate in every imaginable way, were for a period of time ruled by the same colonial ruler (C), does that really imply that the rulers of people-group A have a natural and absolute right to dominate and domineer over - indeed, to steadily dispossess and destroy - people-group B, after C departs?  But that is what Indonesia insists; and what Indonesia is doing - dispossessing and destroying, and by so doing, not coincidentally, expanding the Dar al Islam.  And the world in general seems to think this is a jolly good thing and that Muslim Indonesia has every right to thus behave.

Now, we hear a report of an underground petition in favour of West Papuan Independence - which if achieved  would mean the pushing back of the borders of the Dar al Islam and then either the creation of a new free Infidel sovereign state, West Papua, or else its union in some form with its neighbour to the east, the ethnically Melanesian and majority-Christian Infidel sovereign state, Papua-New Guinea. which inhabits the eastern half of that same island of New Guinea -  that has been quietly circulating from village to village among the native Infidels of Papua, garnering a vast number of signatures.

And the UN, currently controlled by the Islamintern, that same UN which is so tenderly solicitous of and vociferous in demanding the rights - including right of secession (Mindanao, Kosovo - of Muslim pluralities within otherwise-Infidel states, and which unquestioningly believes and trumpets abroad all Muslim claims of 'oppression' and 'persecution' at the hands of the Evil Infidels, turns its back and sticks its fingers in its ear when apprised of the unhappiness of the West Papuan infidels under Muslim rule.  It seems that the UN is much exercised by the supposed sufferings of Muslims whenever they are in minority, but couldn't care less about the sufferings of indigenous non-Islamic minorities within Muslim entities (have there been any solemn UN reports upon, or resolutions concerning, the gross abuses - by the Muslim majority - of the human rights of the indigenous HIndu and Christian minorities in Islamic Pakistan, or of the indigenous Christian, animist, Buddhist and Hindu non-Bengali tribes of the Chittagong Hill Tracts within Islamic Bangladesh, where a ruthless hijra is currently in rapid progression ... as it is, also, in West Papua, with large numbers of Muslims - always Muslims, overwhelmingly - in train to demographically swamp the indigenes)?

Two reports that appeared recently in Australia's ABC.  First, from Timothy Fernandez:

"Outlawed West Papua Independence Petition Presented to the United Nations". 

'A secret petition demanding a new independence referendum for West Papua has been presented to the United Nations.

'The Indonesian Government banned the petition in the provinces of West Papua and Papua, threatening that those who signed it will be arrested and face jail.

How dare any uppity Infidels express a wish not to be ruled by Muslims!! The insolence! - CM

'Advocates argue that West Papuans (that is: 'overwhelmingly Melanesian and non-Muslim West Papuans' - CM), have been denied a legitimate self-determination process, since it was incorporated into Indonesia in 1969 (sic: "since their homelands were invaded and occupied by Muslim-majority and Muslim-dominated Indonesia, on the pretext of a blatantly-rigged "referendum", in 1969" - CM).

'The petition demands a free vote on West Papua's independence, as well as the appointment of a UN representative, to investigate reports of human rights violations by Indonesian security forces.

There are persistent reports of atrocities up to and including the destruction of churches, the murder of Christian priests and ministers, and the removal of non-Muslim children - whether by force or by deception - to be indoctrinated into Islam in madrasas in the Muslim heartlands of Indonesia, notably Java.  

Meanwhile, Indonesia's 'transmigration' scheme - which is hijra by any other name and has been used to Islamise large chunks of Indonesia-ruled territory that were never, historically, Muslim (for more on the Muslim technique of hijra- immigration-invasion - see Sam Solomon, 'Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration) - is flooding West Papua with Muslims, and in a few more decades, the native non-Muslims will be outnumbered in their own ancestral lands; Indonesia is probably planning to wait a couple more decades, whilst pouring in Malay Muslims, mostly from Java, and then - having 'stacked' the prospective vote - with much fanfare hold a 'referendum' which will, predictably, deliver a majority in favour of remaining under Indonesian - that is, Muslim - rule. - CM

'The Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, Manasseh Sogavare, said the petition was incredibly important, and the people of West Papua had effectively already voted to demand their self-determination.

"They have come in numbers to express their hope for a better future", Mr Sogavare said in his UN General Assembly speech.

'United Liberation Movement for West Papua spokesman, Benny Wenda, said that signing the petition was "a dangerous act" for West Papuans, with 57 people arrested for supporting the petition, and 54 tortured by Indonesian security forces during the campaign.

I believe him.  Muslim entities are ruthless - and despite all the ballyhood about modernity and moderation, at bottom, Indonesia is 85 percent Muslim, and ttherefore it is safest to assume that for all practical purposes it is suffused with the attitudes that Islam inculcates always and everywhere in its adherents - when they encounter the tiniest hint of insubordination from non-Islamic minorities.  - CM

"The Global Petition for West Papua, run in tandem with the West Papuan People's Petition, was also targeted, and the platform that initially hosted it, Avaaz, was blocked throughout all of Indonesia", he said.

'Jason McLeod, of University of Sydney's Department for Peace and Conflict Studies, said that the petition needed to be understood as a "fundamental rejection" of the Indonesian Government's claim of sovereignty over West Papua.

"In a very clear and direct manner, the petition represents Papuans' demand for decolonisation and self-determination, their desire to freely and fairly determine their own future", Dr McLeod said.

And behind that, is the fact that these non-Muslim indigenous peoples have experienced nearly 50 years of cruel and ruinous Muslim imperial rule. Once, some tried to draw the attention of the West to the suffering of the Bulgarians, Greeks and Serbs under Ottoman Muslim imperial rule.  Now people need to be reminded of the suffering of the Papuan Christians and animists under the boot of Muslim-dominated Indonesia.  

But it appears they do not want to be reminded (as many, indeed, did not want to be reminded of what Muslims were doing to Greek or Serb or Bulgarian Christians). 

The UN claims that no petition has been received.  This, from the ABC's Indonesia correspondent, Samantha Hawley. 

"West Papua Independence Petition Does Not Exist, United Nations Says".

'The head of the United Nations decolonisation committee has rejected reports of a secret petition demanding a free vote for independence in West Papua.

'Exiled West Papuan independence campaigner Benny Wenda had told the press that 1.8 million West Papuans had signed the secret petition that was passed between homes and villages across provinces.

'In the reports, Mr Wenda said he presented the petition to the UN Special Committee on Decolonisation.

Did he give it directly into the hands of the chairman of that committee? Or did he give it to someone who said that they would take it to the committee?  If the latter, it is possible that someone made sure that it got 'lost' along the way. - CM

'But from New York the chairman of the committee said that no petition had been received, and the report, which first appeared in The Guardian newspaper (it is fascinating to see the usually-reliably-Islamophile Guardian siding with the West Papuan cause... for that cause is, essentially, a demand for de-Islamisation, a demand that a Muslim imperial ruler be required to remove itself and cease from oppressing and exploiting a non-Muslim indigenous population - CM) was a manipulation.

"Some people are trying to use me and trying to manipulate or whatever", Rafael Ramirez said.

"I'm concerned because some people are trying to use me as propaganda."

'Mr Ramirez said West Papua was not on the agenda for the committee (of course ! it is a whole bunch of non-Muslim peoples dominated by a Muslim imperial occupier; this is the way that things ought to least for the OIC-dominated UN, these days - CM) and it had a very good and strong relationship with Indonesia  (sic: dear Mr Ramirez, you are causing me to feel sick; do you not see the reports of mass-murder and every other kind of human-rights violation, seeping out of the locked-shut doors of Indonesian-ruled West Papua, like blood from under the doors in Bluebeard's castle?.. - CM)

'"Indonesia is a very good friend of ours", he said.

Of the Committee?  The UN committee on 'decolonisation' has a 'very good friend' in that Muslim Indonesia that, in a fit of murderous spite, laid waste to a large part of the infrastructure of East Timor after that province, after enduring hell-on-earth at Indonesian hands for decades, miraculously achieved its independence?  The Indonesia whose army winked at wholescale ethnoreligious 'cleansing' of the Christian regions of the Moluccas and Ambon, by the Lashkar Jihad?  Or does Mr Ramirez mean that 'Indonesia' is his, Mr Ramirez', very good friend??  - CM

'The Indonesian Government condemned the reports of a petition and said it was a political stunt with no credibility'.

Muslims lie. And dhimmis, too - quite probably, our Mr Ramirez - also tend to lie, rather a lot, because they know their role in life is to serve and appease their Muslim masters.  Myself, I find it more probable that Mr Ramirez is lying, and the Indonesians are lying, than that Mr Wenda - and the PM of the Solomon Islands (a number of the majority-Christian Pacific countries have, to their credit, been taking an interest in the sufferings and aspirations of their West Papuan brethren) are lying. My own suspicion is that the petition was created, and did exist, but was caused to go astray, accidentally-on-purpose, by some Islamophile person into whose sticky fingers it passed on its journey toward Mr Ramirez.  That is: that if it did not land in Mr Ramirez' in-tray, that does not necessarily mean it did not exist.

If I am wrong, and the report of a petition was in error, then.. it strikes me that a petition of this kind ought to be undertaken, despite the real and great danger that faces any uppity Papuan infidel daring to sign off on their desire to be rid of their Muslim imperial rulers.  But if, at terrible risk, created, a petition of this sort cannot be entrusted to 'the usual channels' - multiple copies would have to be created, and presented directly and publicly, to avoid it being 'lost' by some Islamic or pro-Islamic 'gatekeeper' before ever it reached the likes of Mr Ramirez. - CM

Posted on 09/29/2017 12:26 AM by Christina McIntosh
7 Dec 2019
Let me respond a little about this opinion. "If people-group A and people-group B, historically different and separate in every imaginable way, were for a period of time ruled by the same colonial ruler (C), does that really imply that the rulers of people-group A have a natural and absolute right... over people-group B, after C departs?" Under an international principle called "uti possidetis juris", it does. Uti possidetis juris stated that newly-formed sovereign states should retain the internal borders that their preceding dependent area had before their independence - even if there are different people-groups inside their territory. Until 1942 when the Dutch surrendered over the Japanese army, the Netherlands East Indies territory is inseparated. In other words, the Dutch doesn't break their colony into several colonies and then federated - unlike French West Africa or colonies of Australia. So when Indonesian proclaim their independence on 17 August 1945, the territory are assumed to be exactly the same as Netherlands East Indies territory, also the Japanese army only permitted Indonesian nationalists to claim their boundaries as the same as the East Indies. Also, the opinion is so tendentious, recklessly bringing religion sentiments.

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