Monday, 5 February 2018
Australia: Retired Army Officer Jim Molan, Now A Federal Senator for New South Wales, is Preposterously Accused of 'Islamophobia'

But before we discuss this attempt to impose Islamic blasphemy law, de facto, upon an elected Australian politician - for the implication of the accusations against Senator Molan is that anyone who is "anti-Islam" is ipso facto an evil person, a criminal - let us consider the person who is being thus attacked, and reflect on what he might know and have seen of "Islam on the ground" that might make him take an interest in video clips that - however ineptly - were critical of Islam, or of Muslims, and were circulated by persons who fear Islamisation of their homeland.

The newly-appointed Senator, (AO and DSC), during his military career, served in crazed-by-Islam Iraq, and had previously seen action in East Timor after its detachment from Muslim Indonesia.   A summary of the Senator's military career, after retiring from which he stood for election as Senator, reads as follows - "Jim Molan is a highly-decorated and now retired Australian Army Major-General who served his country for forty years."  He was "an infantryman, a helicopter pilot, commander of military units up to a division of 15,000 soldiers, commander of the Australian Defence Colleges, and of the evacuation force from the Solomon Islands.  Jim was deployed to Iraq in 2004 as the Coalition's Chief of Operations, during a period of continuous and intense combat".  The 'AO' stands for "Member of the Order of Australia", awarded "for his part in disaster relief operations in 1991", and was made an Officer in the Order of Australia for his role in Indonesia and East Timor in 1999.  For 'Distinguished Command and leadership in action in Iraq", Major General Molan was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross by the Australian Government, and the Legion of Merit by the United States Government.' (From a summary paragraph provided by an organisation that supplies motivational speakers, among whose 'stable' was Mr Molan).

The wiki summary of his career prior to his entry into politics squares with the above, and appears to be basically accurate.

And so, armed with information on this man's background and military experience - he would have seen East Timor after its departing and newly-ousted Muslim rulers had reduced it to ashes, he would have seen and spoken with people, Timorese Catholics, who had endured decades of violently-repressive Muslim imperial occupation; and he would have seen the allahu-akbaring bearded ones in combat in the dusty villages of Iraq, and who knows what he would have heard, day after day after day, from his troops when they returned from the field, concerning what they had seen of the way in which Muslims so very often treat not only non-Muslim victims, but also each other, when they are "at home" on their own turf - let us examine the ABC's "report", from its political reporter Tim Lowrey, on the shrieking accusations of "racism!!" now being hurled against the new Senator Molan.

"New Liberal Senator Jim Molan Shared Anti-Muslim Videos on Facebook to "Generate Debate".

'A newly-elected Liberal senator has used a social media profile to share anti-Muslim clips posted by far-right (sic - but each and every person or group, anywhere, no matter who or what they are, who is deemed to be in any way at all critical of Islam and/ or of Muslims, and/ or resistant to Islamisation, is today labelled "far right", no matter how ridiculous that label in fact may prove to be - CM) UK group Britain First.

One does wish , however, that the intrepid Senator had, instead, shared youtube clips - readily available  - of the calmly-rational and academic presentations made by other persons critical of Islam, such as Ms Ayaan Hirsi Ali, or Robert Spencer, or Rev Dr Mark Durie, or by Ms Ann-Marie Waters of another British party opposed to Islamisation, "For Britain".  Because it's easy to dismiss a group like Britain First, or sweepingly claim that the clips they shared are 'fake' (but is Mr Tom Lowrey or any other of our ABC correspondents game to pay a visit to MEMRI and spend a few hours perusing the contents of their archives? - where resides a great deal of thoroughly-authenticated material, produced and proudly disseminated by Muslims themselves, that is far more horrifying even that those couple of clips shared by "Britain First"  and thence by President Trump and Senator Molan).  But it would not have been quite so easy to dismiss Rev Dr Mark Durie or Ms Ali as 'far right' or challenge their knowledge of the content of the Islamic founding texts nor their knowledge of how those texts have been, historically, interpreted and obeyed, on three continents, for over a thousand years. - CM

'In March last year retired senior army officer Jim Molan (but see his curriculum vitae above; 'retired senior army officer' is putting it very, very baldly - CM) who was sworn in as a senator this morning, shared posts from the group on his personal Facebook page.

'The page is not private.

'A spokesman for the new senator said the posts did not reflect Senator Molan's personal opinion.

And if it were, so what?  It would be the opinion of a man who had seen - and whose troops had seen, up close and personal - the ruin wreaked by Muslims upon Catholics and animists in East Timor, and the ruin wreaked by Muslims upon one another and also upon any circumambient non-Muslims - the hapless Christians, Yazidis, and Mandaeans - in Iraq as well as upon deemed-heretical Muslims.  It would be an opinion based upon observable fact, the observable and observed conduct of many, many Muslims, the only common factor - between Muslims of south-east-Asian ethnicity, and Muslims of "Arab" ethnicity - being.. Islam, Islam, Islam. - CM

"The senator often posts material in order to generate debate" he said.  "The sharing of any post does not indicate endorsement".

'Britain First shot to global attention when US President Donald Trump shared anti-Muslim videos from the group in November last year.

The question that is not asked and that journalists dare not ask is this: was the conduct of the persons in those videos consistent with the historically-documented conduct of Muslims, and with the conduct enjoined upon Muslims by their founding texts?  - CM  

'It prompted outrage in Britain, and he was criticised by UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

So to criticise Islam is to incur "outrage".  We seem to be only a whisker away from the OIC's goal - the imposition, worldwide, of the Islamic blasphemy law.  Criticism of Islam, criticism of Muslims who act toward non-Muslims, toward women Muslim or non-Muslim,  and toward one another, in ways manifestly consistent with the instructions plainly present in the Islamic founding texts and their orthodox interprets, is being rendered 'beyond the pale' in western countries.  - CM

'Last week Mr Trump apologised for re-tweeting the posts in Twitter, saying he knew nothing about the group.

He should re-tweet presentations by Ms Waters, instead. - CM

'Senator Molan has also shared posts made by far-right figure Milo Yiannopolous (who, being gay, is very rationally worried about Islamisation of the western world; and it is his opposition to, his critique of Islam, that earns him the label "far-right", so far as I can see - CM) and controversial cartoonist Larry Pickering.

'Those posts were not anti-Muslim in nature

So that's all right, then? So long as something is not anti-Muslim. Because to be anti-Muslim is to commit the unforgiveable sin? - CM

'One of the Britain First videos purports to show Muslim men attacking a police car in France, while the other purports to show Muslim men harassing and assulting young women in France and in the Netherlands.

The second video has been discredited by online fact-checkers.  

Hm.  I observe that Mr Lowrey is silent about the first, the one showing an attack on the police.  And I am, myself, dubious about the claim that the second video has been "discredited".  But ... even if those two particular videos turned out not to be accurate... does the ABC really wish to try to contend that the French police - and police in many another western country - have never been attacked by Muslim men?  Not ever?  Does the ABC wish to contend that Infidel women and girls  have never been attacked by Muslims, Muslims whose contempt for "uncovered meat", and sense of total entitlement toward any non-Islamic female they feel strong enough to seize as a "possession of the right hand", is manifestly in continuity with the explicit teachings found in the canonical Islamic texts, and with the sunnah of Mohammed and his companions, and with the publicly-made statements of many a Muslim preacher, both in the dar al Islam, and in the dar al Harb.  Oh, infidel girls and women are perfectly safe, they need never fear Muslim assault.  Not in France, or the Netherlands, or Germany or in many another location...  they are perfectly safe in the UK (let's just forget about Rochedale, Rotherham, Oxford.... and many another location where sadistic, organised Muslim sex gangs have engaged in industrial-scale abuse and exploitation of very young non-Muslim girls), they have nothing to fear in Australia (let's forget about the gang rapes in Sydney 2000-2004 , carried out by Lebanese Muslim and Pakistani Muslim men, and the proclamations of Sheikh Hilalay who declared those uncovered girls to be the equivalent of meat left out for cats), and let's just not mention Islamic Pakistan and Islamic Egypt and what happens to hundreds of non-Muslim indigenous-minority girls, there, at the hands of Muslim men, year after year after interminable year..  Let's forget about the Girls of Chibok, kidnapped and enslaved and forcibly Islamically veiled by the pious jihadis of Boko Haram ; let's ignore the Yazidi and Christian girls and women boastfully enslaved and offered on the open market, in conformity with the Sunnah of Mohammed, by the pious jihadis of Islamic State.  The videos are fake. It's all fake. We have nothing to fear from wonderful, perfect, beautiful, peaceful Islam and its sweetly-smiling peaceful adherents.  Nothing to fear at all. - CM

'Senator Molan has not posted commentary with the more controversial posts, and does not regularly respond to comments made on the posts.

'But he did respond to a comment on one Britain First post,w hich read, 'Charming. And we're meant to be tolerant, accepting and welcoming of this 'breed' in our country".

'Senator Molan replied, 'Unbelievable".

'Senator Molan was chief of operations for the Coalition forces during the Iraq war, and after his retirement he helped develop the Coalition's border protection policy, known as Operation Sovereign Borders.

I observe that his military decorations are not mentioned. - CM

'He is closely aligned with the conservative wing of the New South Wales Liberal Party.

So? - CM

'Labor MP Stephen Jones said Senator Molan should apologise for bringing the videos to wider attention.

Memo to Senator Molan.  You may as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb.  Next time, go to MEMRI.  Find fully-authenticated and accurately-translated clips of material produced by Muslims, for Muslims, within the dar al Islam; material routinely disseminated on the mainstream media outlets of the Arabic-speaking, Turkish-speaking, Farsi-speaking world.  Share those.  Let the Muslims damn themselves out of their own mouths. Alternatively, look for presentations by, inter alia, Ibn Warraq, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Magdi Allam, Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish, Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Mordechai Kedar, Raymond Ibrahim, and last but not least, Australia's own Rev Dr Mark Durie.  Mark Durie has done an excellent presentation discussing the proliferation of Muslim 'grooming gangs' in the UK and the continuity between the behaviour of those gangs, and the attitudes toward women - especially non-Islamic women - that are enjoined in the canonical texts of Islam. - CM

'"He's used his public profile to spread fake stories (but, my dear MP Jones, do you really want to claim that any video - or any other kind of material, as it might be a history book, let's just mention 'Armenian Golgotha" - that shows Muslims doing appalling things - to fellow Muslims, or to non-Muslims - or any video - or any other kind of record -  in which declared Muslims - citing chapter and verse of the Islamic canonical texts - encourage other Muslims to do just those sorts of things - is 'fake'?   I think you might be in for an awful shock, Mr Jones. -  CM) to provoke race hate (??? - Mr Jones.  Shall I remind you of somebody called Samantha Lewthwaite?  Perhaps you have heard of her?  Daughter of a British army officer, white as the driven snow, Anglo-Celt by ethnic ancestry, of non-Muslim parentage and upbringing; but she married a violently-jihad-minded Muslim, she converted to Islam, and she was last heard of running around in Somalia as a jihad camp follower and possibly subsidiary Gang Boss within Al Shabaab.  She is suspected of having helped to plan the mass-murderous assault by Al Shabaab upon the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi.  What race is she?  Am I a far-right racist, if I say that Ms Lewthwaite is an evil person; if I say that her decision to convert to Islam - which Winston Churchill called "the religion of blood and war" - was a bad decision?  Islam is not about 'race'.  It is a set of ideas inside people's heads, ideas that they may choose to act upon; and very often, when they do act upon those ideas, it is extremely unpleasant for the non-Muslims upon whom they carry out the instructions of Islam to -  inter alia - "let them find harshness in you" or  to "strike at their necks". - CM) - there's only one word for that, and it's racism," Mr Jones said.

Mr Jones, a word with you.   Back in the day, was it 'racist' to criticise Pol Pot? Chairman Mao and his ideas?  Stalin?  Hitler?  To take a more neutral sort of example - is it 'racist' to criticise the policies of the Labor party, or the policies of the Liberal Party?  Islam . is. a. set. of . IDEAS.  Teachings.  Doctrines.  And no set of ideas, no doctrine, no ideology, should be placed absolutely beyond criticism.  Public criticism of sets of ideas - and of the behaviour of persons, if persons acting in explicit and declared accord with those ideas are manifestly doing harm to other persons -  should be perfectly permissible.  Would you say that Christianity should not be criticised, and claim that anyone who criticised the misbehaviour of Christians, or rejected or made fun of this or that tenet of Christianity, was a "racist"?  You are being absurd.  People can leave Islam (though they do so at risk of their lives, because of the apostasy law of Islam, that requires that anyone who leaves it, ought to be killed; are you okay with that, MP Stephen Jones? Doesn't it, rather, remind you of organisations such as the Mafia?). Identifying oneself as a Muslim is not the same kind of thing as being born with black skin or white skin.  Muslims are not born with Islam pre-programmed into their DNA. And therefore, to pretend that a critique of Islam, and of the behaviour of Muslims, is the same thing as criticisng someone for the colour of their skin or the shape of their eyes -  things over which one does not have any choice -  is ridiculous. - CM

"He's done it for one reason, and that's to draw attention to himself from people who he thinks share the views of the people who produced those videos in the first place.

"If he's not being racist (sic: but see above, on the absurdity of attempting to frame criticism, rejection or dislike of Islam as "racism" - CM) himself he's trying to profit from it - and it has to be condemned".

'Mr Jones said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should act fast to pull his new senator into line".

"I think he should be counselled" he said. "I think he should be dragged into the Prime Minister's office (dragged? - MP Jones, you are sounding distinctly unhinged - CM) and be given a dressing-down."

"And I expect to see an apology from Senator Molan some time in the next 24 hours".

Personally, I will think the better of Senator Molan if, rather than apologising, he posts a video clip or clips featuring either Wafa Sultan, or Nonie Darwish, or Ayaan Hirsi Ali, trenchantly giving their assessments of Islam, Islam, Islam, wonderful wonderful Islam that our MP Stephen Jones is so very, very eager to defend from even the slightest breath of criticism.  Alternatively, he could arm himself with what Conor Cruise O'Brien, Sir Winston Churchill, and John Quincy Adams had to say about Islam, and ask Mr Jones whether those statements are false - and in what way they are false - and whether those statements,  in and of themselves, qua critique of Islam, are sufficient to identify those redoubtable personages as 'far right' and 'racist', to be henceforward anathematised as the embodiment of all that is evil.  I should like to see what sort of answer MP Jones might try to make, so such a challenge. - CM


Posted on 02/05/2018 12:48 AM by Christina McIntosh
5 Feb 2018
Send an emailHoward Nelson
Excellent exposition! Given the murderous history of Islam and the 1000's of Koran-inspired terrorist actions in recent years, it is clear that Islamophobia does not exist; the fear is not irrational. The reality is Islammetusia -- the rational fear of Islam,

11 Feb 2018
Send an emailSunya
"...I will think the better of Senator Molan if, rather than apologising, he posts a video clip or clips featuring either Wafa Sultan, or Nonie Darwish, or Ayaan Hirsi Ali, trenchantly giving their assessments of Islam..." Unfortunately, the aforementioned people are also regarded "in the right places" as racist and far-right. In fact - and this is easy for me to say - the only way to combat this rubbish is to wage a bluntly personal war with the accuser in question and thus ensure he ends up looking like the utter, pathetic fool he, in fact, is, as opposed to the posturing morally superior being he considers himself to be.

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