Wednesday, 3 January 2018
As Once David McCutchion, So Now the President of the United States Gives a True and Accurate Description of Islamic Pakistan

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, in a memorable Tweet broadcast in the first couple of days of 2018, has castigated Islamic Pakistan for its "lies and deceit."  

As reported by the ABC on the 2nd of January, relying on a report from Reuters which like all mainstream "news" sources these days tends to be grovellingly Islamophile.

"Donald Trump Lashes Out At Pakistan's 'lies and deceit' In One Of His First Tweets of 2018".

He did not 'lash out'.  He simply told the plain unvarnished truth.  Like all Mohammedan entities, Islamic Pakistan uses whatever means come to hand - whether force or fraud - to weaken and harm the despised Kuffar. - CM

'President Donald Trump has said the United States has "foolishly" (yes, indeed, foolishly is the right word for it and then some - CM) more than $US billion in aid over the past 15 years (none of which the US could, properly speaking, afford, and which would have been much better spent in-house on American soil and to benefit its own citizens - CM), while getting nothing in return (nothing except jihad: e.g. Lady Al Qaeda, and the Times Square bomber,  and the rest - CM) and pledged to put a stop to it.

My dear American friends and allies: please do your level best to hold your President to that pledge. - CM

"They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help.  (True dat - CM).  No more!"  (One hopes that that 'no more' will become the truth; that it describes an intention to stop all American 'aid' to ungrateful and endlessly-malevolent mohammedan Pakistan - CM). Mr Trump wrote on Twitter.  "They have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools" (Again: true dat.  Anyone who, on jihadwatch, has for fourteen years read the immensely-erudite postings by 'Hugh Fitzgerald', has heard Hugh expatiating on exactly the same topic, supported by example piled on example.  One must commend President Trump for having boiled it all down into a bare two sentences on Twitter. - CM)

'It was not immediately clear what prompted Mr Trump's criticism of Pakistan, but he has long complained that Islamabad is not doing enough to tackle Islamist militants.

Pakistan first appeared on Donald Trump's radar screen as long ago as 1987, when he was already worrying about what would happen when nukes fell into the hands of rogue states and of non-state actors that would not be deterred by MAD.  At that point Pakistan had not yet acquired nukes.  Trump was racking his brains, thirty years ago - yes, thirty years ago! - as to what might be done to constrain them, and others like them.  I would not be surprised if he has a very fat dossier on Pakistan that began to be compiled long, long before his run for President; and that dossier will have been expanded after he became President and gained access to further sources of information. - CM

'The New York Times reported on December 29 that the Trump administration was "strongly considering" whether to withhold $US 255 million in aid (sic: jizya? tribute? - CM) to Pakistan.

One hopes that they will indeed withhold it; that the flow of American Infidel money and materiel into the insatiable maw of Islamic Pakistan will simply.. stop.  355 million dollars could do a lot on American soil. - CM

'It said that US officials had sought but been denied access to a member of the Taliban-linked Haqqani network captured in Pakistan who potentially could provide information about at least one American hostage.

'Pakistan's foreign minister, Khawaja M Asif, wrote on Twitter: "We will respond to President Trump's tweet shortly inshallah...will let the world know the truth.. difference between facts & fiction".

ROFLMAO.  Mohammedans lie so constantly and routinely, indulge so continually in what the redoubtable Martha Gellhorn - who had encountered plenty of mohammedan nonsense-and-lies (ruthlessly fact-checked by herself in every instance and thus exposed as nonsense-and-lies) when in 1960 she went round interviewing the so-called 'palestinian' (sic) 'refugees' (sic ) - described as "madhattery", that it is questionable whether they have any real concept of telling the truth, at all. - CM

'The Trump administration said in August that it was delaying sending the $255 million to Pakistan.

'Last month, Mr Trump said in a speech that the US Government makes 'massive payments every year to Pakistan. They have to help".

'Pakistan counters that it has launched military operations to push out militants from its soil, and that 17,000 Pakistanis have died fighting militants or in bombings and other attacks since 2001.

None of that necessarily contradicts what the President has said.  Pakistan might run around looking busy, now and again; but somehow all kinds of jihadis - notably Osama bin Laden, and those who carried out the terrorist act of war on Mumbai, India, in November 2008, and others who engage in border-raiding into Kashmir - seem to fly under their radar altogether. . - CM

'The US official aid body, US AID, had said on its website: "Pakistan remains one of America's largest recipients of foreign assistance, a sign of our long-term partnership and commitment".

But the President just said, No more!  One hopes that the flowery nothings on the USAID website will soon be replaced by an acknowledgement of reality: that there is and can be NO 'longterm partnership and commitment" between any Infidel entity and any Muslim entity; because Islam divides the world into dar al harb, zone of war, and dar al Islam, zone of Submission, and between those two there can never be anything but "enmity and hatred" (as mandated by the Quran and other Islamic texts, which constantly enjoin upon Muslims that they must not take non-Muslims as "friends and allies"), and war constantly waged by the latter, upon the former, with the intention of its ultimate destruction. - CM

'Relations with Pakistan "did not improve".

'Michael Kugelman, senior associate for South Asia at the Woodrow Wilson Centre, cautioned that people should not "overstate the significance of Trump's tweet for policy".

Judging from the reactions of the Islamosavvy amongst my internet acquaintance, and in the comments to this very same ABC report, it seems that the President has merely stated in public something that many intelligent and informed citizens of the US and of its allies have known for a very long time.  Mr Kugelman should beware: it is possible that America's - very foolish - policy is about to change, driven by a groundswell in public awareness. - CM

"Mr Trump in October tweeted that US relations with Pakistan were improving, but Mr Kugelman said "they most certainly did not improve."

Depends what one means by improvement, and from whose point of view, I daresay. - CM

"Still, this is an administration that has repeatedly vowed to take a harder line and has strongly considered an aid cut.  So was Trump's tweet meant to preview a coming shift in policy?  I'd certainly bet on that possibility", Mr Kugelman said.

I'd like to be able to bet on it.  I hope that all those Americans who agree with what Trump just said about Pakistan - and the logical course of action that should follow upon that awareness of Pakistani lies and deceit - will be communicating post-haste with their President, and also with their elected representatives, to make their views known. - CM

'The top US general in Afghanistan, John Nicholson, said in November that he had not seen a change in Pakistan's behavour towards militants, despite the Trump administration's tougher line against Islamabad.

Hm.  In other words, Pakistan was very publicly given some rope... and then proceeded to hang itself.. - CM

'In a speech last month in Afghanistan to US troops, Vice-President Mike Pence said "for too long Pakistan has provided safe haven to the Taliban and many terrorist organisations, but those days are over.  President Trump has put Pakistan on notice."

One hopes that the threatened cut in - or, better, a total cessation of - 'aid', will take place, given that Pakistan - put on notice - has proceeded with 'business as usual'. - CM

'Hamdullah Mohib, Afghanistan's ambassador in Washington, said in a Twitter post on Monday that Mr Trump's tweet was a "promising message to Afghans who have suffered at the hands of terrorists based in Pakistan for far too long".

But watch out, mate.  Like Islamic Pakistan, your government also receives US 'aid' on condition of attempting at least a semblance of good governance ('good' according to the infidel rather than the Islamic definition of 'good')... and not fomenting nor supporting nor enabling the Jihad.  You might find that your little mohammedan hell-pit is next in line to be "put on notice", and coldly and calmly scrutinised as to its compliance or not with the conditions attached to that 'aid'; and therefore next in line to experience a cessation of that 'aid' which, behind closed doors, you and your fellow mohammedans most likely regard as nothing but your due, as  jizya or tribute paid by subservient dhimmis or tributaries, to their Muslim overlords.  If the 'Palestinians' (sic) and meretricious Islamic Pakistan find themselves unceremoniously booted off Uncle Sam's gravy train, I would hazard the guess that ghastly Islamic Afghanistan will not be long in joining them by the side of the tracks.  The Infidel worm is turning; it's possible that Uncle Sap is wising up, and not a moment too soon. - CM

'The Pakistan Embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

'The White House did not respond to requests on what prompted Mr Trump's tweet and whether a decision had been made on the aid."

I encourage readers to click on the link, and go down to the bottom, where the ABC - perhaps unwisely - opened the field for Comments.  Many are by the usual mob of America-haters who would like to see America fail and the world scene dominated, instead, by Communist China and/ or an Islamic Caliphate; but there were also many by sensibly Islamoinformed persons who were thoroughly delighted by the President's telling it like it is.  Notably, one commenter, 'Anita521', who in certain posts identifies herself as an Aussie grandmother, said, in one blistering post  addressed to an Amerikka-hater - "Criticising the morality of US foreign policy is one thing. But Pakistan is so immoral and reprehensible [that] it deserves nothing but censure and disgust.  Christians and "bad" Muslims are constantly tortured and murdered.  Rape is endemic.  And whether married or not, sex with a nine-year-old is child rape and disgusting.  Pakistan doesn't deserve a single cent and nor does any country with similar practices".

'Tezz 23' said " Excellent commonsense move. Why should any western country fund a nation that actively works against all we stand for?"  Plucky21 said, "Good work, keep turning off the funding taps to the evil ones, Mr President".  'Tubetype21' said, "Not a Trump fan, but I think he has it right this time".  'Tranz tasman Kiwi" said, "Trump tells the truth. Many commentators will not like it.  We live in a dangerous world".  Kenna Hunt said "I'm not always with Trump but I am regarding Pakistan!!"  And so on - very heartening to hear voices like this piping up amongst the usual ruck of blindly-Islamophile and America-hating persons who tend to appear in the Comments to ABC reports.

Meanwhile Islamic Pakistan has thrown a predictable hissy fit, as also reported by Reuters and relayed by the ABC. They are so used to being flattered and fawned upon, petted and stroked, with people walking on eggshells all around them and telling polite lies, that when someone tells the flat truth about their bad behaviour, they go into hysterics.

'Donald Trump: Pakistan Summons US Ambassador After US President's Angry Tweet'.

'Pakistan has summoned the US Ambassador in protest against President Donald Trump's angry tweet about its "lies and deceit", while the country's foreign minister dismissed the outburst as a political stunt.

I hope, myself, that the President meant every word he said. Including especially the "No more!" - CM

'David Hale was summoned by the Pakistan foreign office on Monday (local time) to explain Mr Trump's tweet.

'A spokesperson for the US Embassy in Islamabad confirmed the meeting took place.

I wonder what Mr Hale had been instructed to say? - CM

'In a withering attack, Mr Trump on Monday said that the United States had "foolishly" (yes, indeed, it was the height of folly, indeed, suicidal madness - CM) handed Pakistan more than $US 33 billion ($42 billion) in aid in the past 15 years and had been rewarded with "nothing but lies and deceit".

And that is exactly the case.  - CM

'Pakistan's Prime Minister Shahid (nota bene - 'Shahid' - his piously-Islamic parents named him 'Martyr', but one must remember that a Shaheed, in the Islamic sense, is not at all what Christians mean by the word 'martyr' - CM) Khaqan Abbasi will chair a cabinet meeting on Tuesday that will focus on Mr Trump's tweet, while on Wednesday the country's top civilian and military chiefs will meet to dicuss deteriorating US ties.

Trump has got them rattled. What if the flow of US dollars simply.. stops? What if the Infidels stop appeasing and go on the offensive? -  CM

'Relations between the US and its uneasy ally (sic: its frenemy - CM) Pakistan have been strained for many years over Islamabad's alleged (nothing 'alleged' about it; I bet all Trump's spooks know that it is a plain fact - CM) support for Haqqani network militants, who are allied with the Afghan Taliban.

And then there's all the other under-the-table support for and fomenting of jihad of various kinds, in many different places, including India. - CM

'Washington has signalled to Pakistan that it would cut aid and enact other punitive measures if Islamabad did not stop helping or turning a blind eye to the Haqqani network militants who carry out cross-border attacks in Afghanistan.

That threat should be acted upon. - CM

'Islamabad bristles at the suggestion it is not doing enough in the war against militancy (sic: in the curbing of Jihad - CM), saying that since 2001, Pakistan has suffered more than the US from militancy (sic: from Jihad waged by pious Muslims - CM), as casualties at the hands of Islamists (sharia-pushing assassins - CM) number in the tens of thousands.

3000 Americans and other infidels were murdered by Muslims in just one day in 2001; and if the many fortunately-foiled or else failed-in-the-attempt jihad attacks on American soil since that date had all come to fruition and succeeded, the death toll would number many more thosuands; one thinks, for instance, of the attempted Times Square attack, carried out by a Pakistani Muslim who had migrated to the USA, swore his oath of allegiance falsely, and then attempted to explode a car bomb in packed-with-people Times Square.   I observe that careful framing 'since 2001'.  I doubt Pakistan loses much sleep over any Christians or other non-Muslims killed or raped or force-'converted' by Muslims within the country or outside of it.  Pakistan cannot consistently resist jihad nor resist the drive to impose and enforce the sharia, because Pakistan is Muslim, through and through, and jihad is what the religion of blood and war is all about. - CM

'Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif dismissed Mr Trump's comments as a political stunt borne out of frustration over US failures in Afghanistan, where Afghan Taliban militants (those very same militants harboured and trained and funded by Pakistan, under-the-table - CM) have been gaining territory and carrying out major attacks.  "He has tweeted against [Pakistan] and Iran for his domestic consumption", Mr ASif told GeoTV on Monday.

Beware, Mr Asif, of falling into the same trap as many a Westerner has done in the other direction: of projecting onto someone from a very different society the mind of someone in your own.  - CM

"He is again and again displacing his frustrations on Pakistan over failures in Afghanistan as they are trapped in dead-end street in Afghanistan".

Gloating, much, eh, Mr Asif?  You won't gloat when Uncle Sam turns off the funding to you ... and to Afghanistan... and leaves both you and Afghanistan to sink into the bottomless pit that is Islam, Islam, Islam -  CM

'Mr Asif added that Pakistan did not need US aid".

ROFLMAO.  I wonder how Mr Asif would react if President Trump were to tweet right back, "Excellent. Jolly good. You can stand on your own feet?  Fine.  Then the aid stops today.  Buh-bye!". - CM

'A US National Security Council official earlier said that the White House did not plant to send $US 255 million (Aus $325 million) to Pakistan "at this time" and said, "the administration continues to review Pakistan's level of cooperation"....

And so to my third item: the opinion of Pakistan that was expressed, away back in 1971, at the time of the Pakistan-Bangladesh internecine intra-ummah mass-murderous warfare, by the formidably-erudite David McCutchion, Indophile and scholar.  Who exactly shared President Trump's dim view of Islamic Pakistan.

In a comment posted at Robert Spencer's Jihadwatch website in July 2007, "Hugh Fitzgerald", our own New English Review's Hugh Fitzgerald, remarked as follows, in response to an article about an explosion, detonated near the "Red Mosque" (a jihad hotspot in Islamabad) that had killed eleven people:

"I recently picked up at a book sale a copy of "The Miscellany", edited by P. Lal, and published in Calcutta.  Issue Number 51 (June 1972), one of three devoted to the then recently-deceased, at age 41, David McCutchion.

"An Englishman, David McCutchion was a lover of India, not of the william-dalrymplish sort, that is the kind who loves the luxe of the Moghul court and its love intrigues, nor the kind of Englishman (also william-dalrymplish) of the walking-across-half-a-continent-when-young sort, making use of local colour of the human interest kind, often grizzled or wizened or wizenedly-grizzled picturesque Muslims, to do the work for him (down-market Byrons and Newbys), not to mention the now-unfashionable, because bookish, traveller Gide in "Le Retour du Tchad", but a true scholar, an Indophile who studied brick temples in Bengal, and indian writing, was a friend of Satyajit Ray, and all sorts of interesting people in Calcutta who never get the attention in the West that all those anti-Wstern islamisant arundhati-roys manage to get.

"I read through "The Miscellany #52 - and discovered a tribute from the Sanskrit (and Buddhims) scholar Richard Gombrich (son of E. H.), who opened his essay, titled "His Work is Unrepeatable", with this, "The recent death of Mr David McCutchion in Calcutta at the age of 41 is a catastrophe for oriental studies."

'Gombrich describes McCutchion as a scholar who "devoted all his time, his money, and his exceptional energy and enthusiasm to the study of arts and monuments which are fast disappearing.  He tramped all over Bengal, both West and East, taking notes and photographs; his knowledge of the countryside was famous.  A self-taught photographer, he spared no pains to take the perfect shot; and he leaves well over ten thousand colour slides and as many black and white photographs of high professional quality.... His greatest specialities were Bengali temple architecture and terracotta sculpture, the latter a lost skill of whose monuments little is known to the wider world; he also studied and collected Bengali scroll paintings.  He explored many other parts of India, too, and recorded even Gupta temples previously unknown".

"And a little more, taken from a website:

"David McCutchion (1930-1972), English-born scholar, Indophile and early critic of Raja Rao, was an authentic pioneer: in his short lifetime he... made a major contribution to the study of Bengali temples... one of the first scholars to write on the now much commented subject of Indian writing in English..

"Born in Coventry, David attended that city's King Henry VIII Grammar School.  He made it to Cambridge University the hard way, on intellectual merit alone.  He read Modern Languages (French and German) at Jesus College.  After graduating in 1953, he taught English for two years in southern France.  He went to India in 1957.

"He worked there first as an English teacher... and later, as Professor and then Reader in Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University, Calcutta.... David's ground-breaking study of Bengali brick temples, "The Temples of Bankura District", was published by Writers Workshop in 1972".

'David McCutchion lived through the war made by West Pakistan (now Pakistan) on East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, in 1970-71, a war in which Muslim fanatics in East Pakistan, locally called razakars, joined forces with the raping and murdering army of West Pakistan, accepting the argument that what was good for Pakistan - that is, staying one country - was necessarily good for Islam, and what was good for Islam was all that mattered.

'Here is how, in a letter from England to a friend, McCutchion described the behaviour of Pakistan:

"...We are raising funds ... and hope to see the Minister of Overseas Development.

"What do I think of it all?  Appalling... Pakistan should never have existed - it has cost more lives than the whole of the British Empire in 200 years.  What should I think of a culture that burns down the British Council Library in Lahore because an English publisher printed a picture of Mahomet?  Fanaticism plus Machiavellianism plus brutality equals Islamic Pakistan."

'One More Time.

"What do I think of it all?  Appalling... Pakistan should never have existed... it has cost more lives than the whole of the British Empire in 200 years. What should I think of a culture that burns down the British Council Library in Lahore because an English publisher printed a picture of Mahomet?  Fanaticism plus Machiavellianism plus brutality equals Islamic Pakistan".

'Print out that last bit, and put it on your refrigerator, under the title, 'Pakistan'." - Posted by Hugh, July 27, 2007, at 2.18 pm.

Thus David McCutchion in 1970-71, in a letter, describing Pakistan.  The erudite McCutchion speaks  of "Machiavellianism".  And finally and at last, in January 2018, forty-plus years later, in a tweet, the President of the United States, one Donald Trump, sums up Pakistan's modus operandi as "lies and deceit".  

Those dangerously-Islamophile or else grovellingly-dhimmified individuals who will predictably express their horror at Trump's blunt-spoken judgement passed upon Islamic Pakistan, should perhaps be confronted - by way of upping the shock treatment - with the even blunter assessment expressed by the brilliant David McCutchion in 1971-72 and then unearthed and brought again to wider notice, some 11 years ago, by Hugh Fitzgerald.   Perhaps McCutchion's line - "Fanaticism plus Machiavellianism plus brutality equals Islamic Pakistan"  - might profitably be sent winging its way across the Twittersphere, by those able and willing so to do, just by way of adding a little backup to what the President has already said. - CM


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3 Jan 2018
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