Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Jihad Against Pork Sellers in Thailand: Muslims Detonate Bomb at Pork Stall, Murdering 3 and Wounding 22

In the Quran Muslims are told that they are 'the best of people', 'commanding right and forbidding wrong' (or, to translate that out of Islamspeak, "using every effort, up to and including murderous violence, to force compliance with the sharia of Islam"; for one must bear in mind that sharia criminalises many practices - such as nearly all types of music, keeping pet dogs, representational art, drinking wine, and eating pork - that are either neutral or non-criminal in virtually all other human belief systems and societies - whilst actively approving and promoting practices such as FGM, forced/ child 'marriage', polygyny, wife-beating, "honor" murders, slavery, and the robbery, extortion, rape and murder of non-adherents for no other 'reason' than to punish them for being non-adherents - which are not viewed as 'right' by any sane and civilised community.) Muslims are taught that they must dominate, never be dominated; therefore all Muslims everywhere resent the very idea of infidels, anywhere, having authority over Muslims.  So Muslim fifth columnists resent being part of an infidel sovereign state, such as Thailand, and actively attack it at every turn.  And the sharia enforcers, "Allah's enforcers" as ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish dubs them in her book about sharia, "Cruel and Usual Punishment", feel entitled to do things like attacking those who sell pork or alcohol.. even within majority non-Islamic states.

Just the latest bloody episode of bloody Jihad waged from within the gates of Thailand, by the Muslims within the gates.  As reported by Reuters a little while ago, and picked up on by news outlets such as the 'Independent".  Neither Reuters nor any other western news outlet will, however, include any background informations such as I have provided above.

Here's Reuters original feed.

"Bomb at Pork Stall in Market in Thailand's South Kills 3, Wounds 22".

'Bangkok, Jan 22.

"A motorcycle bomb exploded in a market in Thailand's southern Yala province on Monday, killing (sic: murdering - CM), three people and wounding 22, a spokesman for the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) said, the first such attack in the region in months.

That's interesting.  Perhaps the Buddhists cracking down in Myanmar has had a bit of a flow-on effect, causing Muslims in Thailand to back off somewhat? - CM

'The mostly-Muslim provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala in Thailand's far south are home to a long-running insurgency by ethnic Malay Muslims fighting for autonomy (no: fighting to carve off those provinces from the Thai Infidel state and add them to the vast expanse of the Dar al Islam, the lands collectively dominated by Muslims, and Islam; because, as Hassan al Banna of the Ikhwan wrote, decades ago, "Islam is to dominate, and not be dominated"; minority status for Muslims, anywhere, is resented because Muslims are taught that they and they alone are entitled to rule... everywhere- CM) in which more than 6,000 people (many of them unarmed Buddhist civilians, such as farmers, peasants, shopkeepers, primary-school teachers, and Buddhist monks; just as Muslims gunned down Rabbi Raziel Shevach in Israel just recently, and just as two Muslims slaughtered a Christian priest in front of the altar of his own church in Rouen in France, Muslims have gunned down Buddhist monks in Thailand - CM) have been killed since 2004.

Why pick 2004 as the starting point for calculations of the death toll from Jihad in Thailand? - CM

"The criminals put a bomb in a motorcycle and placed it next to a market cart.  The force of the explosion caused three people to lose their lives", said ISOC spokesman Pramote Prom-in. The ISOC is a government security force that operates in the region.

'No group claimed immediate responsibility for the attack on Monday, which took place at a morning market.

'Police said the motorcycle was placed near a stall selling pork, which is strictly forbidden for Muslims under Islamic Law.

Sharia.  According to the Reliance of the Traveller, a medieval-era handbook of Islamic law that is still circulating in Muslim society, dhimmis - subjugated Infidels living as humiliated nonpersons under Muslim overlords - are "forbidden to openly display wine or pork".  And one must remember that in the Conditions of Omar, the template for all subsequent elaborations of methods for the humiliation, degradation and general mistreatment of subjugated infidels, any breach of any of the restrictions imposed on dhimmis, by any dhimmi at all, was to be met by the resumption of open jihad against the entire dhimmi community.  The Muslim mobsters who attacked this Buddhist stall-owner - who would have been selling pork to fellow Buddhists and other non-Islamic persons, such as tourists - were attempting to impose and enforce the sharia.  They are acting as if this area is already ruled by Muslims and subject to the sharia. - CM

'It was not immediately clear whether the bomb was placed at the pork stall in a deliberate attempt to target Thai Buddhists.

ROFLMAO.  It's perfectly plain - to anyone who knows anything at all about Islam, its doctrines and the historic track record of its most devout and orthodox adherents - that that is exactly what was done. - CM

'The stall's female owner and a male customer were among the three people killed, police said.

'Killed'.  No: murdered.  Human sacrifices to allah, the arab demon of blood and war. - CM

'The bomb blew off chunks of the market's corrugated tin roof and wrecked nearby stalls.

Jihad causes poverty. - CM

'The southern provinces have seen hundreds of attacks since 2004, many of them deadly, but there had been fewer violent incidents of late.

Possibly the Muslims were lying low, wondering whether the Thais might be likely, if pushed too far, to take a cue from their fellow Buddhists in neighbouring Myanmar which is also racked with jihad in its most heavily-Islamised region. - CM

'Analysts who monitor the conflict say violence from the insurgency (sic: "the number of jihad attacks carried out by Muslims against Buddhists in the south" - CM) fell to an historic low (in comparison to what? - CM) in 2017, despite the fact that talks aimed at bringing peace gained little traction.

If the Thai government and military knew about al -wala wa al bara, if they knew about the treaty of Hudaybiyya, they wouldn't bother with 'peace talks' with any Mohammedan entity at all, whether within or outside of Thailand. They wouldn't trust Muslim Malaysia to be any sort of mediator or enabler of anything other than ultimate harm to infidel Buddhist Thailand and expansion of Muslim dominance both local and regional.  Peace 'talks' between an infidel party and a Muslim state or non-state party or parties,  whether in Thailand or the Philippines or between Israel and the local Muslims or between India and its Muslim neighbours Bangladesh and Pakistan - which were created, violently carved off from historic Indian soil, precisely because of the same Muslim mindset that drives the jihad within southern Thailand - are nothing but a snare and a delusion.  What matters is for the infidel party to make sure they are able to make an overwhelming response to any act of Muslim aggression; and for them to absolutely refuse to appease, flatter or in any way accommodate mohammedan demands.  And in the long run, separation of populations - removal of the Ummah colonies from within the infidel gates - is the only way to not have acts of jihad terror such as bombs exploding next to pork stalls.  Got Muslims? got Jihad.  If you don't want jihad within the gates, then don't let Muslims come in and settle within the gates or, if they're already there, find ways to discourage them from remaining. - CM

'Thailand's military government has tried to revive talks with rebel groups initiated by the previous civilian government, but they have gone almost nowhere.

They will always go nowhere.  Muslims do not make (except temporarily and feigningly) agreements with non-Muslims, and do not feel bound to keep those agreements.  And... it was a very bad move to 'try to revive talks'. Because Muslims only sue for a (temporary truce-treaty) when they feel themselves weak and need a time-out.  They would therefore 'read' an Infidel party's offer of peace talks, as a signal of weakness, and therefore as an invitation to them (the Muslims) to attack while the infidels are weak.  - CM

'Resistance to Buddhist rule from Bangkok has existed for decades in the predominantly Muslim southern provinces (whose populations have not been Muslim since time immemorial; compared to Hinduism, Buddhism and the indigenous animist belief systems, Islam is very much a johnny-come-lately in this region, imposed by infiltration, subversion and episodes of violent aggression.- CM) waning briefly in the 1990s (I would hazard the guess, in response to resolute crackdowns by the Thai military - CM) before resurfacing violently in 2004."

There was one comment at the Reuters site.  It reproduced a comment made by the redoubtable Robert Spencer in his remarks upon the same event, at Jihadwatch, and read - "No surprise here.  Eating pork: a sin against Allah.  Murdering those who sell pork: pleasing to Allah.  Note Reuters' subtle endorsement of this jihad violence, in terming it part of 'resistance to Buddhist rule'. The operators of a pork stall in Yala are not oppressing Muslims, and murdering them is not "resistance" to anything, it is just obedience to the bloody Quranic command to "kill the idolaters wherhever you find them".

Googling around to find out who had picked up on this story, I discovered that the UK 'Independent' had reproduced the Reuters account pretty much verbatim. And it had opened it to Comments.  Those Comments were most interesting, because although there was one Defender of Islam (claiming to be a native British 'revert' [sic] to Islam), pretty nearly all the other commenters knew exactly what Islam is all about, and they were hammering that Defender of Islam relentlessly.  Here's the link: so you can read those Comments for yourself.

First comment up was by 'Ciderman" - "Like the Rohingya the trouble-makers are  minority outsiders living in Muslim enclaves in a predominantly Buddhist country, demanding that everyone else must follow their ideology or die, they shouldn't complain if they get sorted... Burmese style".  (And 12 people promptly clicked "Like").

'Brexit is good", observed - "You have to be a complete and utter half-wit to attack a meat stall... Also, puzzled why The Indy have published this?  something like this, so embarrassing to Islam, is usually totally ignored, just like with Muslim child-rape gangs - what are they up to?"  (19 people agreed).

'AndyH' said bluntly, "...basically, wherever you find Islam you find the same old sh**, trying to force their backward ideological beliefs on everyone else" (again, 19 people agreed).

'Old bob', observed - ".. When it comes to the RoP - pretty much everything someone does that is not liked in the Q magazine ends up with them being killed".

When another poster, Die Forelle, remarked that 'there is no central figure in the insurgency and hence no-one with whom to negotiate, so on it drags' another poster "Straight Talking" replied, succinctly and correctly (and this is something that the police, military and governments of all non-Muslim states currently confronted by jihad waged from within, would do well to bear in mind) - "That can be the case when it comes to Islam, you could say the Koran or the ideology becomes the 'central figure"".

And "Mr Nigel Christopher' stated, "The Quran clearly states a "hatred of unbelievers", and "unbelievers must have a painful chastisement" on average, every third page, using those exact words, and words to that effect.  We need to have an honest, open debate about this, and decide if children need to be taught this".  (And 18 people instantly clicked 'like').   

Like I said, click the link and read the Comments, they're well worth it, for the most part.  Knowledge spreads, and spreads. More and more infidels, the world over, have been doing their homework.  One should probably assume, whenever one reads a news report that recounts the latest ghastly instance of Muslim aggression but does not open for comments, that if it were thus opened, comments of the kind that I have just reproduced, would be very likely to appear. - CM

Posted on 01/23/2018 12:08 AM by Christina McIntosh
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